27 Warframe Questions Answered With Rebecca Ford 

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Warframe is a massive and sprawling game with many questions to seek answers to. Thankfully Warframe's Community Director, Rebbeca Ford, is here to answer the internet's most searched Warframe questions.
Since Warframe's debut in 2013, the community surrounding the free-to-play online game has grown significantly across PC and consoles. With the concept being about playing as "space ninjas" exploring a strange universe filled with open worlds to explore and ancient loot to uncover, there have undoubtedly been some lingering questions from fans. These include the fate of key characters, how to unlock some of the more high-end Frames, and just where the hell you can find some of the rare crafting materials. With this in mind, we spoke with the one person at developer Digital Extremes who has been at the forefront of answering all of the internet's most asked questions about Warframe, and that's "Space Mom" herself, Rebecca Ford.
Along with being the voice of the in-game character Lotus, who serves as the guide for all active Tenno, Ford is also Digital Extreme's Live Operations and Community Director and is the most knowledgeable Warframe player on the internet. When she isn't playing Warframe on livestreams, she's answering the community's burning questions and keeping fans up to date on the latest of what's happening with the game.
In this latest video, GameSpot spoke with Ford about the growing scope of Warframe and how the community has reacted to the latest updates. In addition to explaining what some of the top-tier Frames are, what's new with the Railjack, and just what the deal is with characters like Clem, she also gave a brief update on the current state of things with the anticipated expansion The Duvari Paradox, first announced back in 2019.
For more on Warframe, check out our latest update for our Warframe review, which includes impressions on the PS5 edition of the game.


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James Bartlett
James Bartlett Před 8 hodinami
Wave Up
Wave Up Před 21 hodinou
The rail jack glitch that when I’m my arch-wing and the purple items parts follow me around after pick up is driving a crazy. I can’t see anything
Jesse kitchen
Jesse kitchen Před dnem
How are the woman of warframe so wild hot meg and Rebecca like wowwwwwww
Dendé Hehr
Dendé Hehr Před dnem
German Her
German Her Před 3 dny
Swagnik Roychoudhury
_"Khora has a spot up there for a lot of reasons"_ I'm pretty sure there's only one
ManicDee Před 2 dny
whip cracking intensifies?
Akuti Před 4 dny
Gross that space mom sold herself to tencent.
DragonKing8081 Před 4 dny
Wtf how is cross save not a thing yet
HootOwlMe Před 5 dny
I don’t think we’re gonna get the Duviri Paradox
Franz Bumanglag
Franz Bumanglag Před 5 dny
...oh a certain group of people know why Protea's your favorite, Reb. The Jojo fan in you screams so much why you love her.
rubencontentshop Před 5 dny
Hey DE when is the war going to come out
Jennifer Beck
Jennifer Beck Před 5 dny
Doesnt spoil the sacrifice. Shows the Lotus carrying the tenno. So do you want to spoil or not Rebbeca?!
AClockHead103 Před 5 dny
(This is an ad)
Love VS Fear
Love VS Fear Před 6 dny
Were always updating 🤣
Liberty Před 6 dny
Couldn't answer most of the questions. Cool.......
Mats Debar
Mats Debar Před 6 dny
Ninja Dw
Ninja Dw Před 6 dny
Mom is getting old...
RaE EEE Před 6 dny
conclave bottom text
Hizkia Jeremmy
Hizkia Jeremmy Před 6 dny
Rebb : Sevagoth. Beside having the best name in the history of warframe names" Bopp Bipp
Abel freeman
Abel freeman Před 6 dny
Her face is so animated it's fantastic
Simon M.
Simon M. Před 7 dny
Those spoilers are REAAAALLLY bad
Greeleypeople Před 7 dny
Ya know with these questions that are answered in the game itself but the community doesn't know a damn thing about lore cause DE hasn't done anything about it or anything about it to make it easier to get into. Also these questions are dumb as hell. We need questions on why tf is their game has yet to evolve?
MaJestiC Před 7 dny
Finally, Rebbs pronounced Gauss the right Way. Oh, and whoever edited this video spoiled Warframe...
brianbp4f Před 7 dny
Nezha? Nezha is a t-[access to ingame chat suspended]
MátÉ SzIkSzAi
MátÉ SzIkSzAi Před 7 dny
No downtime so far ive experienced, but host migration is a major cause of host migraine
The Bullied Bully
The Bullied Bully Před 8 dny
Blackfish Před 8 dny
Where is the "2020 Year In Review" page, does anyone know? It seems really elusive, no trace of it on Google or the Warframe website.
So Clem...
THESNAKE Před 8 dny
I am confused as to why the Ratio on this Video is decent but the top comments are about the video Kinda spoiling after Reb said not to spoil
Potat LeBacon
Potat LeBacon Před 9 dny
I love Rebecca, such a fan of her I am indeed. I just continue playing it to support her, if she leaves DE I guess no more Warframe for me.
מתן רוזנברג
we want cross platform .
Nasir Colon
Nasir Colon Před 9 dny
" wisp is cute " shes a little confused but shes got the spirit
Carlos M. Lopez II
Carlos M. Lopez II Před 10 dny
answer to all questions is "play the game its a spoiler"
kyleeuin Před 10 dny
I want Clem walking around my Orbitor!!!
Alexys Sonerset
Alexys Sonerset Před 10 dny
Cinder TheDemonKing
Cinder TheDemonKing Před 10 dny
Forget kuva lich crewmates We want clem
ardekakka Před 10 dny
clem as railjack crew member now
Rhino Prime
Rhino Prime Před 10 dny
When will I get an armor upgrade? I'm suppose to be a tank
SatanicCereal Před 10 dny
Wtf is that lotus scene with your operator(s) I've completed every quest... WHERE is it?
Crimson Navy
Crimson Navy Před 10 dny
@SatanicCereal Yeah, you get Shedu from the quest. Shedu = Paracesis if Erra = Chimera Prologue. That one and the cutscene during scarlet spear are all under the same quest section in the codex, you don't need to trigger it now to start it, it's just available.
SatanicCereal Před 10 dny
@Crimson Navy on the sentient ships? The ones at the end? Oh, I never brought paracesis along, thought they were only good for Shedu, if that's what you're talking about
Crimson Navy
Crimson Navy Před 10 dny
Erra, the quest not the character. You used to have to break the crystal in the Murex in Veil Proxima missions to activate it, but its available through the codex now.
Ant P
Ant P Před 10 dny
Honestly I just want to ride i Horse in warframe
Obi Canoli
Obi Canoli Před 11 dny
gimmie Sevagoth mom
SusurraSpellshield Před 11 dny
Reb not naming Nyx as one of her favorite frames is difficult to hear.
Camo Moose
Camo Moose Před 11 dny
Why's grendel frail like glass and gauss a tank? We'll never know.
Michael Muller
Michael Muller Před 12 dny
why doesn't wukong's clone ever get a score count? it's an ability like ever other warframe but his clone doesn't get a score count.
Crimson Navy
Crimson Navy Před 10 dny
Do you mean kills? If you're host I believe he does. He's probably counted as a specter and has weird interactions with the kill count based on whether you're host or not.
Robert G
Robert G Před 12 dny
i like her more since i know she is space mom.
He11mo Před 12 dny
all hail space mom
SuperGreenqueen Před 12 dny
The Mother of Space, splendorous, beautiful :)
Furebel Před 12 dny
"A warframe that has lots and lots of damage" Shows a frame that is a tank and only a tank...
Furebel Před 12 dny
STR8L8CED Před 12 dny
Are Warframe servers down? Naw fam, they just use the shitty p2p system. Famous for host migrations. Ok, back to Outriders. :)
Earth Terra
Earth Terra Před 12 dny
I got a stupid question Is the desert skate is a life form that 100% native to mars or its an uh... Earth life form that was placed on Mars I started a few days ago and the game is Amazing.
Ian Lins
Ian Lins Před 13 dny
11:33 ...the digsite
XxDaRealProGammerxX jones
Hehe wisp ye it's not because she cute or powerful bois we all know the reason
Muhaimenul Sascho
Muhaimenul Sascho Před 13 dny
Am i the only one who has a crush on rebb?
daniel raj
daniel raj Před 13 dny
Its annoying when she reads out a question then throws back with a general question "play the game to know". Either put a spoiler tag in the beginning and answer questions or better avoid the question entirely. 🤦🏾‍♂️
Elec Před 14 dny
Rebecca trying to not do spoilers and GameSpot showing them anyway lol
boof Před 14 dny
But why isnt there cross play or cross save?
DemonTempest Před 14 dny
titania is the fastes
boof Před 14 dny
@DemonTempest how
DemonTempest Před 14 dny
@boof who is the fastest Warframe its Titania With her augment
boof Před 14 dny
What do you mean?
billy vs gameing
billy vs gameing Před 14 dny
The best question it when will nyx will get a rework
loot and bones
loot and bones Před 14 dny
when baro prime?
Frost Před 14 dny
Yeah we totally love wisp because she’s great and super cute 😅👀🍑
Kafka Před 14 dny
And that's why you do your homework to PREVENT SPOILERS before putting out a video....gamespot you grinner.
Azuris Gaming
Azuris Gaming Před 14 dny
1:43 Rebecca: happy crying 😊 The Lotus: happy hunting 😊
Motsu Před 14 dny
Wisp farts in bigbutt void power
Marcos Před 14 dny
"wisp is super cute" i wouldn't call it cute, but sure, she's great specially with the alt helmet for a better view
Alex_2004 Před 15 dny
8:34 when i explain my friends what warframe is about like... SO RELATABLE 😂😂😂
Tigerspaz Před 15 dny
Thanks Rebecca! Loved the video. Btw Clem is my favorite character. Im going to name my next pet Clem.
Benjamin Myburgh
Benjamin Myburgh Před 15 dny
Hang on, when can i make Clem a railjack crewmate??
canadian Před 15 dny
yeah can i add a question? why is this game SO freakin hard to understand and so full of p2w shit?
boof Před 14 dny
They dont dumb down the game
Necromancer Před 15 dny
I have one question why DE KILL THIS GAME? U now why veterans stop play this game
Jdemonify Před 15 dny
warframe what to get? i always say Wisp. bc she is No.1 in everything. If anyone starts warframe or thinkin what to get. pls get wisp.
unknown Před 15 dny
Inaros immortal frame
unknown Před 15 dny
Why everyone want to kill lotus ?
uriel Alexander
uriel Alexander Před 14 dny
Continue the history
White Forest
White Forest Před 15 dny
Very sad cause we are going to have Sevagoth Prime Only 2025 ;-; (maybe 2026)
lord ice king
lord ice king Před 16 dny
When you making more umbral frames
Volker Před 16 dny
I'm pretty annoyed that I haven't been able to play the game for years since switching platforms. But, It's hard to stay mad at Rebecca.
Brandon Kaawaloa
Brandon Kaawaloa Před 16 dny
Kill lotus
DisTra Před 16 dny
How many losers are playing Warframe?
Burak Před 16 dny
anyone asking those questions likely wants to be spoiled and wants to know the answers rather than "ThAtS a SpOiLeR" so on average the title should be "13.5 warframe questions answered with Rebecca Ford"
How Před 16 dny
9:10 The absolute state of this game is why a ton of us dont want to touch Warframe and have moved on, and ive played for years so i know my stuff
Aaron Poole
Aaron Poole Před 13 dny
Good for you. I'm sure your opinion is representative of most players...
Sunshine Via Pocket
Sunshine Via Pocket Před 16 dny
I'd really prefer it DE stops going the Bethesda route of showing trailers before they've made a single thing. Too many times have we waited for an update that didn't come out for years.
Saphina Darkness
Saphina Darkness Před 13 dny
that has been DE since the start. They didnt fail a promise ever, but instead made it happen years after it.
Gemini Před 16 dny
Aifinka Před 16 dny
Titania is faster than gaus 😉
Aifinka Před 14 dny
@boof her augment (4) that gives you 350% speed.....
boof Před 14 dny
Neptune Direct
Neptune Direct Před 16 dny
Rebecca....stoppit. YOU ARE SPACE MOM
TheTundraTerror Před 16 dny
10:02 - Translation: We got fucking nothing.
Pi Před 7 dny
Rayder Rich
Rayder Rich Před 16 dny
Wow I was away for 2 years and hardly recognised Rebecca anymore! Nice Q&A though! Thanks for the spoilers, saves me some time.
SilverXD Před 16 dny
1:24 are warframes human? Quick spoiler: yes now go and play the game and find the context about it yourself :)
João Bertoncini
João Bertoncini Před 16 dny
Sorrym but what I take from those answers is that Rebb and the community team have no idea on "HOW TO HUMAN". Human behavior is a mystery for them, and they don't know how to relate or entice players.
SinisterSoul Před 16 dny
Hey kiddo
Sabri sabri
Sabri sabri Před 17 dny
Rebecca one question when you are playing on a console and you want play with your friend warframe and hè is playing on a other console why can you not play with him
Clay Octane
Clay Octane Před 17 dny
Ooooh interesting.. So there's only one man in the wall. I thought anyone who spent time in the void had their own man in the wall
SusurraSpellshield Před 11 dny
Every one has their own.
Peter Fox
Peter Fox Před 17 dny
"Clem ... Clem ..." It had to be said!
P3ppermints Před 17 dny
The questions people where really asking was “when is call of the tempistari coming out”
Firstnam Lastnameson
This month, hopefully. Corpus railjack was pretty fast so maybe no pushbacks but idk
T-Boy Crypto on Games
warframes are composed of binary codes
Ernest Gil
Ernest Gil Před 17 dny
Desperate to stay relevant huh DE?
Guy from the Internet
Baro when
Zxxz0m8iexxZ Před 17 dny
Rhino,damage AHAHAHA 🤡🤣🤣🤣
Carti Před 17 dny
Bruh my account is banned till 2035😐
KoronX Před 18 dny
Clem is a Chad
Nyanko Sensei
Nyanko Sensei Před 18 dny
For those asking for cross progression well too bad because In order for cross progression to work DE needs to stop being lazy and do day 1 updates on all platforms not just PC they can clearly do it but they chose not to? which honestly is just laziness at this point imo its 2021 and they still don't want to do it? YIKES, otherwise cross save will not work. It doesn't make sense if you're on pc with updated items then you wanna play on Ps5/Xboxsx or back in forth, they want to do be able to do a cross progression like how Destiny do it but they can't even do day 1 updates on all platforms lol OK.
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