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Antonio Ditaranto
Antonio Ditaranto Před 20 hodinami
I haven't seen a comment talking about Jonathan's Deadpool shirt. That shirt is 🔥
GothamCityDemon Před 20 hodinami
Seriously, still one of the most fucking epic trailers I've ever seen. The final shot of Raiden lunging forward with the lighting arching over him gives me chills
Wolfsterx Před 20 hodinami
Will it be on ps 4
Philip Xander Santos
Philip Xander Santos Před 20 hodinami
More please
Connor Před 20 hodinami
lucy can get this james
Cameron Steeves
Cameron Steeves Před 20 hodinami
i laughed too hard when that man said “a blue pumpkin”
Cameron Steeves
Cameron Steeves Před 20 hodinami
now, every time i go to the kariko village i grab that apple
tonycmac Před 20 hodinami
Why do the faces in ME1 look so ...... messed up? This game looks awful.
The Grapist
The Grapist Před 20 hodinami
There is a bigger different in the load time than the graphics.
Rory Před 20 hodinami
That chest was UNDER the map? Fk!! No wonder I could never find it!
V3xxdd Před 20 hodinami
I wasted 3 hours doing quests. *3 HOURS*
Stefan Alexandru
Stefan Alexandru Před 20 hodinami
And i'm on ps4. Imagine.. Before 1.5 the game was even more horrendous, you would have like 10 fps just by idle in towns, not even to mention if you were fighting with Venti and Sucrose.. Your power source would just straight up burn dude
jcpennington183 Před 20 hodinami
I can't decide if Ethan being a molded the whole time is genius or just a lazy attempt to patch up plot holes from the first game.
Javi Link
Javi Link Před 20 hodinami
Ocaz Před 20 hodinami
Nice some actual obscure things instead of "did you know if you press the left stick link will crouch" kind of crap. Good video but please clean your cheeto fingers stank controller shown at the end.
Ancient_One Před 20 hodinami
Brilliant series. Looking forward to play it.....after my wife finishes it....a second time. :)
HUGO STYLE Před 20 hodinami
La misma wea
Michael Granger
Michael Granger Před 20 hodinami
Jonathan seems like a great dude. Would love to see him do RE Village even though the guns are similar
David Lowrey
David Lowrey Před 21 hodinou
Do REvillage
risker34 Před 21 hodinou
They really should have given him a brief crash course. In the first game weapons don’t use “Ammo” in the traditional sense, when a firearm is made it is filled with million or even billions of sand grain sized pieces of shaved metal. The weapon then uses magnetic fields to throw these tiny shards of metal at velocities sometimes faster than modern firearms. They don’t really “reload” in the traditional sense, someone could probably go their entire career without ever having to refill their weapon, especially on the slower fire weapons like the sniper rifles.
Ryan BurnsRed
Ryan BurnsRed Před 21 hodinou
Hopefully they include Japanese voice dialog
Rick Astley
Rick Astley Před 21 hodinou
I still play the original
BronzeMuseum Před 21 hodinou
totally gonna play this just cause i love God Eater
Joshua Radick
Joshua Radick Před 21 hodinou
You say “Space Barrett” like it’s a bad thing.
Ikzaa Sulayman
Ikzaa Sulayman Před 21 hodinou
Ed Sheeran?
Tristan Trevino
Tristan Trevino Před 21 hodinou
Yo Daymiian did NOT like this one go check out Solitaryfortwo
TouchMe _
TouchMe _ Před 21 hodinou
if future RE adapt the girl as main protagonist, all our fave character will be old men and women
Cyphermasq Před 21 hodinou
Interesting point about the reloading of guns in mass effect. In the first game you didn't reload because your internal magazine has hundreds of thousands of particles inside that it accelerates for ammo. The heat the weapon builds up is the effective limitation. By mass effect 2, the ammo count addition is justified as not an ammo count but as a move to using external heat sinks on the guns. You aren't reloading the guns in ME2 and 3 so much as you are replacing the device that takes all the excess heat out of the gun while it fires.
An aching Ski Walker
An aching Ski Walker Před 21 hodinou
I was really confused why they were speaking latin and some strang other sh.
ROWAN MAST Před 21 hodinou
I use Whistle Sprinting so much, that I forget it’s not intended.
Carlos Salazar
Carlos Salazar Před 21 hodinou
HA-LO, HA-LO, HA-LO, HA-LO!!!!!!!!!!
Hedidit Před 21 hodinou
Nor sure if it's already in the comments, the figure that walks up to the car is Ethan
Classified Před 21 hodinou
more tarkov would be cool also he might find the guns and explosions of jc3 ummm interesting
Kevin Lyon
Kevin Lyon Před 21 hodinou
Fuck I’m going to need to play this game for a third time now
UK-ALPHADOG Před 21 hodinou
old Gen was not Ready for Titanfall so just Remaster 1 or 2 lol Smple
sadfgsd ffdhfdh
sadfgsd ffdhfdh Před 21 hodinou
why the fuck dont we ever get the 3 other outfits that were advertised in the posters and shit
Hey I’m Jake
Hey I’m Jake Před 21 hodinou
Why is watching frozen chicken slide off a hill so funny?
Broseidon Před 21 hodinou
I dunno if it's been done, but maybe destiny 2
Xenon Starstryder
Xenon Starstryder Před 21 hodinou
I love how in the test of strength shrine with water in it, if you use cryosis at just the right time under the guardian when it's spin charging you, you can launch it in the air like a spinning frisbee of doom.
Eano Spriggan
Eano Spriggan Před 21 hodinou
Alright i'm cool with this sequel and all of that, but i just want the most important thing for me, Jill Valentine's return!
James Barker
James Barker Před 21 hodinou
I Love Her
Tangy Mustang
Tangy Mustang Před 21 hodinou
I have 1000+ hours in this game and feel like I’ve watched hundred of CSshows videos about the game and I still didn’t know some of these really shows how insanely detailed this game is
Adam Yusuf
Adam Yusuf Před 21 hodinou
like in the last video, ive had this game since release date how tf did I not know most of these
Zakhaev's Hub
Zakhaev's Hub Před 21 hodinou
I guess if he reacted to Halo UNSC weapon it'll kinda make sense compared to Mass Effect guns.
MrJosephAnthonySilva Před 21 hodinou
**Sees the X-98e Widow** Me: "Don't overthink it, it's a Space Barrett." Jonathan: "...it's a Space Barrett." 🙌🙌🙌
Zakhaev's Hub
Zakhaev's Hub Před 21 hodinou
How the hell real life weapon expert react to "fictional" guns that use thermal clips ?
Davorin Jurišić
Davorin Jurišić Před 21 hodinou
dvls Před 21 hodinou
0:46 moment i knew i'll buy it
Sporty eight
Sporty eight Před 21 hodinou
Please, make it analyse Warhammer 40k weapons
f r i e s
f r i e s Před 21 hodinou
The way he hijacks and flys a passenger plane on his own is just full of the inflated charisma of an arab teen. (Stolen)
Talatharas Před 21 hodinou
HEH. See him look at the destiny 2 guns :D some of them are absolutely absurd :D
Vitor Fernandes
Vitor Fernandes Před 21 hodinou
This game looks beautiful. With that said I never liked ratchet. Just very dull platformer compared to mario.
qinn1996 Před 21 hodinou
13:30 It's really scary what kind of devastating damage a shotgun does. Saw a video online that depicted a guy who survived being shot in the face by a shotgun. It will haunt me forever.
Jackey XM8
Jackey XM8 Před 21 hodinou
so the original mass effect game the guns just overheat and the ammo is a large block of metal that is scraped by something to chunk off small shards that are then propelled much like a gause gun rail gun thing the info is in a codex somewhere in the game but easily missed the later games used more conventional reload ammo for some reason
PupperDragon Pup
PupperDragon Pup Před 21 hodinou
The apple tree is not impossible To get to you pass it wall on a quest in lost woods
Alex Pocaznoi
Alex Pocaznoi Před 21 hodinou
MastaX Před 21 hodinou
The scavenging aspect is the best part of Action RPG's aside from the combat of course, I love going around and finding new badass loot and weapons, Its what made me like these sorts of games, the combat and just getting better gear and becoming godly. Its why I adore the diablo series, you start out with pretty crap weapons and by the end of the game you are so badass your ready to crank up the difficulty to the highest.
lord loki
lord loki Před 21 hodinou
Let's show him all made up weapons that don't work like real guns work... Just let the man show us some awesome weapons from his collection the rarer the better
Vita Necro
Vita Necro Před 21 hodinou
I always thought the 10mm pistol was inspired by the Desert Eagle.
Oliver Grudzinski
Oliver Grudzinski Před 22 hodinami
I wanna know if invasions are gonna be a thing in dl 2 like in dl 1
TheBulletKin Před 22 hodinami
I played the game for like, 50 hours maybe? I had no idea I could do any of these, maybe I should restart and try to experiment more
Nasir Nurbhai
Nasir Nurbhai Před 22 hodinami
Would quite enjoy the bioshock franchise to be reviewed
Kryptic Vapr
Kryptic Vapr Před 22 hodinami
Great video! Would love to see a Destiny video
jp83187 Před 22 hodinami
Thank you Casey hudson
TheBulletKin Před 22 hodinami
That mouse trap blew me away, boy do I need to play this again
TheBulletKin Před 22 hodinami
I haven’t played breath of the wild for ages, haven’t even completed it, it it seems there is so much left to figure out I think I’ll try restarting
Adam Lasocki
Adam Lasocki Před 22 hodinami
Ethan Winters is the new Harry Mason... Capcom just took advantage of Konami that they just lost the Silent Hill... I really enjoyed the Village🙌
Blackjack Před 22 hodinami
Part 2 of asking for a part 2 of the Rising Storm 2 video
Dindin J
Dindin J Před 22 hodinami
Still looks better than cyberpunk
Robert Rhines
Robert Rhines Před 22 hodinami
I want to be as good as you 👍 I think I am getting there
Durnak the Zero
Durnak the Zero Před 22 hodinami
Seeing what he thinks of halo weapons would be really fun
RazoE Před 22 hodinami
I just finished breath of the wild. I managed to avoid spoilers for 4 years. Been binging on all the botw videos out there lately. Loving this series!
Remmy Před 22 hodinami
The sound difference for the equipment makes me love this game even more. It's so detailed
Ethereal Lord
Ethereal Lord Před 22 hodinami
Miranda is such a babe
GamingTherapy75 Před 22 hodinami
PS4 pro looks initially better
Solidmoon Před 22 hodinami
Wasnt the "lycan" stuff because of something Moureau did by injecting Wolfs Blood into the spines of his experiments to try an stabilize them?
Robin Gillham
Robin Gillham Před 22 hodinami
I can't believe how few ME games we've gotten. Whereas AC gets a game nearly every year.
- Violetdahyun -
- Violetdahyun - Před 22 hodinami
As someone who didn’t play MMORPG video games until Genshin Impact, I would say the major draw for me to download a game that really wasn’t what I was used to was the character (designs) and the story. But now I’m getting into the fighting aspect. I also like the fact that it can be played on phones (even though if you haven’t gotten a new phone in a while it might not work) i’m not really sure if I can say anything about it copying BOTW, because I’ve never played, but the main things I was excited about in Genshin impact don’t really seem to be present there. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, but Genshin Will attract people like me, but BOTW attracts people who are more into gaming (why they might already have some sort of Nintendo game system)
Mokshed Mokku
Mokshed Mokku Před 22 hodinami
We are having C-Virus
Alexandria Sanders
Alexandria Sanders Před 22 hodinami
Lol survived bad dialogue