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If you've picked up a subscription to Xbox Game Pass but are feeling overwhelmed by choice, here's a quick selection of the best games on the service at the moment that might have passed you by.
We say it almost every week on Console Crew, but Xbox Game Pass is one of the best deals in gaming, providing a rotating catalogue of day-one releases, indies, old favorites, and those games you always meant to play but never found the time to.
It can be overwhelming to log in and see all those games just ready for you to play, so where do you start? Worry not, we've compiled a list of some of the best games on Xbox Game Pass to get you started. From thought-provoking games like Nier: Automata and What Remains Of Edith Finch, to fun co-op voyages like Sea of Thieves, this list has something for everyone.
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4. 04. 2021





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Paul Gal
Paul Gal Před 2 hodinami
Dead by daylight and titanfall 2 . This is my 1st Xbox always had ps but can't get one .
Naji Před 4 hodinami
I'm Naruto fan
Kristijan Korunoski
Kristijan Korunoski Před 6 hodinami
CrossCode is so underrated one of the first games I played with gamepass and now I'm a lifetime game pass subscriber lol
Gavin Force
Gavin Force Před 7 hodinami
I recommend Grounded. It is a fun game that you can play with up to 4 people with online (no couch co-op sadly) where it’s basically Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The Game where you are shrunken down to the size of an ant and you have to survive in someone’s backyard. It is still in preview, but it is very fun :)
HentzGG Před 22 hodinami
Sea of Thieves = Best game on Game Pass! Change my mind!!!!
QxDark Tv
QxDark Tv Před dnem
I love sea of thieves
some guy
some guy Před 2 dny
iibropcboy&ojpcboy Před 2 dny
1:16 among us is not on Xbox game pass
Cooper Lofthus
Cooper Lofthus Před 2 dny
Among us is not on game pass
Josh H
Josh H Před 5 dny
Discovering HOLLOW KNIGHT on game pass was the best thing that happened to me during the new years. I poured 70+ hrs on that game getting around 102%. I just couldnt get enough of it. Amazing story, visuals, music, bosses and so on. It is a great metroidvania and if for some reason you havent played it (like me a while ago), me and LITERALLY THOUSANDS of other HK fans will recommend it, especially if you want to dabble in that genre.
Orlando Colom
Orlando Colom Před 5 dny
I'm kind of new on Xbox (since christmas 2016) and now I switched from being PS only to be more of an Xbox fanboy, I'm really into GamePass for all the Gears of War games, Forza Horizon 4, Max: Curse of the Brotherhood, Dirt 5, among others. Now PS is my side console for it's exclusives like Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man, Horizon and God of War...
Mystic Overlord
Mystic Overlord Před 6 dny
You forgot Arkham knight
Widow in White
Widow in White Před 6 dny
Missed opportunity to say "... And you've never playedthe Dishonored series, you're doing yourself a huge dishonor."
Liran M
Liran M Před 6 dny
I love game pass its amazing.
A K Před 6 dny
Injustice 2
Panduh Před 8 dny
I only play Edith Finch for the points lol
Antonio Whigham
Antonio Whigham Před 8 dny
RDX Son of a fett
RDX Son of a fett Před 8 dny
The medium is beautiful
General Anal
General Anal Před 10 dny
Titanfall 2 is the best
Dakoda Black
Dakoda Black Před 11 dny
What’s the game where he jumped out the mech
Juan Serpa
Juan Serpa Před 11 dny
Correction xbox game pass is the best deal in gaming
SlayerSlender Před 12 dny
Where’s titanfall 2?
ENZ BENZ Před 12 dny
these are probably the worst games on gamepass ! trust me theres a lot better at least mention outriders or rainbowsixsiege
ENZ BENZ Před 4 dny
@Yuuki outriders is good but the ending is fucked thats why the reputation is bad
Yuuki Před 4 dny
Wrong. NieR:Automata, Dishonored, and Yakuza are not terrible. Plus, Outriders isn't that good imo.
Lord Beerus
Lord Beerus Před 12 dny
Ori 1 and 2 is a must play for people who are thinking about getting gamepass.
Extra - Brawl Stars
idk, beatiful games, but not for all people, i personally didn't liked...
Antonio CGonzález
Antonio CGonzález Před 13 dny
If you havent played them, TRY: Monster Hunter World Batman Arkham
Wawer Tube
Wawer Tube Před 13 dny
Excuse me but where is hollow knight ? Huhhh?!
Lolgaming Yt
Lolgaming Yt Před 13 dny
Sad i cant buy cuz xbox gamepass aint available in my country :((
Kyrone Marquez
Kyrone Marquez Před 11 dny
@Lolgaming Yt there are so many ways you can get one. One way is to purchase a digital xbox gift card or the gamepass itself online (its available in almosy any online marketplace) then plug in the codes in your xbox Microsoft store and spend that for the xbox gamepass. You can also use a fake address when you want to buy gamepass directly on xbox but I don't advice it (but it works). Explore and look for ways online. The one said first works for me
Lolgaming Yt
Lolgaming Yt Před 11 dny
@Kyrone Marquez where did you get yours :((
Kyrone Marquez
Kyrone Marquez Před 11 dny
You can tho. Look online for how. I got mine even it's not available in ny country
Squ1lly Před 14 dny
smh where is hollow knight? its such a good game
Paper Film World
Paper Film World Před 14 dny
You don't need ultiment to get ea games on xbox gamepass on pc
Taimour Kassim
Taimour Kassim Před 14 dny
Touhou Luna nights amazing indie game on GP
Heldy D Luffy
Heldy D Luffy Před 14 dny
Where is forza and gears of war series ?
Cymru Coch
Cymru Coch Před 4 dny
Ikr, Forza is amazing.
Abdel114 Před 14 dny
I’ve discovered Yakuza on Game Pass and it’s the best I’ve played in recent years! Amazing that we can discover so much games for ‘free’ on this amazing service. I needed to spend over €100 for all the Yakuza games on PS4 but now they are all on Game Pass so give it a try. Xbox is here to stay!
Angela Yanni
Angela Yanni Před 14 dny
Tell me why
Brad A
Brad A Před 15 dny
Ori and will of the wisps is amazing.
M S Před 13 dny
I've just finished it yesterday, no doubt the best game in soundtrack and visual!
Jazi The Wolf
Jazi The Wolf Před 15 dny
You shouldve said which games are on like cloud console or pc because one game may be on console and not on cloud or pc and vice versa
Winterfang Před 15 dny
I downloaded Dragon Quest and end up putting 300 hours.
Craig Wilde
Craig Wilde Před 15 dny
Dead by Daylight definitely needs a highlight
Vakz Před 7 dny
If you’re not an OG player the games really not fun, imo
Jet Stream
Jet Stream Před 15 dny
i wish Red Redemption was on here, who agrees
Troy Jenkins
Troy Jenkins Před 15 dny
Wait among us?
Gamedaughter1 Před 15 dny
I discovered Dragon Quest XI Echoes of an Elusive Age Definitive Edition on Game Pass Ultimate on PC ( I don't own an Xbox yet just the controller lol). It is my first Dragon Quest game and I am enjoying the story very much.
The Real Obscure
The Real Obscure Před 5 dny
Fantastic game. Almost platinumed it on ps4 a while back
Andrew Jazdzyk
Andrew Jazdzyk Před 15 dny
I heard the game kind of uses a lot of plot elements from dragon quest 1, 2, and 3. I've played 1 and 2 but never 3, so I'm waiting for me to figure out my damned everdrive issues before and finish 3 before I jump into 11.
BaumHater Před 15 dny
Please play Outer Wilds.
trent.vs.robots Před 16 dny
I tried No Man's Sky on a whim and it's great. Put over 100 hours into it pretty quickly.
Opethian Před 16 dny
Subnautica, Bards Tale 4, Wasteland 3, and A Plague Tale are probably the best ones I've played since quarantine hit.
Nigel Vestrand
Nigel Vestrand Před 16 dny
Fallout New Vegas
E. Vargas
E. Vargas Před 16 dny
Interesting games, gonna download them!
Syed Saifuddin
Syed Saifuddin Před 6 dny
You mean gotta catch them all
Jakub Kurpiński
Jakub Kurpiński Před 16 dny
How dare you not include Titanfall 2
Jermaine Stewart
Jermaine Stewart Před 16 dny
Play Carrion.
RPGdegree Před 16 dny
How did you not include Outriders?
Jovan Saluja
Jovan Saluja Před 14 dny
Cuz outriders is mid
alex reilly
alex reilly Před 16 dny
Play Dishonored PLEASE!
LaTech Před 16 dny
If you have GamePass Ultimate and therefore also EA Play, then Titanfall 2 (at least the campaign) is a must for anybody just remotely interested in shooters. Honestly, the best movement in any shooter, one of the best gunplay-feel and amazing level-design together make for amazing 5 or a bit more hours of campaign. And if you really liked it, try the multiplayer as well, it's amazing too but also a bit difficult at times because of the many veterans who have played this game for 5 years now.
How is The Medium not here? Possibly one of the better next gen titles with not only some revolutionary story telling, but fun throw backs to the oldest survival games of yore(Alone in the Dark anyone?)
Just A regular Battle cat
Deep rock galactic is on gp too absolute gem of a game its really unique too
Žach Před 16 dny
I recommend Deep Rock Galactic!!! FOR ROCK AND STONE!
Martin Před 15 dny
I started playing it a week ago and I am freaking addicted now
Thiru N
Thiru N Před 16 dny
Great to see dishonored series get some recommendations. When it was released, it usually got outshadowed by bioshock infinite due to the artstyle but with the gamepass, it's truly dishonored's time to shine.
grayfox00700 Před 16 dny
Hello Krut Ondivina I agree with others that gamepass highlights should be a monthly video feature. Newly added PS Plus titles and Nintendo Switch Online could be added as well? Great work by yourself and Lucy as usual!
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 16 dny
Hey, duly noted! Thanks for watching.
ahmed altohami
ahmed altohami Před 16 dny
Are u sure these are the best
kent ousley
kent ousley Před 16 dny
Octopath traveler
Gazza Před 16 dny
Outriders is currently free on Gamepass for a reason, it runs at 15 frames per second and crashes constantly, don't waste your bandwidth or just wait for it to be patched.
Kaloderma Před 16 dny
Ori is the only game which is worth mentioning. The others are indie stuff and games which costs almost nothing.
Osama Bashir564
Osama Bashir564 Před 16 dny
Play halo mcc and all gears campaign. Some of best campaigns out there
C Cross
C Cross Před 16 dny
Some of these are strictly on pc..
C Cross
C Cross Před 13 dny
@D C yes but the video is titled best games one Xbox game pass...
D C Před 13 dny
And many others also just on Xbox
suripto kiman
suripto kiman Před 16 dny
Paul Hayhurst
Paul Hayhurst Před 17 dny
Just get Stadia. Runs amazing. Currently playing Resident Evil 7 & fifa 21
Legacysquid 062
Legacysquid 062 Před 17 dny
Yeah I will stick with ps now
Yuuki Před 4 dny
Coming from someone that has a ps5, PS Now is dogshit compared to gamepass ultimate.
Smok3 SHO
Smok3 SHO Před 16 dny
Lmao ok bro go ahead pay for games you already own. Call me when sony releases a first game day one on ps plus. Xbox getting sony exclusives LOL
jamar Mason
jamar Mason Před 17 dny
U do that lol
Jack Arthur
Jack Arthur Před 17 dny
Kurt is back. You know it’s gonna be a good one 👍🏻
Jack Arthur
Jack Arthur Před 17 dny
@Kurt Indovina Props to Lucy. I’ll be lookin’ forward to it!
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 17 dny
To give credit, Lucy James really put this one together. I just helped out a little. BUT, I’ll have a feature coming out tomorrow so be sure to look forward to that!
HKgaming Před 17 dny
Dirt 5 & Octopath Traveller are my latest hooks
iChoseScylla Před 16 dny
Dirt 5 is my Quick Resume game I go back to when I want a break from the intense storytelling of the single player games I’ve been playing recently. It’s simple arcade racing.
symbolic503 Před 17 dny
killer queen was huge at my local arcade before covid hit. i never played it because machines are always full but people are always going crazy playing it but i have no clue what the objective is im always so confused lol
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Před 17 dny
Some more good games are all the ones in the Remedy Alan Wake universe. So Alan Wake, Control, and Quantum Break. Quantum break has a great story IMO but the gameplay itself can be annoying at times.
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Před 16 dny
@Osama Bashir564 yea definitely, the episodes were a cool idea but it just didn’t work. I really just wanted to get back to playing the actual game like halfway through each episode but I couldn’t because then I wouldn’t get the story.
Osama Bashir564
Osama Bashir564 Před 16 dny
Alan wake my favorite story of all time. Also quantum break is a good game it would have been even better if ms spent that movie part money on improving the gamr
symbolic503 Před 17 dny
i just played mirror's edge catalyst thanks to gamepass through ea play. i remember having fun with the 2008 version and this one instantly had me hooked again.
Mar Mar
Mar Mar Před 17 dny
Outriders !!! Big plus for this title from me !!!
Robert Anascavage
Robert Anascavage Před 17 dny
Happy to see Dishonored on here.
A Johnson
A Johnson Před 17 dny
I've discovered the Yakuza series and have been in heaven!
Veer Pal
Veer Pal Před 16 dny
Glad to hear, it’s fantastic
Go Long
Go Long Před 17 dny
Not only does game pass ultimate give you ea play and xbox gold, you can also use the game Pass streaming feature on android that is also coming to pc next month. Best $15/month I've ever spent for literally giving me an xbox, anywhere.
gianluca petruzzelli
Mr Indovina is a really awesome member of GameSpot! Keep up your good work!
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 17 dny
Ah that means a great deal to me! Happy to be of service to you.
Sarkar Snigdha Sarathi Das
Play Nier Automata first. You are welcome.
Mr Marc
Mr Marc Před 17 dny
We went from "Xbox has no games" to we have too many games, real quick haha.
JUST JUICE Před 4 dny
Im having a blast . Playing all types of game for the first time .
Werksfeer II
Werksfeer II Před 10 dny
@Daniel Anane Alright thanks. I'm personally not a big fan of Gears. But it is a very polished game nonetheless. I'll give it another try soon.
Daniel Anane
Daniel Anane Před 11 dny
@Werksfeer II Gears 5 is the best looking TPS oa all time
Daniel Siconnelli
Daniel Siconnelli Před 11 dny
@Andrew Jazdzyk I'm personnaly having a blast with Gamepass. A lot of games I haven't touch or discovered. And honestly I don't mind if it is not only the latest games that just got released. To me a game that got released during the last one or two years is not that "old". Anyway there aren't 100s of great new games released each month either.
Charles M.
Charles M. Před 11 dny
@THE LOT New and old and some of the best games of all time are older games.
Trentimus Před 17 dny
Ori is so good. I wouldn’t have played it otherwise, so Game Pass is really amazing
TimTime Před 17 dny
Don't forget that there are some PC exclusive games to try out via EA Play. For example, the latest SimCity 2013 game is included with all add-ons.
HKgaming Před 17 dny
Command & Conquer & Age of Empires on pc 😍
Joey Considine
Joey Considine Před 17 dny
Play NieR automata. Please
Darrell Garrett
Darrell Garrett Před 17 dny
Ori and that damn tree!
Jonah Yves Orteza
Jonah Yves Orteza Před 17 dny
hahaha none
Jonah Yves Orteza
Jonah Yves Orteza Před 4 dny
@Yuuki Nahhhhhh
Yuuki Před 4 dny
Wrong. Look at the Yakuza series, NieR:Automata, Forza Horizon 4, Gears
Achyuth Nandikotkur
Achyuth Nandikotkur Před 17 dny
“A Plague Tale: Innocence” is a truly one of a kind game. It is available on Game pass, you won’t regret spending your time on it.
ASIX Před 5 dny
I did, I got bored in like 10 minutes
Vakz Před 7 dny
Going to install now thanks
Grandmaster CHOODA
Grandmaster CHOODA Před 11 dny
I enjoyed it at the beginning but like half way in lost interest.
Shane Masterson
Shane Masterson Před 11 dny
@gamer480 That’s fair, but some want more story based experiences
Sajjad Ali
Sajjad Ali Před 11 dny
Ur right, I finished the whole game and its really enjoyable
Dude Man
Dude Man Před 17 dny
Great list. Also Hollow Knight, Outer Wilds, Undertale, Celeste, Octopath Traveler, Control, Titanfall 2, Forza Horizon 4... that's not even getting into all of the Halo and Gears and Mass Effect and Dragon Age and Star Wars, etc. etc. etc. Literally too much to list.
im very bald
im very bald Před 17 dny
Everyone. Go play doom eternal.
D Money
D Money Před 17 dny
star wars jedi fallen order,control and doom eternal
Cymru Coch
Cymru Coch Před dnem
@Mr Death It's ok. But I didn't like it that much, I'm into Battlefront, but I never really liked Jedi fallen order.
Mr Death
Mr Death Před dnem
@Cymru Coch dude it's a decent game kinda like dark souls which is a breathtaking game
Cymru Coch
Cymru Coch Před 4 dny
Star wars Jedi is not that good in my opinion.
Tim Balis
Tim Balis Před 17 dny
How does one of the best rpgs of the generation octopath traveler not get a mention
Alejandro Marcial
Alejandro Marcial Před 17 dny
@Joey Considine it is on xbox consoles, i played it yesterday
Joey Considine
Joey Considine Před 17 dny
Isn’t it not on the Xbox console, but only on PC game pass? I could be wrong
Michael Tyson
Michael Tyson Před 17 dny
They just need to bring that library to PC like how it is on Xbox
SoƞiQ Před 13 dny
@D C if you have Android devices, yep ^^
D C Před 13 dny
Unfortunately with some of the sports titles it would probably be up to EA to bring them to EA play on game pass for pc
D C Před 13 dny
@SoƞiQ I would say ultimate is definitely worth it for pc players because it includes the xcloud streaming service which allows you to play on android and the collection of games is somewhat different than the one on game pass pc.
D C Před 13 dny
True, I’ve seen both the game pass for pc and one for consoles and don’t understand why they just don’t make all the games available on both the Xbox and the pc, and instead have a different game collection for each platform. Being a fan of sports games, I would love to try both the NHL series and UFC on game pass for pc, but no, they are only available on the Xbox console.
Michael Tyson
Michael Tyson Před 14 dny
@SoƞiQ I'm not talking about that I'm talking about literally the rest of the games on the pass PC doesn't have anything compared to the console version not even close
SoƞiQ Před 17 dny
F O R Z A H O R I Z O N 4 ?!
andre nascimento
andre nascimento Před 16 dny
It's impossible to put them all here, it's a huge selection of quality titles.
HKgaming Před 17 dny
Halo/Gears/Forza all just goes without saying 😏
Uchenna Před 17 dny
Nintendo Fanboy
Nintendo Fanboy Před 17 dny
Microsoft flight sim
Rafael Ortiz
Rafael Ortiz Před 17 dny
I am so happy about the ori l games. I am surprised my copies still work. Eventually I work my way to a PC. I was thinking on getting the new Xbox but prefer to put the money on a PC instead.
Follower 8
Follower 8 Před 17 dny
Top 10 for me: 1. Halo MCC(PC&Console) 2. Ace Combat 7(Console) 3. Doom Eternal(PC&Console) 4. Nier Automata(PC&Console) 5. Control(PC&Console) 6. Fallout 4(PC&Console) 7. Skyrim(PC&Console) 8. Gears 5(PC&Console) 9. Battlefield 1(PC&Console) 10. Code Vein(PC&Console)
LaTech Před 16 dny
@Follower 8 Ah, oke. Fair. Then I really need to check out Doom Eternal because there are many now that take Doom Eternal over Titanfall 2. I know it must be pretty good, but this good...
Follower 8
Follower 8 Před 16 dny
@LaTech If my list were top 20 it would've been included. The only reason why it couldn't get in the top 10 is because I'm a massive RPG fan, so those took a lot of spots.
LaTech Před 16 dny
I see a lot of shooters. Then Titanfall 2 must be on this list as well 😉 Or have you actually not played Titanfall 2. If you haven't, what are you waiting for. If you have I would be really interested in why you didn't like it as much. For me it's almost the perfect shooter
Osama Bashir564
Osama Bashir564 Před 16 dny
Absolutely halo mcc. Halo franchise has some of best fps campaigns
Benjamin Před 17 dny
Fight night round 4 please
Hugo Chan
Hugo Chan Před 17 dny
There are so many great games on game pass There are games for everyone
Danshee500 Před 17 dny
Kurt come back and work on your channel Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 17 dny
I assure you I take this to heart. And I really appreciate it.
M.A.D.E.144 Před 17 dny
Can u use game pass without owning xbox?
Gary Nieves
Gary Nieves Před 17 dny
yes, PC or Mobile
Parsadra Ba
Parsadra Ba Před 17 dny
The best psnow game
Parsadra Ba
Parsadra Ba Před 17 dny
@D4rkRises 🤣
D4rkRises Před 17 dny
What’s that
Ducksauce Před 17 dny
Prey eh? You know, the game that got a 6.0 review from Gamespot and a 4.5 from IGN at release? And now all those years later 'journalists' are gushing over it calling it an underrated gem? The game did poorly in the sales department and I blame that mainly on the usual incompetence from the entertainment media. Everything that has a difficulty and learning curve, requires some thought and has indepth mechanics get's pounded into the dirt because of deadlines. That explains why BioShock Infinite, a shallow game with a poorly thought-out story got showered with praise by 'journalists' and why Prey, which is the better and deeper immerse sim/RPG and contains a more coherent narrative gets a lukewarm reception. Everything for instant gratification, like a bunch of toddlers with the attention span of a moth.
Rafael Ortiz
Rafael Ortiz Před 17 dny
Exactly lmao
UnknownDude007 Před 17 dny
Any recommendation for storage for my Series S? Already filled that sucker up, after downloading all the games I wanted after I got it. But I still want more games! XD
Berke Ali Şenel
Berke Ali Şenel Před 15 dny
@Andrew Jazdzyk Bro just unplug the hdd from your old gen xbon and the put on next xbox series x or s ! If you have next gen console , why are you still playing new games from your less powerful old gen console :))
Andrew Jazdzyk
Andrew Jazdzyk Před 15 dny
@Berke Ali Şenel yeah, I had one for my Xbox one but I gave both away. My intent was to get the new fangled SSD, but so far I haven't pulled the trigger. I guess I thought the 1 TB internal would hold me off, but I underestimated how much room enhanced versions take up, and gamepass in general.
Berke Ali Şenel
Berke Ali Şenel Před 15 dny
@Andrew Jazdzyk Did you heard external HDD term before ? 😒
Andrew Jazdzyk
Andrew Jazdzyk Před 15 dny
Man I have the Series X and I'm struggling with storage. (I think I had 2 GBs last I checked).
Berke Ali Şenel
Berke Ali Şenel Před 16 dny
@Cyrribrae Nope Seagate Expansion Storage is external ( plug and play ) ! Check again if you want
Don Don
Don Don Před 17 dny
Game pass is the best lol give you online and free games and perks like Disney plus subscription for 30 days
I honestly don’t like many of the modern Gamespot presenters but Kurt is one of the few personalities thats really good 👍
@Kurt Indovina Keep it up man you’re doing great 😊
HKgaming Před 17 dny
@Kurt Indovina Great list. I like how you refrained from turning to the obligatory Halo/Gears/Forza. Keep up the good work 👍
Kurt Indovina
Kurt Indovina Před 17 dny
I think we’re all great here at GameSpot, but I really appreciate that you’re into what I do. That means a lot.
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