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Prabu Před 17 hodinami
kangen waktu ini...
Norma Sole
Norma Sole Před 17 hodinami
Online Come Back!!!
Herostar 89
Herostar 89 Před 18 hodinami
wow Lim did a video with Rin? insane!
TL Před 18 hodinami
Zeus is my favorite runner. Always entertaining and has a great community behind him
Ashton Davey
Ashton Davey Před 18 hodinami
Do I need to Download origin to play this game?
The7thSeason Před 18 hodinami
What a useless trailer. Shows me literally nothing about anything, doesn't make me want the game at all. Wtf was the point of that. Disliked. Not buying it. Try harder next time.
Kristian Bailey
Kristian Bailey Před 18 hodinami
BioWare at some point: MORE LENSE FLARES!!! Mass effect 3 fans: We approve!
Pasta Sauce Gaming _
Pasta Sauce Gaming _ Před 18 hodinami
nessie on the shelf in the frame pointing out the poster. sloan and richters names werent matched up with their titans as well lol mistakes happen.
Luke Jones
Luke Jones Před 18 hodinami
I seriously don't know what it is about this woman but I find her extremely annoying on here and social media....and is she really that relevant enough to make a video dedicated to her? And I thought she mentioned she wouldn't do work for bigger game media companies again?
Roxanna Lopez
Roxanna Lopez Před 18 hodinami
How about far cry 5?
Travis Sayre
Travis Sayre Před 18 hodinami
Fallout series please! New Vegas or FO4 I suppose
Andrew Jazdzyk
Andrew Jazdzyk Před 18 hodinami
Hey I haven't seen anyone else ask this but um...what happened to the rest of the crew/their bodies?
Andrew Jazdzyk
Andrew Jazdzyk Před 18 hodinami
This is so good on so many levels. Gives me hope that they MIGHT be able to actually have a decent story even after the Halo 5.......debacle.
Musa Mansa
Musa Mansa Před 18 hodinami
Great game MLB 20 The Show with a Roster update and Stadium creation on ps5
Thomas M
Thomas M Před 18 hodinami
Definitely buying this. The only game to make me want to buy a PS but its coming to pc now? Get to save money and play it on my preferred console? Nice
Mercenary Mulluns
Mercenary Mulluns Před 18 hodinami
So nothing against Tekken... but can you imagine if Negan was in Mortal Kombat instead? It'd seem so much more fitting, even for a guest.
Sofia L. Agustina
Sofia L. Agustina Před 18 hodinami
As a Latina, RE endings are our textbook stereotype of what Americans like.
The Super Network // Joseph
The Super Network // Joseph Před 18 hodinami
He is taking this way too seriously and I love it
Fernando Llanos
Fernando Llanos Před 18 hodinami
And Sinnerman? this is one of the most saddest and unfair.
Joe England
Joe England Před 18 hodinami
"Fly girls". Heh.
Tyler Scira
Tyler Scira Před 18 hodinami
4:07 ah yes tone and ion
PajaliXD Před 18 hodinami
They literally took pictures of Ion , Tone and Northstar from google XD
Cyber Wolf Gaming
Cyber Wolf Gaming Před 19 hodinami
The assassination is half left in origins too. First play the full game then make a video
Dragonblitzer 45
Dragonblitzer 45 Před 19 hodinami
When I heard himself say he played it in vr I felt his pain because I played the game fully in vr and man is it an experience
kirie harapeco
kirie harapeco Před 19 hodinami
game freak is insanity
Jorge De La Garza
Jorge De La Garza Před 19 hodinami
2021 and this is still awesome
Ace Town
Ace Town Před 19 hodinami
Game is still phenomenal in 2021, and they're about to release their second major expansion pack with on foot stuff!
Overly Worried Mom
Overly Worried Mom Před 19 hodinami
I am way, way late to the Zelda craze. I just started playing and oh my god this is the best game I’ve ever played.
SNMC Hacksaw
SNMC Hacksaw Před 19 hodinami
Does he just flex he has a RPG in the backround
multi dryder
multi dryder Před 19 hodinami
I do agree with ending part which the score of directors cut ain't bad just the basement theme but when I found out I felt betrayed myself
Senshai Před 19 hodinami
Woah. This is just too much lore !. Brillaint respawn .
LOL Před 19 hodinami
Only difference of proccesor and next level feeling of control is different
Doragon Před 19 hodinami
You guys got the tone and ion tags mixed up.
NIGHTMARE Před 19 hodinami
It's amazing how bad most of these look, I remember them being better.
Phantom Creed
Phantom Creed Před 19 hodinami
It’s an aa12 redesigned
Cee Truth
Cee Truth Před 19 hodinami
This is *Jay Baruchel*
World Wrestling With Kirk
World Wrestling With Kirk Před 19 hodinami
Looking good! Cant wait to play it!
Dionysus Před 19 hodinami
The comment about timer issues and manufacturing defects reminds me of a Vietnam War memoir I read where the author recounts him and the other men thinking Chinese/NVA/Viet Cong grenades were much more unreliable than American counterparts and would normally keep extra pins on them to safely re-arm the grenades. Then use them later in the disposal of found Vietnamese caches.
anselmo alejandro salas
anselmo alejandro salas Před 19 hodinami
damn she is tall!
ㄒ尺丨几丨ㄒㄚ Před 19 hodinami
Ciri from the Witcher 3 is now streamer
V4CC1N3 Před 19 hodinami
The carv is coming in season 3
Rudo Mikazuki
Rudo Mikazuki Před 19 hodinami
Damn this still look better than some 2021 games wished it wasnt just a trailer (yes I have played D1 for 100, the game looked good but never came to this level)
Otaku Bancho
Otaku Bancho Před 19 hodinami
RPG-7,when you care enough to send the very best!😆😆😆
RJ Před 19 hodinami
i..love her her level of charisma is high as fuck
mais camelion332
mais camelion332 Před 20 hodinami
Marcello Silva
Marcello Silva Před 20 hodinami
We need to see him react to E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy's weapons.
MARK 2501
MARK 2501 Před 20 hodinami
I want him to react on the team fortress 2 weapons
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Před 20 hodinami
I love this channel!
emile wolfe
emile wolfe Před 20 hodinami
You guys should do dayZ
k o a l
k o a l Před 20 hodinami
Why is a Modern Warfare character coming to Black Ops? They seriously make us download 4326GB patches every two weeks just to lazily reuse assets and charge you 20USD for them? Cool. Get in the bin, Call of Duty.
Raul Bejar
Raul Bejar Před 18 hodinami
Price will be free dip shit also even if he wasn’t just don’t buy it
ThatRandomguyCommenting Před 20 hodinami
i bought a 6900xt that was originally 1000$ for 1600 -__- i guess it was worth it as they are now almost 3 grand.
Exez Official
Exez Official Před 20 hodinami
So cooper killed her dad huh
Santiago Silva
Santiago Silva Před 20 hodinami
Great vid! I'd like to see Jonathan react to weapons from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. franchise. That'd be smooth.
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Před 20 hodinami
Imagine her Ult takes FOREVER like without accelerates you can only like get one a game but just drops a Northstar
PunkRockZombie205 Před 20 hodinami
Ugh, she's insufferable
Paco Loco
Paco Loco Před 20 hodinami
Rampart is the best legend in the game
Hunter Levandoski
Hunter Levandoski Před 20 hodinami
Cross play?
Ryan van Klaveren
Ryan van Klaveren Před 20 hodinami
2:56 weird flex but ok
Edwin Rivera
Edwin Rivera Před 20 hodinami
No one in these previews ever uses quick turn, is kinda annoying
BMR 777
BMR 777 Před 20 hodinami
Bruh titanfall 3 is not only necessary and needed...it’s necessary and needed, but I digress.
Astral Před 20 hodinami
I'd love to see Jonathan react to the old Xbox game Black!
Tuan Tran
Tuan Tran Před 20 hodinami
Mrs. D gon' give it to ya
357Franknitty Před 20 hodinami
Whats the game being played at 0:28 ?
Thanos Před 20 hodinami
They didn’t get any online gameplay because the lobbies would’ve been modded to hell
John Patrick Krog
John Patrick Krog Před 20 hodinami
Please do squad.
Tyson Yocum
Tyson Yocum Před 20 hodinami
Dude literally I just started watching west world and that’s crazy you brought it up in the video
Th3K1ngIsback12 Před 20 hodinami
I’m just saying I’m a big time player with cod but I wanted to play something different and this game I’m sorry for waiting 2 years but if a 3rd one comes you got my money👌🙏🏻
SneakyScreamer Před 20 hodinami
Not gonna lie I’m really happy they brought Steph back. She was a dope character
EriiKoKo27 Před 20 hodinami
Endojago Před 20 hodinami
rock hard gaming
rock hard gaming Před 20 hodinami
anybody notice ethan hand at 50 seconds in
EriiKoKo27 Před 20 hodinami
Casey Edwards
Casey Edwards Před 20 hodinami
That shotgun is kind of a mashup. It is a real shotgun, look up Fostech Origin 12.
Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham
Maheshwaran Gnanasambantham Před 20 hodinami
till now i was thinking about buying ps+ sub but after watching this, Naaahhh......
Tocinito Mexicano
Tocinito Mexicano Před 21 hodinou
Webi wabo 😎👌
King Krab
King Krab Před 21 hodinou
Holy shit that first one