Apparently, I'm An Xbox Bro Now 

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The Xbox's identity has come a long way over the years, from being the system Kurt Indovina had zero interest in, to his console of choice... but how did this happen?


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5. 04. 2021





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Dean7779x Před dnem
mom bought me an original Xbox for Xmas in 2001 with Halo and NFL Fever 2002, and I've never looked back since.... Xbox 360 came out and it was the first time in my life I got competitive with Halo 3,Gears, COD4 MW, and MW2... tried playing MW with my friend on his PS3 and it did not feel the same the controller was just not it, and I think a big part of why I stuck with Xbox was the superior Xbox Live service, and the ergonomically friendly controllers (for FPS). Spent years without playing VG's only bought an Xbox One S last year, and now recently a Series S I game casually which makes Gamepass the best deal for me, the fact that I can play all these games I've missed out on is the real treat for me.
george dimitris
george dimitris Před 2 dny
And you should stay if you're smart and don't want to pay 70 euro for ps5 "exclusive games" that come to pc after
Erick Guzman
Erick Guzman Před 3 dny
I just bought my first Xbox ever, an Series S to be more specific. Why?, Because during the last two years sony has disappointed me really bad by making videogames (like GOW) feel more like slow interactive movie, then the launch of the ps5 was the final nail in the coffin. While all of these things happen I started to use game pass on my PC and that feature sold me, and now is more important see since I rather pay for a subscription to play games than not being able to play the games that I paid 60 dollars each time.
Pedro Martínez
Pedro Martínez Před 3 dny
I have never heard that Xbox was a “bro console” or just the “bro culture” term
Carl F
Carl F Před 4 dny
Another point, all the old Xbox bro culture moved to Playstation last gen.
3 Mile Island
3 Mile Island Před 4 dny
What you are bro, is bought and paid for. Microsoft cheques for EVERYONE!!
Orlando Colom
Orlando Colom Před 5 dny
I'm just going to have to agree with you, same thing happened to me...
John McEwan
John McEwan Před 5 dny
Fully understandable! I traded in my PS4 towards my Series X and certainly don't regret it. The whole ecosystem of Xbox is brilliant, and Game Pass is phenomenal value! I've only paid for one game (Cyberpunk 2077 🤣) in my time of owing my Series X, yet I've paid uncountable great games!
Jacob Welch
Jacob Welch Před 7 dny
I was a lot alike this.. I skipped the first Xbox minus playing halo with a buddy.. Xbox 360 I was there long enough to play mass effect and when ps3 got it I left again. Didn’t even look at the one... then... I bought an Xbox series S and honestly Xbox is my new home. Gamepass is a top app for me. I still have my ps4 but yeah I’ve moved lol.
DANonPC Před 7 dny
Kurt Indovina, if you really wan't to be progressive you should resign and ask Gamespot to hire a Woman of Color in your place :)
Hjalle Byss
Hjalle Byss Před 7 dny
I proudly carry the titel of Xbox bro! Always been one! All green bro! 💚
Erik Hoffman
Erik Hoffman Před 7 dny
Xbox is just a better investment rn
mravg79 Před 7 dny
I never care about hardware - it happens that past two generations I had PS3, base PS4 and a laptop with gtx970m. I was one laughing at a fail launch of Xbox One - not because I wanted them to fail. But because how bad it was! Don Mattrick managed to run the brand to the ground. Phil Spencer did a lot to rebuild it. And he started on something that can be described as demolition site. So I like PS and its exclusive games. But throughout the generation it seems like PS was offering me less and less, hell I had better time gaming on a laptop with no forced payment for online, and really cheap games. This is when I started using Xbox Game Pass PC beta. And I was also looking at what Phil did with the Xbox brand. 3 months ago I got XSX + XGP. I really like it, I still play on my laptop from time to time (a had a lot of games I bought on sales), I still have couple of titles to play on PS4. But one is certain the current MS offering I personally find as a good value for money. have a nice time gaming!
leeisonfire Před 8 dny
Fanboys need to be put on short buses to the shill camps.
Javier Bastardo
Javier Bastardo Před 8 dny
Great piece! Yeah I think I can fall into this too, my childhood and teen years were mostly dominated by gaming on my PS1 and PS2 and I have many fond memories of them. For money reason I cold not buy the PS3, I bought a Wii eventually and basically missed two whole generations of consoles. Flash-forward to this day, while sporadically playing something on my laptop in the meantime, what really got me back into gaming was Xbox Game Pass and Google Stadia, both offer me rather quick access to a variety of games and I surely wouldn't have tried if not and I've been gaming more than in the past 10 years of my life. After all this time, I plan on buying a console, an Xbox Series S, since I know I'll get the most out of it, and I'll keep getting some games on Stadia.
Dirty tamato
Dirty tamato Před 8 dny
Welcome bro
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 8 dny
thanks bro
Mohamed Sankoumba Fadiga
From day one i´ve been a fan of Xbox and PS. But! Xbox won on me and it didn´t start on this generation.
Mike Miles
Mike Miles Před 8 dny
I own a PS5, series X, and a switch. The only console i play on is my series X with gamepass ultimate. The Dualsense controller is cool, but the series X controller wins by comfort and 40+ hours of battery life. I like the smaller size of the series X controller. And i hate the thumbsticks on the ps5 are in the middle of the controller. The thumbsticks on the Xbox controller feels so much better. Smart delivery, VRR, quick resume, 1440P, auto hdr, fps boost, bigger SSD, storrage upgrade posible. It is all missing on the ps5. If i have to choose between the 2, i Will sell my ps5 and keep my series X. Comming from a PS4 pro. Iam not a fanboy, i like Both systems. But the Series X wins this gen. If you have 500 spend it on the series X. Sorry for my english 😉 and with the newest upgrade we have Dolby vision gaming on the Series X 💪🏼
Geraldo nunez
Geraldo nunez Před 8 dny
I was also a Sony and Nintendo gamer but for many years, I always wanted to play gears of War. So glad I got a gaming laptop to playing Xbox exclusives games as well 🥰🥰🥰.
abi prayag
abi prayag Před 8 dny
Hell..you only, you’re revamping GameSpot..keep it going bro!!
Rocco Borghetti
Rocco Borghetti Před 8 dny
Been through hell and back with the Duke to the Core Controller. Xbox is life
Shane Před 8 dny
I've always played on all three major consoles. I played Nintendo and PlayStation for their exclusives and Xbox for third party and Xbox exclusives, limited as they may be. This last gen was all work to change the lack of games and build up Gamepass. I believe Xbox will bring the fight to Sony this time around. This will benefit us all, as Sony will right their issues and bring an incredible generation of gaming on the big three!
nanfoodles Před 9 dny
Nice things, defiantly nice things =-) Welcome to the Bro-dumb. I have been one since the first Xbox but this is the first year I didnt also buy an PS or a Nintendo as its side companion. With my many years of game pass and the free games it gave me every month and now what comes with game pass. I have 600+ games I get to pick from without spending any money if I dont wish too. I cant keep up with what I want to play, to justify a few exclusives on another console.
Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez Před 9 dny
I got my Xbox on June 2002 and I have never stop Xbox bro here
Max Před 9 dny
Game pass ultimate ❤❤
Nova Verse
Nova Verse Před 9 dny
You a Xbox bro?, you're just a little boy brah!..
Jermaine Stewart
Jermaine Stewart Před 9 dny
Xbox has transitioned from being console specific to hardcore gamers, to an ecosystem that invites all gamers. They also did it without disregarding the hardcore gamer. Right now there is a lot of hype surrounding the Xbox dispite stumbling out of the gate this gen. The May showcase of 2020 didn't go so well, and the July showcase didn't show much gameplay either. Halo Infinite failed to impress when it was shown, and got delayed for a year. They tried to raise the price of Xbox Live, and they didn't have any first party games on launch day. Hivebusters wasn't even shown and I'm sure it went under the radar for most gamers. It also didn't help that Cyberpunk, the game that should have distracted eveveryone, launched in such a sad state. We'll have to see what they can do with their games going forward. Sea of Thieves grew into a huge game, Gears and Forza are predictably, solid games, and Halo is trying to make a comeback. Most people are interested to see what the new studios put out. Minecraft is in a league of its own.
I liked 360 and Xbox one but not really liking the series x so far I’m still preferring PS4 & PS5.
Jorge Mix
Jorge Mix Před 9 dny
Love this video, well done 👍👍
Agumon5 Před 9 dny
I started becoming an Xbox guy around 2016. They started to turn the ship around, implemented backwards compatibility. While I haven't agreed with all of their decisions, I do think that they are more forward looking than Sony. I am concerned that they are going to go deeper into the microtransaction realm than Sony is willing to go though. Then again, with this new guy in charge of sony, you never know.
TheNiners6949 Před 9 dny
This guy seen the light
scaredypicker Před 10 dny
The key is not to be tied to one brand. I went Sony last gen, and Xbox this gen. I believe in Phil Spencer and his team
Efegaming1 Před 10 dny
Great video also highlighting the Xbox adaptive controller which is great
C Před 10 dny
Kate Bush and A-Ha? Nice.
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 10 dny
You’re now my friend for having picked those both out.
Quintin Greyling
Quintin Greyling Před 10 dny
I couldn't agree more with your comments. I always had both Sony and MS consoles from the first PS, but always levetated to the Sony console. This is the first time I actually don't care about the PS and constantly find myself on my XBOX
Brendon Marks
Brendon Marks Před 10 dny
I've turned to Xbox as well. Always was playstation & nintendo!
chrono050 Před 11 dny
xbox controller best controller hands down... PS has some cool features but i don't need my controller to talk or light up i just like how xbox controller fits my hands better
Martin T
Martin T Před 11 dny
I've been an Xbox gamer right through with a smattering of PS or Nintendo here and there and I've really watched Phil Spencer turn things around for the brand. Who knew having an actual gamer in a leadership role would yeald these results? I can see a definite shift in people choosing Xbox more and more recently
Charles M.
Charles M. Před 11 dny
I played all the consoles but with the sx I'm leaning more toward xbox.
Anthony Perez
Anthony Perez Před 11 dny
Bro, I'm an xbox bro because of you!!! 🤙much love from Hawaii.
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 11 dny
stephenk24 Před 11 dny
This Kurt guy seems cool. He’s like someone off The Verge, but he doesn’t work for The Verge.... huh...
C38P0 1996
C38P0 1996 Před 11 dny
That is a fat cat!!!
C38P0 1996
C38P0 1996 Před 11 dny
@Kurt Indovina that she is.
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 11 dny
She’s a big beautiful woman
Ramiro Deleon
Ramiro Deleon Před 11 dny
Add me on Xbox @ loco rammy
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 11 dny
Tortilla Před 12 dny
I haven’t heard a lot of people talking about PS5 at all. I always hear Xbox news weather it’s buying Bethesda or game pass or something
AbstraktJazz Před 12 dny
Same here. Playstation since PS1, Nintendo since NES. I went with Xbox this gen.
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 12 dny
I kind of love that after all this time, and having spent most of my life with the other consoles, that I'm getting a fresh start with Xbox. Viva La Gaming
Mathew Capaccio
Mathew Capaccio Před 12 dny
See I was Xbox and Nintendo. To me I liked the original giant Xbox with the slim controller though. Everybody play Halo but I played Timesplitters 2 for years. And yo the original pikmin I like the most.
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 12 dny
That makes us Pikmin bros as well. And dude, I think about Timesplitters 2 probably on a weekly basis
ApolloRED Před 12 dny
Youre an Xbro
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 12 dny
This is correct. I am.
Clell Biggs
Clell Biggs Před 12 dny
Welcome aboard the brotrain. Morrowind is what got me into the Xbox. I didn't have a PC at the time and it was the only way I had to play it. Now I'm back to PC but I have fond memories of the early days of Xbox. It's great to see Phil righting the ship.
FactsHurtU Před 12 dny
Xbox always had more quirky games but yea it didn't resonate with the real bro crowd. I always had a laugh with the bro crowd and meme that preceded it but was never a bro but what I did know is that the furry games of PlayStation weren't for me and since all the games I did play outside of Jrpgs were on Xbox I shifted late in the ps2-xbox era
Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz Před 12 dny
This is incredible storytelling and it’s so earnest. Really great vid. Thanks!
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 12 dny
Ah that means a huge deal to me, Alexander! Thank you so much for taking the time to give it a watch.
Dustin Volp
Dustin Volp Před 12 dny
WARNING do not waste 8 minutes of your life watching this video...
Ace emulation
Ace emulation Před 13 dny
I play all my Xbox games on PC
AISUYU COLD Před 13 dny
Love the Tekken references.
Hayden Bernard
Hayden Bernard Před 13 dny
what's up Bro!
Léo Cadoux
Léo Cadoux Před 13 dny
Kurt Hype!
Adam Mwangala
Adam Mwangala Před 13 dny
I was all with you until you brought up all that bro culture s*** damn near want to dislike it now
Mike Donaghue
Mike Donaghue Před 13 dny
Welcome bro!
onlysublime Před 13 dny
welcome to Bronation!
ZED END Před 13 dny
Brand might be cooler to you now but Halo is in a terrible shape, Gow is kinda dead and Rare is a ghost house. The pc gamepass is cool tho.
ZED END Před 12 dny
@Piet Jan Yeah will see about that, not out yet tho
Piet Jan
Piet Jan Před 13 dny
Yes just ignore they have 21 other studios that are making different exclusive games.
Tchitchouan Inouane
Tchitchouan Inouane Před 14 dny
xbox has tenerezza playstation doesn't Check mate sony
Tchitchouan Inouane
Tchitchouan Inouane Před 14 dny
xbox is synonyms with dude bro culture
KEN HALL Před 14 dny
Series X and Game Pass is a match made in heaven just can't stop playing outriders on Game Pass right now this game is so addicted
Ace D
Ace D Před 14 dny
Games on both consoles play better on the PS5 controller. And every good game is on PC now that isn't on PS5 or Switch. There's really no logical reason to ever buy an Xbox if you have a decent pc anymore
Ps5 is pointless all their games are coming to pc and sony is going 3rd party with mlb PlayStation is the laughing stock of gaming. Ps5 is a failure totally pointless.
Lyle Postle
Lyle Postle Před 14 dny
Pro tip. We don't call ourselves Xbox bros haha That's a playstation thing.
Mickice Před 13 dny
Excuse me we are called Playboys.
Faksakes Před 14 dny
Great vid, fun
Redeemed Soul
Redeemed Soul Před 14 dny
*🔊🔊🔊📣📣📣🔔 And he did this ENTIRE video speaking the TRUTH about Xbox WITHOUT saying ANYTHING NEGATIVE about PLAYSTATION!!!, I defy ANY Sony fan to try the same without saying ANYTHING negative about Xbox* 😎
Mickice Před 13 dny
Can't be done, PlayStation gamers aren't paid to say nice things about Xbox.
Mr.albert Wise Heavy Metalhed
phil paid you admit it ,but hey i like money also................?
sam torres
sam torres Před 14 dny
Nice. And you play with Grandma, which would have been basically impossible in any other generation. Nintendo Wii might have been the only way most seniors gave a crap about turning on a console. I love Xbox, but what I really love is the sense of community it developed last gen into this one. Great video.
HandletheJandal Před 14 dny
Moved away from PS4 to Series X. No regrets so far.
Lemon Head
Lemon Head Před 14 dny
Can we make a video about Playstation hipsters? 😂
Eliaxxz !!!
Eliaxxz !!! Před 14 dny
Welcome to the Xbox family!
旅客デジタル Před 14 dny
Console loyalty is lame Never understood that mindset...think of all the games your missing out on just on some petty "loyalty" How much does this "loyalty" based on some form of buyers remorse?
Jay T
Jay T Před 14 dny
GamePass introduced me to one of the greatest games I have ever played...Hollow Knight. I haven't looked back since.
Matoro Zeliph
Matoro Zeliph Před 14 dny
PS2 was for the edgy gamer. Xbox was for the bro gamer. Gamecube was for the kiddie gamer. Since I owned a PS2 and Xbox back then. I was the edgy bro gamer. :P
Uber Sky
Uber Sky Před 14 dny
Fantastic video! Well done and keep up the great work! 👍🏻
Xaponetta Před 14 dny
Welcome to the family!
A DhaYsH
A DhaYsH Před 14 dny
NES, Mega drive, ps1, 64 and ps2. I played Gears of war on my friend's 360 and it became Xbox all the way. Series X and game pass making me play more games than ever.
Joshua Před 15 dny
This guy is me 100%.... I’ve always been a Sony guy until last year and now I won’t even buy their TVs.
Chris Grant
Chris Grant Před 15 dny
Microsoft going to buy up everything Apple or google should buy Sony
Rob Bleu
Rob Bleu Před 15 dny
Shout out to back compat and resident evil code veronica x!
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 15 dny
Seriously though... one of the many reasons why I’m in love with this thing
Gamingnerd15 Před 15 dny
Xbox has quietly transitioned into a brand that pushes inclusion, convenience, and accessibility and I love it. Game Pass and backwards compatibility are excellent and I applaud them for finding their strength when their biggest competition killed them in the first party ecosystem.
Jonathan Sacci
Jonathan Sacci Před 15 dny
I think it’d be cool to do this type of video with other consoles. I’ve never been big into Nintendo until the Switch came out. So, to see other stories of people getting into other brands they had pre-conceived notions of would be neat!
BlackCatWBlackCat Před 15 dny
Was big on PlayStation until I got a cheap Xbox and really it was just the ecosystem and the fact that all my favorite PlayStation franchises are no longer ☹️.
Thijmen 84
Thijmen 84 Před 15 dny
been with xbox since the start ^_^ welcome to the club :) i hope you have a good time with all the gamepass games and the tons of incoming exclusives
K4 WBT Před 15 dny
Wow I know theres a share button but please do not over share your romantic views of where you belong its gaming have both
Mickice Před 13 dny
Xbox is love Xbox is life.
Mike P
Mike P Před 15 dny
All I need is: Team green Team green in collaboration with team red Other team green in collaboration with other team red
Third Pl4yer
Third Pl4yer Před 15 dny
Good video, man, you seem to be a cool guy, I’d like to see more from you in the future, keep it up 👍
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 15 dny
Yo, I really appreciate that. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to let me know.
Marc-Anthony McMillon
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma Před 15 dny
I'm looking for KomSpot videos because of Kurt. You've given me inspiration for my agency's CSshows channel. Thanks, man.
dushyant bhagwani
dushyant bhagwani Před 15 dny
Very well said.
Serlop Před 15 dny
Great video! I loved learning how Microsoft decided to project the bro-culture.
Vigilante Film and Design
dude my best friends in life I met on halo 3, no regrets, they are greater than any in my daily in person life
Martel Jonathan
Martel Jonathan Před 15 dny
I'm an Xbro until I get a PS5
Gary Wood
Gary Wood Před 15 dny
Good video, needed to say 'bro' more though.
Jack Arthur
Jack Arthur Před 15 dny
Kurt you were right. This did not disappoint 👍🏻
Aravindsrihari B V
Aravindsrihari B V Před 15 dny
Phil spencer has been the guardian angel watching over us xbox fans.
InnerRise Před 6 dny
@Aravindsrihari B V you said PS5 and xbox didnt have much launch Exclusives... Tell me what those xbox exclusives were lol This other guy couldnt give me any. Let's see what you got.
Iván Montalvo
Iván Montalvo Před 8 dny
@InnerRise ok then, I guess that you only want to ear what you like to ear. Sorry bro.
Aravindsrihari B V
Aravindsrihari B V Před 8 dny
@InnerRise well what kind of exclusives that Ps have other than making sequels os pidefman, god of war, and remastering old games. None.. This gen was hit by pandemic and both xbox and ps5 didn't have much exclusives to begin with. Stop being such a fanboy. Phil spencer wants everyone to play including sony fans too.
InnerRise Před 8 dny
@Iván Montalvo you didnt list any games so I assume it's NONE. Thanks
Iván Montalvo
Iván Montalvo Před 8 dny
@InnerRise damn, are you really that kind of fanboy? If all that matters for you are the launch exclusives for a console, well...that's sad and weird, man. And, are you really that proud of a remake and a dlc? I mean, both games are good, but they're a remake and a dlc anyway. By the way, padding what?
Sibusiso Goomz
Sibusiso Goomz Před 15 dny
I had a ps1 up to ps4 until one day at a friends house looking at the games that he already had from gamepass that i had alrady paid for full price.I have cut my spending on games by 70% and play more games across the year now .Now i have my eye on that Series X. I still loved my PS exclusives but my noisy ps4 has now recently been sold without regret
Lukasz Patryn
Lukasz Patryn Před 15 dny
Xbox is doing sth good, i did get ps5, but before i swapped ps4pro for xboxonex in last gen's last 2 years and now.. i kinda miss the xbox universe (and elite 2 controller)
David Kartwright
David Kartwright Před 15 dny
Did they also send you a copy of Billy Mayes, I mean Bill Gaytes's Catatrophy book and that base game no one outside the US knows of, and a satellite Kardashian to give you a handy? Because the package dumberfuckintheFinnishcloset got two kardashians a female and a male and a genner whos kindaf a mystery for those europeans there used to kinder surprise eggs.
Andy McCray
Andy McCray Před 15 dny
I know how you feel. Once I saw the moves Phil Spencer was making he got me hyped because I could see how dope things were getting. I mean I still play playstation and Nintendo games too
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