2021: AAA Gaming’s Weirdest Year? 

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2021 is shaping up to be another weird year for gaming, with the release calendar looking sparse, and events up in the air. Is gaming finally feeling the full knock-on effect of 2020? Lucy, Jordan, and Tamoor discuss.
You've probably felt it: things are a bit out of whack in the video game industry. The past year has been difficult for a variety of reasons and it seems like the knock-on effects of working from home, as well as the challenges that presents to game development and hosting traditional events, is becoming more and more apparent.
What's most evident is that the traditional release cycle, in terms of the rhythm of new games being launched, is off. At the same time, events that had been permanently marked on our calendars for years now are either being penciled in or rubbed out entirely. 2021 feels like it's becoming a weird year for video games and those of us that enjoy them.
That is the subject of discussion this week's episode of Console Crew, in which Lucy, Jordan, and Tamoor look at how the industry has changed, what the future holds, and also what we can look forward to for the rest of the year. Naturally, there's a discussion about games that have been delayed as a result of recent challenges, and the same goes for events like E3.
There's also a discussion about the opportunities that this strange new cadence of releases provides us. As noted in the episode, indie games are more abundant and more interesting than ever, and with fewer major blockbusters from mega-publishers eating up the oxygen in the discussion of games, there's more opportunity for them to shine.
Console Crew is your weekly Friday roundup of the biggest news from PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, hosted by Lucy James, Tamoor Hussain, and Jordan Ramée. Subscribe to csshows.info​ to never miss an episode.


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2. 04. 2021





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tevon lawrence
tevon lawrence Před 11 dny
Can we get Tams full comicon quote uncensored in next weeks afterdark.. my imagination has to be worse then what he actually said
Skippy Cox
Skippy Cox Před 13 dny
She is just so pretty! I love her smile.
Chris Ii
Chris Ii Před 13 dny
games are super hard to create regardless
Chris Ii
Chris Ii Před 13 dny
It should be better or worse, if video games are not any better, might as well make worse games in the future. Good lukk 2022-23
alec watts
alec watts Před 15 dny
Game spot, more like game stop hahahahahahahaha kill me
KingDonWahed Před 16 dny
I just want Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Deathloop and RE 8. I'll be absolutely satisfied as long as they'll be out and good.
KingDonWahed Před 15 dny
@Autist Croissant Would be awesome but I doubt it.
Autist Croissant
Autist Croissant Před 15 dny
I just hope the GoW sequel will really come this year as promised.
Vib_ Here
Vib_ Here Před 16 dny
Whats gng on with ur views … so many subs .., 15k views??🤭🤯
Wolf_ InSouL
Wolf_ InSouL Před 16 dny
Ohhhhhh..i feel you Tamoor😢
Nataly Higareda
Nataly Higareda Před 16 dny
Bizarre, odd, abnormal? Jesus f-ing Christ add some vocabulary to alll three of your repertoires. Not everything is weird you lazy trio of mediocrity.
gameo spot
gameo spot Před 16 dny
Gameo spot subscribe on youtobe
Zashiki Před 17 dny
Typical gamespot 🤦‍♀️
Ronnie Jones
Ronnie Jones Před 18 dny
I got so much stuff to play thanks to Game Pass
S Don
S Don Před 18 dny
Ratchet and clank
Jason Brunning
Jason Brunning Před 18 dny
Ratchet & clank?
Is there a gamespot' s cut? I want to hear the unmute version of what Tam spoke about.
Chris Pap
Chris Pap Před 18 dny
Since shows like E3 are off, developers should give us a taste of their new games with playable demos (and not just the PS4 versions, Watch Dogs and Dirt I'm looking at you).
Deon Spates
Deon Spates Před 18 dny
2021 & beyond is gonna be weird for games...
Johnny Silverhand
Johnny Silverhand Před 18 dny
I want to know how does Jordan put on a headset with his hair style?
Samuel Keene
Samuel Keene Před 18 dny
Ratchet and Clank though???
skeletor's nan
skeletor's nan Před 16 dny
only relevant games
civilwarfare101 Před 18 dny
I am mainly just using this year to catch up on older stuff.
skeletor's nan
skeletor's nan Před 16 dny
Ayush Singh Chauhan
Ayush Singh Chauhan Před 18 dny
I m playing uncharted nd collection 😅
Spike Bebop
Spike Bebop Před 18 dny
nonnygb Před 19 dny
No this year isn't weird. It's not like Sony is releasing a first party title into game pass day one... Go back to bed people.
Gaby LastName
Gaby LastName Před 19 dny
100th comment. Good video!
Lee Parker
Lee Parker Před 19 dny
Hey guys :) great subject,,,,,You forgot soo many it's been so long,lots games just going missing on xbox, Bright memory Infinte ,control XS with ray tracing, the list of "up coming XS" games on Microsoft store saying N/A is growing and growing
Xander Crease
Xander Crease Před 19 dny
When there's GamePass, PS+, Steam and Nintendo sales, I have no Idea why anyone would say they have nothing to play. It's a good excuse to try something new. Drowning in games, something to be glad for.
Goofy Před 19 dny
The New God Of War better come out on 6:9 (June 9th)
Prokelley1992 Před 19 dny
People still play Halo?
NIGHTWALKER 1988 Před 18 dny
Yup why not some people enjoy it
Mabs Ali
Mabs Ali Před 19 dny
How did you guys miss Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart??! That's absolutely a AAA game!
Rahul Pandey
Rahul Pandey Před 15 dny
@Mabs Ali Don't get me wrong I don't play on consoles so I don't know what it offers but from what I saw it looked like something made for young kids.
Mabs Ali
Mabs Ali Před 15 dny
@Rahul Pandey yeh, actual gamers do mate
Rahul Pandey
Rahul Pandey Před 15 dny
Ratchet and clank? Does anyone other than kids even play that game?
Atoamo Před 18 dny
Exactly! It looks truly next gen and I am hyped for more RandC :)
The Batosai
The Batosai Před 19 dny
So we are just going to ignoring RE8, R& : rift apart, and Guilty gear: strive
Ray R.
Ray R. Před 19 dny
Are they silently having a hair war?
Spike Bebop
Spike Bebop Před 19 dny
This gonna be good 😉😎
VGN VideoGameNinja
VGN VideoGameNinja Před 17 dny
Dis gon be gud?
gingergreek Před 19 dny
Gamespot should win 'Most fabulous hair award' Especially Tamoor's glam look and Jordan's gorgeous afro. as for the delays, i'd rather they do that than 1. Get the cyberpunk/watchdogs legion mess 2. The developers aren't crunched or put in a dangerous covid infested environment. Given the crap that's going on around the world, delays aren't top of the list.
Tyler Busse
Tyler Busse Před 19 dny
No chance of God of War - very pumped for 12 minutes
Ganesh Gurmit Singh
Ganesh Gurmit Singh Před 19 dny
Just saw BAFTA Game Awards, heard Tam's Voice... "Waiting for Elden Ring"... laughed :)
DrJones694 Před 19 dny
can you guys please put console crew at the head of the description for these or the head of the title for these videos I love the show but it's hard to find
Suhadisgood Před 19 dny
I’m not interested for Indy games I’m looking for games like street fighter 6 tekken 8 soul caliber 8 dragon quest heroes 3 dragon quest 12 halo infinite one piece pirate warriors 5 I keep on going on with Zelda and Mario on Nintendo
Marcos Araujo
Marcos Araujo Před 19 dny
Yeah, it's almost like we are living a world crisis... Wake the fuck up, Gamespot. Of course games are gonna be delayed, people are suffering left and right with the pandemic!
Nuno Rodrigues
Nuno Rodrigues Před 19 dny
It's hard for me to care for the delays when I'm not even sure if I'll be able to get a PS5 this year.
James Hardy
James Hardy Před 17 dny
@Nuno Rodrigues 30fps?
Nuno Rodrigues
Nuno Rodrigues Před 17 dny
@James Hardy It's fine. It's sitting right now next to my PS4.
James Hardy
James Hardy Před 17 dny
@Nuno Rodrigues hows your ps3 😂
Nuno Rodrigues
Nuno Rodrigues Před 17 dny
​@James Hardy You don't say?
James Hardy
James Hardy Před 17 dny
Okay. But people who actually got a next gen console care. It's not all about you, boy
Throttle-Gainz Před 19 dny
“2020 was relatively normal” SAID NO ONE!!!! 🤦🏾‍♂️
Paladin Daril
Paladin Daril Před 19 dny
HALO has not been delayed. 1 look at the name signed and the time the account was created would have give it away. Plus you know Even the Actual account commented on this tweet
revistinha1 Před 19 dny
Expect a ton more Even games you didn't know were coming or that didn't get announced yet got pushed hard GTA VI might be a 2023 game now at the earliest
subjectbigy Před 19 dny
They shouldn't go back to the big venues, they always mess up on presentation. Just stick to online shows
GalilASR23 Před 19 dny
2021,the year of delays.
Maxwell J. S.
Maxwell J. S. Před 19 dny
Mike Coxmal
Mike Coxmal Před 19 dny
Total War:Warhammer III is all I'm going to get this year. Nice format btw!
Ola Sarcasm
Ola Sarcasm Před 19 dny
I just keep playing dark souls randomizer over and over at this point
Martin Hartshorn
Martin Hartshorn Před 19 dny
Erm Back 4 Blood ? Back 4 blood ? BACK 4 BLOOD !
Martin Hartshorn
Martin Hartshorn Před 18 dny
@Zombiekilleryamato I dont Adam and eve it :(
Zombiekilleryamato Před 19 dny
Got delayed to October
keith Parker
keith Parker Před 19 dny
It’s really the year for remasters
Mecha Robots
Mecha Robots Před 19 dny
Narita boy a great indie game
Jason Caputo
Jason Caputo Před 19 dny
Love the feel/tone of this show. Professional but also not stiff at all and feels like we are definitely getting the real thoughts and insights of these hosts, all of whom bring pretty different perspectives. (Also, my favorite part was the “look into he mirror and ask what do we have to live for...” “keep it positive, keep it positive!” Lol!
L1vZ Před 19 dny
I don't care if a game's delayed as long as it doesn't end up like cyberpunk 2077🤣
Sean Rider
Sean Rider Před 19 dny
Hogwarts was delayed
Sean Rider
Sean Rider Před 19 dny
Mass effect legendary edition..
Alliance Special Operations
Oh yeah!
Electrex Před 19 dny
Prince of Persia remake still looks horrible
Muzamil Nabi
Muzamil Nabi Před 19 dny
Everything aside I want this year's Battlefield to justify the existence of Dice.
Omega Orange!
Omega Orange! Před 19 dny
They haven't mentioned Gotham Knight. Which has no release date. Just says 2021
NIGHTWALKER 1988 Před 18 dny
It’s Ben delayed
Adam Martin
Adam Martin Před 19 dny
2021 is going to be helluva lot worst than 2020. Nothing much to look forward to. Enjoyed Godzilla Vs Kong. Only game I'm getting this year is Village, and i don't think it be a masterpiece or something like it.
Vuk Stefanovic
Vuk Stefanovic Před 19 dny
Bro, resident evil 7 was a masterpiece, residen evil 8 looks better than 7 so, it will be a game of the year contender for sure
Omega Orange!
Omega Orange! Před 19 dny
What u on about Forbidden West a "?" 😂 Forbidden West is comin on December as said in the trailer
NIGHTWALKER 1988 Před 18 dny
K you just go on and believe that because I don’t believe it
Riahisama Před 19 dny
Halo isn't being delayed, game journalism ladies and gentlemen, can't even get their facts right
ThousandairesClub Před 19 dny
*the only two triple A games im buying this year are Hitman 3 and Far Cry 6......thats it, thats all.....im waaaayyyy more excited for the FMV games coming out lol.*
lmjvids Před 19 dny
June has (at the moment) ratchet and final fantasy 7 ingergrade, ninja gaiden collection. So that's something for June. But yeah rest of the year is barron 😕
GoldenFoxGaming Před 19 dny
Pls remove halo from thumbnail i don't want it to be delayed
Joser Maiz
Joser Maiz Před 19 dny
LEGO Star Wars skywalker saga got delayed
Paul Badman
Paul Badman Před 19 dny
outriders was the biggest joke this april
Bobby Před 19 dny
You literally cannot stop me. I'm becoming a god
Bobby Před 19 dny
@Alex Hernandez of gods, being 2 real
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez Před 19 dny
Of Olympus?
Sudip bose
Sudip bose Před 19 dny
Outlast trials dying light 2 in 2021 or not ??
PLAYER1 Před 19 dny
Good video. I like how you discussed the impact of not having regularly scheduled AAA releases effects not just gamers, but the industry as a whole from journalists, conventions to developers and publishers. The 2020 pandemic changed everything. That sounds obvious, but it changed things in ways that aren't obvious to a lot of people unless they work in the industry, and how the ripple effect is going to determine how the industry will be moving forward.
pvsweetypie Před 19 dny
Oh yeah bros such a weird year for gaming. Soo weird.... Meanwhile 3 out of 4 people in my house got laid off due to covid. People be arguing over masks. And now the government be telling me I gotta get 2 shots of medicine that's been in testing for less than a year. Delayed games are the least of my worries.
Mike Coxmal
Mike Coxmal Před 19 dny
@Mady Oweet How else can you make sure those people get their job back, stop people argueing about masks and get a well tested vaccines. Complaining in the comment section of a gaming channel is the answer bro. It is how I cured my diabetes.
Mady Oweet
Mady Oweet Před 19 dny
Yet here you are watching a video about it
Yeltnerb 1
Yeltnerb 1 Před 19 dny
The release of Sony games will depend upon console adoption rates. Sony will need to fix the DualSense analog stick drift issue first to get my money.
Dah Coconut
Dah Coconut Před 19 dny
I’ve had the ps5 for 6 months and using the same controller with no stuck drift whatsoever. You just gotta take care of it and don’t leave it upside down
Marko Yamashita
Marko Yamashita Před 19 dny
3:36 This is exactly the type of mindset that ruins games folks. "If it doesn't make it out this year..." DO YOU realize this type of mindset is what causes crunch, rushed production and "get it out the door" mentality? Do you REALLY want another Cyberpunk 2077? Do you REALLY want a game released before it's ready? Considering at least 6 months worth of development was interrupted while developers scrambled to reorganize due to the pandemic, I'd forgive them for being 6 months late. As long as the game is good, that's what matters, not "It better release in 2021." 🙄
PLAYER1 Před 19 dny
Fan expectations rarely effects release dates. That's an urban myth. What caused Cyberpunk's premature release was greedy upper management. They are the root cause for games being launched unfinished to meet a quarterly stock earnings report in the case of most AAA studios like EA, Activision, etc. This myth about fans having that much power needs to stop because it's simply not true.
J Před 19 dny
If elden ring comes out this year I’ll be satisfied
VGN VideoGameNinja
VGN VideoGameNinja Před 17 dny
If Starfield releases this year I'll be satisfied.
NIGHTWALKER 1988 Před 18 dny
just hooman
just hooman Před 19 dny
its release trailer will come in sept-oct and it would come by march 2022
fronic Před 19 dny
But it wont xD
King Infection
King Infection Před 19 dny
Halo has not been delayed, it was tweeted from a troll account
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf Před 17 dny
No ur wrong it was an April fools joke by an employee and he might be getting fired now because of the issue of the joke
mike farina
mike farina Před 19 dny
@Yeltnerb 1 really?
Yeltnerb 1
Yeltnerb 1 Před 19 dny
Hitting that November 2021 release day would be great, but there's honestly a 50/50 chance for a delay.
StoneWolf2077 Před 19 dny
I'm still hoping they have an E3 in 2022 I would live to go just once. I'm in TX and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Quakecon and Pax southwest.
Hasham Ali
Hasham Ali Před 19 dny
Cutest game reporters crew!!
nh k
nh k Před 19 dny
This is definitely the worst start to a year for gamers in a couple of years
Paul Badman
Paul Badman Před 19 dny
@Muzamil Nabi out riders is a pile of shit
Muzamil Nabi
Muzamil Nabi Před 19 dny
And also MH Rise.
Muzamil Nabi
Muzamil Nabi Před 19 dny
@Paul Badman u forgot Hitman 3,Outriders, Blasphemous, It takes two and outriders.
Paul Badman
Paul Badman Před 19 dny
valheim was good so was crusader kings 3
Invisible Před 19 dny
kena bridge of spirit, and ghostwire tokyo ... everything else .. skip.
S3RV3R 3RROR Před 19 dny
@Invisible ratchet ps4 is a very different game compared to the first games...and you are really doing yourself a disservice not TRYING horizon.... it wil be free next month i think, so maybe try it out bro.
Invisible Před 19 dny
@S3RV3R 3RROR i hated ratchet and clank from their first days on ps2, and i don't care about forbidden west.
S3RV3R 3RROR Před 19 dny
@Invisible Oke, have you given these games a chance (like the first ones)?
Invisible Před 19 dny
@S3RV3R 3RROR nah, not a fan of anything else.
S3RV3R 3RROR Před 19 dny
ratchet and clank? Forbiden west?
K D Před 19 dny
Clickbait thumbnail
Felipe Campos
Felipe Campos Před 19 dny
Remove Halo of thumbnail 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Chief Dabeni
Chief Dabeni Před 19 dny
Cuz cyberpunk
Eoghan Nolan
Eoghan Nolan Před 19 dny
Don't think halos actually delayed but everything else seems right
LazärheaD Před 19 dny
I'm ok with indie games. Don't need the greedy cashgrab slot machines of the TRIPLE AYYY industry.
LazärheaD Před 19 dny
@S3RV3R 3RROR I actually use my spiritual guru in my village commune's Steam account...
S3RV3R 3RROR Před 19 dny
Do you pay with flowers for those indies??
Mr. Kittens and Gibberish
Yo. That was a fake tweet. Infinite isn't delayed, lol. It was @343lndustries, not @343Industries. And any official information regarding Halo is the @Halo.
S3RV3R 3RROR Před 19 dny
@Mr. Kittens and Gibberish Aaaah oke for me there was no difference thats why i asked. Thanks for the reply👍🏼
Mr. Kittens and Gibberish
If you don't have a weird curcly font like I use on my phone it's slightly difficult to distinguish.
Mr. Kittens and Gibberish
@S3RV3R 3RROR they used a lowercase L instead of uppercase i.
S3RV3R 3RROR Před 19 dny
And what's the difference exactly🙃?
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Před 19 dny
I love this channel!
George Foreman
George Foreman Před 19 dny
Halo wasn’t delayed?
Michael Knox
Michael Knox Před 19 dny
I thought Halo Infinite being delayed was an April fools joke
Who Dares Wins
Who Dares Wins Před 15 dny
@Emo DaDon thanks, i was having an identity crisis
Emo DaDon
Emo DaDon Před 15 dny
@Who Dares Wins ok pony
Who Dares Wins
Who Dares Wins Před 15 dny
well they should be delayed and fail.
Maxwell J. S.
Maxwell J. S. Před 19 dny
@Yeltnerb 1 The tweet immedately had a reply about a vibrator...
Emo DaDon
Emo DaDon Před 19 dny
It was a fake account on Twitter. Kotaku had to apologize. But they hate xbox so bad they won't point that out. Plus they needed it to make a clickbait thumbnail smh
Ban Shal Yasharahla
Ban Shal Yasharahla Před 19 dny
The end of gaming
swift regeneration
swift regeneration Před 19 dny
Titanfall 2 All day
Titanfall 2 All day Před 19 dny
Untangling God Of War
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