7 Things We Want In Starfield 

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We don't know much about Bethesda Game Studios' next game, but it sounds ambitious. Here are seven things we want to see in Starfield.


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3. 04. 2021





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Bryan Avila
Bryan Avila Před dnem
Exclusive Xbox?
just another account
Fast travel? When you have a spaceship? wtf is wrong with you. unless you mean something like light speed (Manual light speed), not just teleport to some planet on a 3d map or something
SDS Overfiend
SDS Overfiend Před 4 dny
Making a list and don’t even know what the fucking game is about 😂
Quasar Před 5 dny
Number 8 : VR support
Bima Adi Nugroho Sylirian
I want it to be released!
Marcos Davi
Marcos Davi Před 6 dny
make a video like this with Beyond Good and evil please, n we've been waiting for so long
C J Před 6 dny
Everyone needs to stop wanting this to be NMS, that game is only good in that game. If you want this to be that go play that get your stupid ideas out of Bethesda games.
VanAllen garage.
VanAllen garage. Před 7 dny
I want at least 4 to 5 payable alien races!
Anthony Před 8 dny
PLEASE COME OUT WITH A NEW VERSION OF SKYRIM PLEASE !!!! All about money now. All great empires fall
SmoothSeeker Před 8 dny
Multible Races with diffrent pros and cons. For instants you could play a Robotic race of ai that rose from worker bots, to independent civilians. For example playing as a robot could give advantages like not needing air food or water As for cons it could be negative views from other races, slower or diffrent healing, limited armor to put on.
José Martins
José Martins Před 9 dny
Single payer? Is already a dead game.
Dremmy Před 9 dny
I swear it sounded like you said God Howard somewhere in this.
Excessive Rulez
Excessive Rulez Před 9 dny
GameSpot: The team that brought you Skyrim Fallout 3, NV, and 4: am I a joke to you
chumguy Před 6 dny
They only did asset work and engine work on NV, obsidian wrote and built the game.
Mrdresden Před 9 dny
Nothing that Todd Howard says can be trusted anymore to have any basis in reality. I'll simply wait and see what this game will be and how good its weldings are when it comes out and people start playing it. And for the love of all that is good in the world, STOP PREORDERING GAMES PEOPLE! Don't reward a company that has time and time again lied and swindled their customers.
Kelly Perrin
Kelly Perrin Před 9 dny
I want the option to build my own ship, from resources I've collected....ingame. From the hull up.
Kelly Perrin
Kelly Perrin Před 9 dny
A true first person RPG with building and full customization options.
Soul Smith
Soul Smith Před 9 dny
"Godd Howard" just earned you a subscriber. I believe the character creation, progression, combat and VATS we have in Fallout 4 is the best we've had in the first-person Fallout franchise. I feel the studio has been interweaving the first person perspective with RPG elements since the beginning and I can't wait to see how they're next project iterates on the wonderful projects I've enjoyed thus far.
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown Před 10 dny
few people mention this but, you can NOT have an epic game without an epic sound track! It should be long and timeless.
XaKeR Před 11 dny
It just works
Luis Před 11 dny
A Star Citizen correctly developed👃👃
Adam Pyers
Adam Pyers Před 11 dny
Please no parrying and what not. It makes it more combat focused rather than story focused.
chumguy Před 6 dny
Well, no, but also bethesda games have never been about the story? If you want that play witcher or something.
SoleSoul Před 12 dny
I used to be a shadow trooper, until I took a zap to the knee
Tracey Jacobsen
Tracey Jacobsen Před 13 dny
Wait... i thought todd no longer owns bethesda? Why are you begging the guy who no longer owns the company!? Im confused >-
T.T Před 8 dny
he never owned Bethesda. he is only the game director at Bethesda game studios and still is
Crow Před 12 dny
Todd has never owned Bethesda, he just designs the games and occasionally writes plot.
AP13P Před 13 dny
He is still Bethesda's daddy.
Madolite Před 13 dny
I think we'll not only have a Spaceship, but also a Spaceship that you build and modify yourself, with crew and more that might looks something like a mix between the settlement system in Fallout 4 and the building system in Space Engineers. I also think the guns in this game will be more moddable than in Fallout 4, allowing us to build a gun from scratch (as opposed to just modding a weapon that we find in the world). Fast Travel in this game might be a matter of space-jumping your ship.
Keelan from nodge gc wow this
TES5 Skyrim: Skyrim edition
Brett Dudenhoeffer
Brett Dudenhoeffer Před 13 dny
A decent 3rd person mode so I can actually see my character please
Don Wright
Don Wright Před 14 dny
The only thing I want from Starfield is to find out that it's a codename for Fallout 5!!!
JD Před 14 dny
OutField StarsWild
Mortum Rex
Mortum Rex Před 14 dny
Don't hype yourselves. Trust me.
Abdel114 Před 14 dny
I don’t care what it will be, I just need it at the end of this year. If it launches next year I will lose hope in it
Abdel114 Před 9 dny
@Jack M I think it will launch this year cause Bethesda pulled this trick a lot of times before. Fallout 4 announcement E3 2015, launched november 2015. Fallout 76 announcement E3 2018, lunched november 2018. Skyrim announcement 2011, launched november 2011!
Jack M
Jack M Před 9 dny
Dude, I want it this year too but its unrealistic. Who's to say that 2022 wasn't their initial aim and covid fucked it up and won't be till 2023? We literally have nothing concrete to go by release date wise, so it could easily be 2022.
Tracey Jacobsen
Tracey Jacobsen Před 13 dny
Day 2, hows your sanity going?
The Grey Crusader
The Grey Crusader Před 15 dny
An ACTUAL RPG with a GOOD story NOT written by Emil Pagliarulo.
Felipe Salles
Felipe Salles Před 15 dny
bethesda's combat systems, be it melee or with guns, lacks weight and impact, but I think the greatest improvement to combat moves and dodge system will come with TES VI. The greatest improvement with Starfield will probably be the new engine that supports vehicles
Mr. Kittens
Mr. Kittens Před 15 dny
I want a complex relationship system
Clovhis Před 15 dny
The problem with Bethesda is the engine. They are recycling the same Morrowind engine since 2002 for every game: Oblivion, Fallout 3, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Fallout 76...
chumguy Před 6 dny
RDR2 runs on the same engine as GTA 3, Modern Warfare 2019 runs on the same engine as the 2007 original, literally every game uses an updated version of an old engine. They just haven't updated it since skyrim, and majorly since oblivion.
Daniel Frank
Daniel Frank Před 10 dny
I think it’s just Bethesda being lazy. GTA also uses a very old engine, but they improve and modify it heavily.
Rickardus Před 15 dny
Well I thought this video would offer more comprehensive ideas such as opinions on space settings, dynamic quest lines like the cut Skyrim Civil war quests or survival features. But instead we got what every other noob twelvie complains about on BGS twitter threads without really understanding or offerring any genuine input as to how to fix an issue or what the core of the problem is. Like "fix bugs" (yeah that never occured to anyone), "new engine"(this one always makes me lol) or "make AI better" (without understanding why BGS radiant AI is both one of its best designs and weakest implementations.). Or "change the combat system to one that I prefer even if the concepts I like are incompatible", and "Change your RPG style to one that conforms to my interpretation of 'real RPGs'".
Mega_Crysis_Cmg1 aka Chris
No voice protagonist please
Martin Griffin
Martin Griffin Před 15 dny
Who cares what you want? You'll get what you are given and you'll be happy about it.
soo James
soo James Před 15 dny
Another Planet needs our help. I'll Mark it on your map.
Lord Sorrow
Lord Sorrow Před 10 dny
...aaaannd I just canceled my preorder, thanks
b o m i c b o n
b o m i c b o n Před 15 dny
Fallout is crap !
Mortally Challenged
Mortally Challenged Před 15 dny
Modding is important to me. Single player mode and then stuff from loverslab on it.
Ayaz k
Ayaz k Před 15 dny
I hope is not always online like Fallout 76
Ayaz k
Ayaz k Před 13 dny
@AP13P I skipped little bit😁
AP13P Před 13 dny
Watch the video lol.
Jordan Matthews
Jordan Matthews Před 15 dny
"It just works."
Randall King
Randall King Před 16 dny
You did terrible
William Esping
William Esping Před 16 dny
I'd like to see an overhaul to the settlement system in fallout 4 be made here. With new worlds it seems ripe for a similar settlement system, but on planets. So an overhauled version that allows for both passive and active involvement in the settlement process. One thing that modders didn't delivery was a democracy or other governmental mod. I'd like to see something like it set up in the new starfield game.
William Esping
William Esping Před 11 dny
@CheekyKnob yeah though to some extent I liked the more hands on building mode. Which is why I put in the above comment that it should feature both systems. The more passive system of sim city and the more active system like in Fallout 4. Though one thing that needs fixing is the AI pathing for settlements. I would construct apartment buildings and the AI would not know how to react to how the structure was built.
CheekyKnob Před 11 dny
If they use settlements then I hope they make it like the "Sim Settlement" mod where all you have to do is place down plots and the settlers build their homes, farms, and businesses so it won't be us constantly checking up on everything in person and all you have to do is just upgrade, like a mayor sort of.
Twisted Transistor
Twisted Transistor Před 16 dny
I expect to see a whole bunch of glitches and bugs at launch 🤩
Aaron Před 13 dny
16 times the glitches and bugs
Sean Remington
Sean Remington Před 16 dny
What we want: Better everything
TheSilentTiger Před 16 dny
I hope Starfield is nothing like Fallout or Outer Worlds. I hope it's more modern in every single way and I hope it has it's own identity so we don't call it a space Fallout game. Outer World was not that great and to see Starfield just be more of the same, I'd be very disappointed because with next gen gaming here we expect games to make advances and sadly Fallout games really didn't do that at all last gen.
silver cock
silver cock Před 16 dny
Understandable, but not relatable.
James Rucker
James Rucker Před 16 dny
Why are you speaking for what WE want? They can make it however they want, they are smarter than you. They make complicating products for us and you just make a video of it and tell us
James G
James G Před 16 dny
I want them to take their time with this.. Don't even show us gameplay until it's ready we don't want another Cyberpunk situation. There is currently no expectation at the moment which is good.
Reshy Poo
Reshy Poo Před 16 dny
Please don't make the main story the be-all end-all of the game, like it is in cyberpunk.
Erik Silva
Erik Silva Před 16 dny
It “COULD” be revealed later this year.... ya.. right....
Starwarsguy19 Před 14 dny
It most likely will be.
Evrim Doyranlı
Evrim Doyranlı Před 16 dny
Big expectations brings big disappoinments
Grasslmeier Před 16 dny
Number 1: The release of Starfield, so we can finally get another Elder Scrolls game from the devs that matter.
MrLaafish Před 16 dny
Wouldn't it be funny if they actually tried something different and everyone will be disappointed because they wanted Elder Scrolls/Fallout in space. Like perhaps the reason they went for a new IP is to break away from the Elder Scrolls/Fallout formula
YUU Před 16 dny
8. Realese it when it's ready!!!
Bevan McNicholl
Bevan McNicholl Před 16 dny
What a dumb video. WE DON"T KNOW WHAT STARFIELD IS. ITs a new ip, we don't know what we want. Fuck off Gamespot.
Iane Green
Iane Green Před 16 dny
What do you mean you don't want to say anything Todd?. I'll give you my money if you tell me everything.
Ali Gillani
Ali Gillani Před 16 dny
I absolutely loved Outer worlds and I will be comparing Starfield with Outer worlds when it comes out.
52 Před 16 dny
Todd will makes sure none of this happens don't worry
Aaron Před 13 dny
It just works
Brukujin Brokujin
Brukujin Brokujin Před 16 dny
Cmon guys. Dont make it too complicated. We just want a fully modable game with newer engine.
Rzzle Dz
Rzzle Dz Před 16 dny
Not on PS5 LOL
MasterMatt72 Před 16 dny
Also badass storyline. Needs to be long, impactful, and fun!
MJ Guinto
MJ Guinto Před 16 dny
"No more bugs..." That is asking too much.
Yellow Flash
Yellow Flash Před 12 dny
Maybe find a Planet filled with Actual Alien Bugs and a Tape/ Recording talking about how the People were able to trap the Bugs on that planet preventing them from reaching all the other planets and parts of space
Tracey Jacobsen
Tracey Jacobsen Před 13 dny
If bugs go out the window then we better get the references to the bugs for old times sake
Super Mindillusion
Super Mindillusion Před 16 dny
utgarda loki
utgarda loki Před 16 dny
Better quests similar to ac Valhalla
Mahbu Před 16 dny
One thing I DO NOT WANT is having to repair equipment. Skyrim and Fallout did right by abandoning this mechanic. It was put into the Outer Worlds and my opinion is it can go right the fuck back out. I like crafting shit. I don't like having to sit there repairing armor and weapons. What I DO WANT is the ability to customize everything. Just everything. Fallout 4 was a step in the right direction but didn't go far enough. I want to be able to build towns, I want to build bases, I wanna build my damn ship and customize it.
community_elbow Před 16 dny
I just hope theres no voice actor for the main character, never really liked it in rpg games where you create your own character
Tronam Před 17 dny
I’m keeping my expectations in check when it comes Starfield since we still know almost nothing about it. I don’t want to see another CP2077 situation where their ambition exceeds their grasp. When it comes to exploration maybe they’ll be able to find a sweet spot between procedural and handcrafted worlds to help avoid the repetitive sameness of Daggerfall. They have hinted at a more “realistic” science fiction which doesn’t trivialize the dangers of space, so maybe the main focus won’t even be planetary. As a huge sci-fi fan I’d be fine with exploring huge torus space station habitats or if there are planets maybe we’d be able to visit a wide variety of habitable biomes dotting the landscape separated by toxic, hostile environments requiring space suits to survive. These biomes could be a little bit like Fallout vaults with their own internal politics and micro-cultures. Many possibilities, but there are also practical limitations every studio has to grapple with, so I'm just going to maintain an open mind and hope for the best.
Tronam Před 13 dny
@AP13P Yeah, it’s smart to keep things under wrap until the game is almost complete. It should help keep the hype from getting out of control to unrealistic levels.
AP13P Před 13 dny
CP2077 had hype building for 7 years, Starfield teaser came out 3 years ago and got overshadowed by TES6 teaser.
Jacob Paesch
Jacob Paesch Před 17 dny
Cyberpunk 2.0
willthevill Před 17 dny
1. The game to exist
Rich Giddings
Rich Giddings Před 17 dny
I would like to see at least a 4 player co-op that won't change the story. Kind of like Diablo 2 same story and outcome no matter the character.
Cosmic Wildfire
Cosmic Wildfire Před 17 dny
#1 thing I want from Starfield: be on PS5 (don't make me cry Todd)
silver cock
silver cock Před 16 dny
but es6 fallout 5 and indiana jones will be pc/xbox exclusive
silver cock
silver cock Před 16 dny
nah starfield will be in ps5
-1nterruption -
-1nterruption - Před 16 dny
Nope. Exclusive to Xbox/PC. Not Todd's decision anyway since it's Phil that's in charge
steven the viking
steven the viking Před 16 dny
are you 5
Carlito Sur
Carlito Sur Před 17 dny
Yall know that dude once said*16 times the detail*And all the fan boys was singing that lame song right...
AlreadyBorn Před 17 dny
I hope you wont be someone who is going to save the universe or a chosen one destined for god know what ... just a normal dude who can be involved in the events as it unfold and have the liberty to decide the degree of such involvement. an economy system such as universal currency and local one as there will be different civilizations hopefully and different mega cities. Strong mining system and complete freedom to build/customize your own ship or buy/steal one.
Joe Jones
Joe Jones Před 17 dny
What we want and what we get are completely different things. Why even bother with this video?
E V Před 17 dny
Don’t forget major micro transactions. 😂
AP13P Před 13 dny
*Creation Club
Devicraft Před 17 dny
I really hope they take as much time as possible on this game to make it great and not be another cyberpunk situation
decstar 100
decstar 100 Před 17 dny
This better be on ps5
PunkSxE Před 15 dny
I've got some bad news for you pal
Rzzle Dz
Rzzle Dz Před 16 dny
No, why would it be? MS doesn't need to help out Sony
Arie seventline
Arie seventline Před 17 dny
To much hope for game that only have a logo, better not set your hype to high
Matthew Dunnachie
Matthew Dunnachie Před 17 dny
I really think that a lot of the popular opinions about Bethesda are very overblown and overly focused on the wrong things. For starters a lot of games launch with bugs, but personally I almost never see bugs in Skyrim or Fallout 4. By comparison Fallout: NV is way way worse. In terms of how melee feels in Bethesda games, again Skyrim and Fallout 4 feel fine to me. And guns in general are excellent in Fallout 4. Especially if you use VATS. There is a ton of different AI behaviour, different weak points, and the Special/Perk system does a great job of letting you decide how to play. In terms of player character I think it's always a mistake to go down the middle. Either go with a specific character like Gelalt in The Witcher or a blank slate like the courier in NV. Fallout 4 is in a weird middle ground where you can name your character, set their appearance and their skills. But then you have a specific job, family, and lifestyle at the start of the game. It's just weird that you can play as a soldier with 1 endurance or a lawyer with 1 Intelligence and 1 charisma. And that no matter what dialogue options you pick you pretty much always exhibit the same personality.
Jesse Boland
Jesse Boland Před 17 dny
I want to walk out into the world in a blinding light. with a hand in front of my eyes.
Bagus Triputra
Bagus Triputra Před 17 dny
Hope the game more than just work
Larry Mays
Larry Mays Před 17 dny
Faction warfare please
George Krack III
George Krack III Před 17 dny
Wait...........”It just works”.
Ak47 Před 17 dny
Let side stories have soul and purpose behind them not just another chore fest
Matthew Workplace
Matthew Workplace Před 14 dny
CJ Před 17 dny
That final bug that was shown in Skyrim was a poor example considering I've only seen it occur when mods have installed or when I failed to remove the mods correctly and there was altered files. Could've shown the flying mammoths, that's always a funny bug.
Crow Před 12 dny
Or the thief who falls into the wall at the thalmor embassy. That's a classic
AP13P Před 13 dny
Or the og dragons who were flying backwards!
Hey Sis
Hey Sis Před 17 dny
i'm really hoping they improve the companion system and the personalities of said companions
Tracey Jacobsen
Tracey Jacobsen Před 13 dny
Same hear Fallout 4 was heading that way but... ya
Skeletal gaming
Skeletal gaming Před 13 dny
@Hey Sis So basically what you're saying is you want the New Vegas style of companions (quality over quantity), but in space. I agree
Hey Sis
Hey Sis Před 15 dny
@bobswolfie2001 yes exactly! i also want them to have their own storylines so we can choose if we would work with them or not
bobswolfie2001 Před 17 dny
Agreed. One of the most important parts for me. After all, why have companions if they act like brick walls. Also, I hope they can interact with the story, and the choices you can make.
DecalMan Před 17 dny
1000000x the detail.
PunkRockZombie205 Před 17 dny
Let's be honest, the #1 thing we want is a release date so we can start getting info on the next project, ES6
AP13P Před 13 dny
If you look around carefully, we have quite a bit info about TES 6, for example that it will very likely take place in Hammerfell. It's the god damn wait time that gets me.
PertinaciousGeek Před 17 dny
This is how we end up with shitty series and video games. The whole "we want this, we want that!' Just let them make their damn game
Rob F
Rob F Před 17 dny
All I want is for Starfield not to have progress or game breaking bugs like almost ever other Bethesda title l’ve purchased.
X-IEI-X Před 16 dny
Doom eternal : did you say bugs Some epic soundtrack play
DUBDUB511 Před 18 dny
Oh god pleaaaaaaseeee todd we want all of this
willlasdf123 Před 18 dny
But will it JUST WORK?!
Choda Boy
Choda Boy Před 18 dny
Todd Howard and Pete Hines are professional liars. I will NEVER trust or believe anything they say ever again.
Screee -
Screee - Před 17 dny
Todd didn’t lie when he called people degenerates. Or when Skyrim was good enough to be added to a fridge.
Peyman Adab
Peyman Adab Před 18 dny
I wish it will become so great that make me to buy xbox.
Star Smoth
Star Smoth Před 18 dny
Personally I have no problems with Bethesda’s current creation engine I actually think it gives the games more personality but I can also see why people want change
X-IEI-X Před 16 dny
It's not the engine problem it's how much people working on the engine itself
Deric Torres
Deric Torres Před 18 dny
I'm pretty sure I don't want microtransactions.
Mark Lumsley
Mark Lumsley Před 18 dny
Bethesda has their work cut out for them if they plan on amounting to the level of gameplay flexibility that games like Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous offer.
Lord Sorrow
Lord Sorrow Před 10 dny
I'm hoping there is ship stuff but I'm hoping there is a lot of boots on the ground action whether that be boarding ships or exploring a planet. It doesnt need to try to match Star Citizen cause we know that's a tall order. But they got the numbers and resources to maybe get close.
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