10 Outriders Tips You Need To Know 

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Outriders changes quickly as you progress in the early hours, so we gathered 10 essential tips to get you on your feet and get better loot!
Outriders is now out for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, PC, and Stadia. For the most part, the loot shooter/RPG hybrid is pretty straightforward, but a few of its mechanics and systems could use a bit more clarification.
In the video above, Jordan Ramée details 10 tips for how to be a better Outrider in Outriders. Some of the advice is geared towards ensuring you're always finding the best loot, whether that's from chests hidden throughout the planet of Enoch or from World Tier rewards. Other tips should help you make Outriders a bit more approachable in terms of difficulty--if you take the time to understand how crafting and modding works, as well as when to raise and lower your World Tier, you'll have a much easier time making it through the game.
Outriders has managed a rather popular launch despite the assortment of server issues that are pretty much an expected part of the experience for any brand-new, online-only game at this point. So far, we've been enjoying it too.
In GameSpot's Outriders review, Phil Hornshaw wrote, "[Outriders'] story is often funny but similarly intense; its combat requires you to take cover and to charge; its abilities make you phenomenally powerful but prone to overestimating yourself. If you can find the balance in Outriders, People Can Fly's RPG-shooter finds ways to combine well-worn video game ideas into something new and fun."


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2. 04. 2021





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Alexander Paul
Alexander Paul Před 11 dny
Good Info
clmbna1984 Před 13 dny
Yeah, I was happy to see I can change tiers then change it back. Helped me with a couple of bosses and I'm still in tier 5! I can't wait for better weapons though! I do like pyromancer... set the world on 🔥
Tj Caine
Tj Caine Před 14 dny
Did u steal your characters name from blue exorcist? Cuz thats cool now I wanna name my character rin
FLexyBeaR Před 17 dny
Looks like Destiny mixed with The Division
Troyjanwarrior1 Před 17 dny
Was really hoping for a more open world experience and not so linear...Destiny and division games where more open than this.
Frantz Eugene
Frantz Eugene Před 17 dny
Is the game fun
bbob o neill
bbob o neill Před 17 dny
Top tip, fix the servers so we can actually get in to play
THE SHAW Před 17 dny
This game on both consoles?
mr zero slime
mr zero slime Před 18 dny
Cool 👍😎 video
Ev Gallagher
Ev Gallagher Před 18 dny
This game is a lot of fun. Praise the almighty gamepass.
TEDEEK Před 18 dny
Can someone tell me on Xbox why I can’t change out current 3 skills? I want to try out cyclone slice on my trickster but when I try to change it nothing happens
Aldo Molina
Aldo Molina Před 16 dny
Just click and drag the skill onto the button you want it mapped to.
frankymr2 Před 17 dny
You have to unequip your current skill then equip the one you want
Chris L
Chris L Před 18 dny
Im looking for people to play with, no on owns this game in my friends list, Flaminyo on PSN, I play trickster lvl 17/WT-7
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy Před 18 dny
There is a penalty to changing world tiers btw. It lowers the potential loot rewards for all quests you have available to complete.
EJS Před 18 dny
Imagine being a basic scrub and playing this game on a Ps5, having to pay full price and all that lmao
Eldinii Před 16 dny
Haha your an Xbox player 🤣
Generic Gmail Account
This game is going to be dead before the review comes out.
E Mahony
E Mahony Před 18 dny
There's absolutely a world tier penalty for changing. It sets the rewards to the new world tier cap. So potential Epic loot will become Rare or Common for example. It's literally written what the rewards are as you select it. It's tied to the mission & area too. So if you decide to kill a boss on WT1 then change to WT6 when claiming the reward in a different area, you'll receive WT1 rewards.
Paw Zyl
Paw Zyl Před 18 dny
Game servers are OFF most of the time
Jonny 1996
Jonny 1996 Před 18 dny
i would love a new bullet storm game.
Seth Bucy
Seth Bucy Před 18 dny
I would like my 5 minutes back now. You pointed out nothing but the obvious.
TheDurtyLemur Před 18 dny
People complaining about the servers must not realize every always online looter shooter, or hell anyway always online game has server problems the first couple days or week(s) of launch.
David Johnson
David Johnson Před 18 dny
These are actually good tips. Thanks
Alternate Infinite
Alternate Infinite Před 18 dny
I am maxing out my Hell's Ranger Armor and Weapons. Everything else besides Legendaries are fodder for resources.
MaurzStarz Před 18 dny
One tip that will always come in handy; "Remember - switching to your pistol is always faster than reloading". Switching to your other two guns will come in REAL handy later on. Especially when you're getting overwhelmed. Another tip that I have is to sometimes save some low health goons. Don't finish them off as killing is the only way to heal yourself back up, so sometimes weakening everyone is better than outright finishing them off.
MaurzStarz Před 18 dny
@†oR-o Really depends on the gun; I am usually rocking an LMG so switching to my other 2 weapons is always more useful than reloading, same goes for snipers and certain ARs.
Keebla Před 18 dny
holding down Q to switch to ur pistol always feels like it takes forever especially with reload enhancements
†oR-o Před 18 dny
Not really true in this game; sidearms have a small flourish animation that can take longer than a regular reload of some assault weapons.
That Fletcher Guy
That Fletcher Guy Před 18 dny
Who are you, why are you so wise
PhenomSoul89 Před 18 dny
1st tip...fix the servers
Paul Badman
Paul Badman Před 18 dny
how do you play this game off line?? i swear square have paid a shit ton on publicity... Do not buy this game it is pants, worst game of the this year.. ignore the hype and not accounts telling you to buy it. I advise you to play warframe instead which is a better game and is free
jonathan jacobs
jonathan jacobs Před 18 dny
3rd person destiny.
DJ Higher
DJ Higher Před 18 dny
Tried it last night on gamepass runs great seems well optimised on last-gen xbox one so it must be awesome fps on next-gen machines.
OD KuttThroatJay
OD KuttThroatJay Před 18 dny
What class has skills to find more Smgs?
David S
David S Před 18 dny
I think they’re part of the Assault weapons group. So every class has a node for them.
Andrew Knaff
Andrew Knaff Před 18 dny
Respec doesn’t have a T in it. Just sayin.
Steve Sargeantson
Steve Sargeantson Před 18 dny
He also said “especk-ially” earlier in the video too!
Phased Před 18 dny
There is a penalty for lowering your world tier apparently, I’ve not tried it myself, but apparently all quests you haven’t turned in will be level capped to the lowest world tier, to prevent people playing on tier 1 and get tier 15 rewards for example
Richard Russell
Richard Russell Před 16 dny
What happens is that if you're running a quest at a certain World Tier, if at any point you lower the WT then your reward at the end will be based on whatever the lowest WT you had during the entire quest. So if you're doing a quest at WT8 but have to lower it to say 6 for a particular encounter, then go back up to 8 for the rest of the quest; your reward will be WT 6 level.
Sultan Jelle
Sultan Jelle Před 18 dny
I’m not gonna lie. I downloaded this on a whim and am LOVING it atm
Sultan Jelle
Sultan Jelle Před 17 dny
@Bloody Mary gamepass bruv
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary Před 18 dny
well you boys decided me on getting it now
Jon K
Jon K Před 18 dny
Same. Feels like this game was made by diablo nerds with a shooter fetish. I fucking love it.
Fart Tony
Fart Tony Před 18 dny
Same bro. It's actually really fun. Much better than most of its looter shooter competition
sandeep singh
sandeep singh Před 18 dny
Talking about the game like its something new lol its Gears Of War, but shighter
sandeep singh
sandeep singh Před 18 dny
Another shite, absolute shite, it's 2021,really?
ill2dawill Před 18 dny
Unless they get the servers running appropriately, this is going to be Anthem, all over again.
TheDurtyLemur Před 18 dny
Anthems problem wasn't the servers being down lol there were other big beasts it needed to tackle that it just didn't.
Excel Detail
Excel Detail Před 18 dny
Mass effect 4
DPD agent
DPD agent Před 18 dny
This is what destiny should have been
Phased Před 18 dny
No it’s not... I prefer outriders and don’t play destiny, but destiny is it’s own distinct thing 😅
Dwayne Uzoaru
Dwayne Uzoaru Před 18 dny
Too bad we can never use these tips
Mike Vieira
Mike Vieira Před 18 dny
Down on d pad to pick up loot across the whole map.
Martin Vrabec
Martin Vrabec Před 16 dny
H for autoloot on PC . you can also set minimum loot quality picked up in options
Gurziak Před 18 dny
Can you say more forced shill content? Why is it I only see gaming "journalists" excited for this game?
Jetli333 Před 18 dny
Tip 11: The servers will be down a lot😰 down again after being out 4 hours😔But once your in its fun
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Před 18 dny
I love this mature game!
N Day
N Day Před 18 dny
Might try these tips if the server stays up long enough
That’s Immaculate
That’s Immaculate Před 18 dny
Can’t even find a damn squad
DOOM92 Před 18 dny
This game will be dead by end of the video
Ayro06 Před 18 dny
Must be nice to actually be able to play the sxxx
Weebs are cringe
Weebs are cringe Před 18 dny
Ye Iam glad PC has been fixed.
Sekuio Před 18 dny
You lowkey cute
EZE Gaming
EZE Gaming Před 18 dny
Funny how all the damn you tubers can play but I can’t, such bullshit, yes I’m salty as hell
Richard Russell
Richard Russell Před 16 dny
First day in online gaming dear?
Hunter Hoover
Hunter Hoover Před 18 dny
Hold up! You actually want to play the game you spent $65 on? Thats crazy! Lol ;) I'm salty too
Fart Tony
Fart Tony Před 18 dny
Idk the server has crashed a few times but not that much for me. Maybe like once or twice a day which is bad but still playable. Defs needs to improve though.
Leo Draco
Leo Draco Před 18 dny
It's better not to take the world tear rewards right away and wait till your higher level as they spec to the level you claim them in, that way you get high end rewards when you reach max level
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy Před 18 dny
No it doesn't, the reward is locked to the lowest tier you had applies while the quest was available to be completed/active.
RubberStig Před 18 dny
@lilsabin Yeah, good tip. I didn't know this either.
lilsabin Před 18 dny
Lol , fuck , i didnt now that
EZE Gaming
EZE Gaming Před 18 dny
I’m so pissed off I can’t even fucking login to play this game, damn it man.
MadMike772 Před 18 dny
Don’t run into the fight! Don’t agro their agro That’s a big tip
MadMike772 Před 18 dny
I don’t play call of duty..
Wilfredo Nieves
Wilfredo Nieves Před 18 dny
call of duty fans will trickle out because they have no concept of cover based shooters. Sad That's the state of the majority of shooter players
Jonathan L
Jonathan L Před 18 dny
Bruh how are ppl even getting in Mine gets stuck at the screen after the intro
frankymr2 Před 17 dny
If you are on consoles restart the console , if you are on pc same
TaoriCenial Před 18 dny
Try Window mode before crash (ALT+ENTER)
gdparker86 Před 18 dny
It would be cool if i can play without it crashing
Weebs are cringe
Weebs are cringe Před 18 dny
@Life of Chad it's a known Bug and they are working on it. Im just glad it's Some low Level quest and not a high Level Story Mission.
N Day
N Day Před 18 dny
@Life of Chad now thats a tip
Life of Chad
Life of Chad Před 18 dny
Seriously 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I kept going up to this lady cause she was giving me a reward her name is Eva I believe at the city and everytime I would choose a reward it would crash to the dashboard 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ did that 2 times and just said fuck it and moved on
Sara Wilcker
Sara Wilcker Před 18 dny
I definitely need to know these tips because I don't know any right now and I am terrible at this.
AkiraTheGodEater Před 18 dny
Practice Sara! You must practice grasshoppa
marc farrants
marc farrants Před 18 dny
What do you play
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