Call Of Duty’s Yearly Cycle Is The True Enemy 

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Call Of Duty is building up to Season 3 and continues to leave Modern Warfare players behind. It’s time to look at what Call Of Duty players don’t understand about each other and if Activision can ever break from the yearly cycle.
Call Of Duty continues its yearly cycle, and the changes that cycle institutes to Warzone have left the Modern Warfare and Cold War audiences in different worlds. Ever since Cold War took over the Season Pass, store, and events in Warzone, Modern Warfare players have felt left behind. Meanwhile, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has gathered a classic Call Of Duty fan base looking for an entirely different arcade experience. In this video, we are going to look at the Modern Warfare versus Cold War players, how they are feeling about the state of Call Of Duty, and what each audience is looking for. Important topics we’re going to cover are why Modern Warfare fans feel robbed of Season 7 and missing weapons, what Cold War fans know about Call Of Duty that many new players don’t, and if Modern Warfare is a true Call Of Duty game.
We’ll also explore how the conflict between Call Of Duty audiences largely comes down to Activision’s yearly release cycle and how that might no longer make sense with titles from Treyarch, Infinity Ward, Raven Software, and Sledgehammer Games being so different, yet all having to tie into Warzone. Finally, we’re going to go back to your response to the rumor that the next Call Of Duty game might go back to World War II.
We’re expecting more Call Of Duty announcements this spring, including what the rumored WW2 Vanguard game might be. Call Of Duty: Warzone is building up to Season 3, invading the map with zombies, and possibly building up to a nuke event. Make sure to keep coming back to GameSpot’s CSshows page for ongoing news, release dates, and events around Call Of Duty.
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aiden r6
aiden r6 Před 9 dny
I like to play hc in mw and just bum rush with pistol
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy Před 10 dny
MW2019 is much closer to the OG CODs than CW is
Lincoln Stewart
Lincoln Stewart Před 11 dny
If they do a release every 2 years and focus on giving us constant Map releases and new camo challenges and they can still make buyable battle passes for extra content. New games every year means they only care about the game for like 10 months then focus on the next. I believe the fans would appreciate a well thought out game with quality. The old CODs(before micro transactions) MW2 for example had great map selection. Some for snipers, rushing and some balanced for both, and the game lasted, it was and still is timeless.
eswain28 Před 11 dny
I love both MW 2019 and CW MP but I’ve also played cod since 2007 (skipped like 2 of the futuristic games) so I’ve come to understand that it’s a yearly thing. Its a business and yearly cod games have been a cash cow since cod 4 so I can’t imagine a business would stop it just cause we politely ask them to stop. In my ideal world cod would release new games every other year and they’d switch between treyarch and infinity ward games
eswain28 Před 11 dny
1) Tranzit was not a fan favorite. It’s regarded as one of the worst maps of all time. We were just forced to play it cause it was the base map. 2) you were talking about how good BO2 zombies were then showed a clip from BO1 zombies
Jim's Gaming Cave
Jim's Gaming Cave Před 12 dny
Let's not point the collective finger at Activision for releasing these overpriced cosmetics. Let's also look to those who shell out lots of money in order to buy them, because it gives Activision the notion that they can get away with this type of marketing. The more they make, the more this will continue. You could argue & say that it still shouldn't have happened in the first place. Well, Mother shouldn't have let little Timmy have her credit card, either. Those who are paying out the ass for stuff like this, child & adult alike, are not helping the situation. It's a double-edged sword in the way of unlocking new skins.
Kawii97 Před 12 dny
My perfect Idea would have been having 3 Games in different time periods (MW2019, BOCW, WW2(Vanguard?) ) and just keep updating them so they can please everyone. Its not like the Microtransactions wouldn´t make enough money, so why not? Personally, I hated MW2019 but I can see why there are fans. So why not cater to everyone and still make lots of money on it?
Kurt Kline
Kurt Kline Před 13 dny
Crap, I just bought Cold War but Modern Warfare seems like more of looking for 😅
CrimsonFlame Před 13 dny
Along with the people that buy it yearly
The Guevara
The Guevara Před 14 dny
activision can afford to stop, but their to greedy to actually do it
Blame Frank
Blame Frank Před 14 dny
7:56 ugh
Central Based Agency
Activision is walking over there old time 6v6 multiplayer vets like me and focusing on war zone content and support.
Central Based Agency
You guys didn’t mention the main negative of both games. Extreme sbmm.
Punxnbanshees Před 14 dny
Yesss bro I’m so glad you guys made this video. I’ve been saying that call of duty’s yearly cycle is hurting their franchise and is a huge contributor of why many fans are unsatisfied with the recent products
Jaroslaw Klose
Jaroslaw Klose Před 14 dny
Der rechte Typ sollte mal abnehmen alter....
Luis C
Luis C Před 15 dny
MW maps don't really have big maps you were just showing ground war maps
nbh camp
nbh camp Před 15 dny
He said camping is a thinking man's game ..no it's not after u learn spawns no thinking is needed I use to camp it's a beyound easy and cheap way to play their is no skill involved it's why I stopped doing it it's not good play it's not skillful play this from someone who has played for the whole 17 years
The Cones
The Cones Před 15 dny
It was Eminem.
QuinnaH Před 15 dny
Activision is the enemy.
Razgriz Surget
Razgriz Surget Před 15 dny
I stopped playing COD after BO1, and MW2019 was the first time I picked it back up and I loved it so much, it gave back the old school map design of MW1 and MW2 and to a lesser extent WaW. The biggest thing for me was Gunsmith and the attention to detail and relative high degree of realism in the guns (at least before the shop bloat). The guns are how you interact with the environment in a shooter, and CWs guns are terrible in comparison. MW2019 fans had to wait 10 years to get this kind of experience again out of COD, whereas as CW fans get it reskinned for them more or less every year or every other year.
gkyfutfktxkd Před 15 dny
I don’t see why they can’t keep releasing content for MW since it’s a different developer.
J. Benjamin
J. Benjamin Před 16 dny
5:17 😂 out-thought***
Das Letzte
Das Letzte Před 16 dny
guy killes me for the 60th time from the same corner becouse i thought he must have left by now. gamespot: hE oUTsmArTed yOu
Daily Evolution
Daily Evolution Před 16 dny
Exploration is always key in an FPS, especially in a team deathmatch. After all, the sooner a team catches the enemy, the faster they get eliminated, right? While mostly correct, players who just zig-zag across the map will just add another death to their KDA.
Bre Kay Sackey
Bre Kay Sackey Před 16 dny
Should have been made Into like map mode that has its own map with specific rules/gameplay you can choose to play rather than just the one map/mode warzone. one for mw,one for cw,etc
Edgaras Petrikas
Edgaras Petrikas Před 16 dny
Waiting for BF, hate old stuff... two seasons in WZ was disaster...
Luey Před 16 dny
I almost wonder if Black Ops and Modern Warfare wouldn't be better off as separate series entirely
Piero Minaya Rojas
Piero Minaya Rojas Před 16 dny
"Ah yes, the floor here is made out of floor"
Spartan_A117 Před 16 dny
MW reboot was the reason why a crap ton of people came back to playing cod again and even breaking its record for the most sold cod game in history where as cold couldn't do that
ّْ Před 16 dny
I played since cod world at war and mw2019 is one of my favourite cods
الامين سعيد
I think black ops 1 is the best game
Razer Dude
Razer Dude Před 17 dny
i like old time cod (cold war type and ww2) so id like to have a ww2 cod.
Garry Peak
Garry Peak Před 17 dny
As much as we’d love Activision to move away from the COD yearly cycle, economics and common sense says it will never happen. There is simply too much money for them to make every year. I’ve played COD since the original Modern warfare. I liked the 2019 MW game because it was a bit different. I was on the fence about Cold War. I ended up breaking down and buying it end of January. Love the crap out of zombies and have 5 days play time in it. Have zero interest in Warzone, and barely have 4 hours play time in MP. It’s jus a tired formula for me now.
I could play modern warfare for hours on my own, gunsmith was brilliant and I got so invested into it. Cold war I play for an hour with mates and im done. Its an alright breather from mw but I always come back to MW. Don’t care about zombies at all and this seasons been a disappointment.
killed_by_goodby Před 17 dny
TranShit? Fan favorite? What are you on?
modern warfare 2019 was like a return to cod for me. it reminded me of the original cod modern warfare games with the gameplay and style of the game. i really loved modern warfare and how it's realistic but not too realistic. cold war's weapons are too unrealistic and just tear me away from the immersion of the game.
Urboyyycarlos Před 18 dny
Though some things he said were subjective and not objective I respect the opinion. As someone who likes both MW and Cold War(50/50) I don't mind the integration. Although if they can make a retros 80s styled verdansk it's not hard to imagine a 1940s setting. Zombies fans will understand the references and how the "Aether" can affect the storylines and map,but Ural mountains is also mentioned by Ravenov in Firebase Z. (I'm sure it'll be a separate map playlist or a similar reveal event involving the Aether,possibly in one of the upcoming seasons)
christian cervantes
christian cervantes Před 18 dny
There's nothing wrong with COD Series everything for god's sake!!
ZonicCeasor Před 18 dny
Couldn’t agree more. MW isn’t a classic Cod game, which is why I was drawn back to it as primarily a battlefield fan. Blops2 was my fav cod growing up, solid multiplayer, amazing zombies, it was the closest I ever got to max prestige. But when I played the MW beta, it felt like a breath of fresh air to the franchise. Further more, I found it quite insulting and deceptive that MW/warzone players who buy the season 1 and 2 battle passes couldn’t actually progress on the challenges for those simply cause they didn’t OWN Cold War. Pissed me off and taught me a lesson.
Relieved Dimetrodon
Relieved Dimetrodon Před 18 dny
Honestly then combining the two games was such a terrible idea
Dark Titan
Dark Titan Před 18 dny
I bought modern warfare for the reasons mentioned in this video. Fingers crossed that battlefield 6 brings back the days of bad company 2/battlefield 3...when I originally stopped playing modern warfare 2 and cod in general a decade ago.
Soviet Squirrel
Soviet Squirrel Před 18 dny
The title “Call Of Duty” held MW back
DeAngelo Poellnitz
DeAngelo Poellnitz Před 18 dny
Lol it takes zero skill to sit in one spot and wait for someone to walk in front of your screen😂
RedWingsFan41 Před 18 dny
Activision can afford to break the yearly cycle but they won't. They'll lose out on sales of games yearly and any potential recurring revenue that a game would generate. It's not about quality anymore like it used to be, it's about quantity and maximizing the recurring revenue they can get.
No Man's Land
No Man's Land Před 18 dny
Nah if you enjoy cold War fine but don't tell me cold War is better than modern warfare. They replaced captain price with a decent actor and who replaced Woods and Mason average actors. Modern warfare modernised cod rather than the 3 lane maps. Modern warfare had the gunsmith, MW had a new engine and better graphics and sound design. Cold War feels like a game that came out in 2012, Just like an arcade game. You can feel free to enjoy the game but I just don't understand how you can say cold War is a better game. The game feels unfinished and broken I wish I never bought it, I'd take cyberpunk 2077 over it. Yes people camped in MW but can you honestly tell yourself the last time in a cod game you didn't come against someone who camped in a cod game. And as for the leaning mechanic it was actually brought in through cod ghosts I'm pretty sure. I like the mounting mechanics in the game as it gives you better accuracy but you take that with reduced maneuverability meaning someone could come from behind or just be out of your sights. Pretty much with every mechanic also comes with a negative as all things should be. I used to love cod ever since cod 2 the big red one but got bored of them probably since BO2 or MW3 but MW modernised call of duty. Call of duty MW may feel like a different game but innovation is never a bad thing. P.S. the graphics on cold War is appalling... this is my opinion so don't get mad just because I have a different opinion to yourself.
Brenna Před 18 dny
Did my man say tranzit was a fan favourite
Jin Kazama
Jin Kazama Před 18 dny
How is this news or a discussion? Activision employs multiple teams so there'll be ONE COD a year. Remakes were a bonus courtesy of Sony giving them the "budget"
Zyndall Media
Zyndall Media Před 18 dny
It'd be great if Activision learned to delay CoD for once.
Celesleon Před 18 dny
It's a bit weird calling classic Call of Duty arcade and 3 lane over and over again. Classic Call of Duty (1, 2, 4) is much more like Modern Warfare than Cold War - more camping and cover use, longer map design, slower movement. The arcade stuff is classic Treyarch, which goes back as far as the classic differences between Call of Duty 1 and its expansion United Offensive and going forward.
besighyawn Před 18 dny
For me, maybe a dedicated Warzone developer would help instead of handing it off every year. WZ this year has been so clunky with the cold war transition that I'm genuinely bummed despite the game itself still being fun
SimpleManGaming Před 18 dny
Cod 2, MW(Cod4) and Mw2 is the classic cod not bo2. BO was made for zombies that's what made it famous not Multiplayer . Mw mimics a Mw2 play style. LMAO Black ops is a joke. Technology advancements is what brought us competitive Cod not BO.
SimpleManGaming Před 18 dny
On top of that BO is clunky as hell.
Daronne Calvin
Daronne Calvin Před 18 dny
If me isn't a real cod game then call it something else so they can keep up on it. We'll buy it
Daronne Calvin
Daronne Calvin Před 18 dny
Mw is definitely a real feel for adults not cartoons
FallenNinja Před 19 dny
As a player that moved on from MW2019 to BOCW, I can honestly say that I enjoy both games equally. However I knew that Acti was going to stop supporting MW2019 so decided to move on. The reason why Activision doesn't want to keep supporting MW2019 is because they want to keep you wanting more. Meaning that MW2-2022 will outperform MW2019 in sales and hype.
Jazi The Wolf
Jazi The Wolf Před 19 dny
If so called Vanguard is a ww2 era cod and ww2 spills into the 50s the settings have to be in the pacific theatre because in ww2 germany surrenders and how would they turn the tide when they lost, so it has to be in the pacific theatre
AlaZander21 Před 19 dny
I think that their cycle should go like this: Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Sledgehammer, and then a year off to get everything situated for the next cycle. This gives each developer one extra year of development time, and really allows them to carve out a plan for the future of Call of Duty and Warzone especially.
BillyBean 89
BillyBean 89 Před 19 dny
Activision could always have a two separate games out by yearly so old skool one year the next be new and support both game the both years they could make a killing on this system that way you keep both happy. And dont lump old skool with warzone let that be a stand alone game or in with the new stuff
Diggz BenFly
Diggz BenFly Před 19 dny
For me, mw2 is the standard of a classic COD and its not arcadey. MW2019 comes far closer to that than Cold War.
Alex's Toy Barn
Alex's Toy Barn Před 19 dny
i felt attached to my guns and loadouts in modern warfare, and when cold war hit and took all those guns out of warzone the game completely lost me. im not sure why the new guns arnt as interesting as the old guns, maybe its cuz we had time to try every gun out in regular multiplayer first and rank them up there, whereas once the cold war integration came out you had to just rank up your guns in warzone, since i didnt like the engine of cold war and didnt buy it to rank up guns there
Purple Gladiator
Purple Gladiator Před 19 dny
I'e been playing CoD since MW3. I love the MW reboot with a passion, that game is the most fun I've gotten from a Call of Duty game in years. With the pandemic having been in full swing while Cold War was in development, I genuinely see no realistic reason for Activision to have released Cold War when they did for any reason beyond monetary gain. Activision is greedy. We know this. I wish CoD was in the hands of a better publisher, because we wouldn't be having this sort of problem if a more competent publisher could realize the flaws with what Acti has been doing to the series since BO2. MW deserved another year of content. CW deserved another year in development. I'm willing to wait another year for MW2 if it means I got another year with MW and new content.
Andrew Coulthard-Clark
You can solve the camping problem by removing automated killstreaks, like the Harrier, which are one button press crutches. It encourages bad players to farm points instead of playing.
Nathan Custance
Nathan Custance Před 19 dny
I'm so used to the yearly cycle at this point. I've owned every Call of Duty to date, I've just learned to accept it. I just don't expect a ton out of a COD game, it's a known quantity at this point. Put simply, it's the Madden of shooters. I agree though we are at a point, over the last 5 years, where games like Fortnite or Siege update and support their games with years of content.
Theodore Goodrich
Theodore Goodrich Před 19 dny
There is a reason why people leave the last cod game for the next in 1 year, because they get so boaring so quickly. Battlefield games are amazing and more than playable after 6 years (BF1). The Maps make all the difference. The are open and massive, it acually sometimes feels like an open world game. Call Of Duty should relese less games and make shore there acually good and put the care and attention into them before relesing the next game. They should also make some better maps with more sandbox like MW but no retared mounting and leaning. I guess I just think battlefield does it right.
RyguyAlpha Před 19 dny
“Tranzit is a fan favorite.” Yea, about that...
Christoforos Panos
Christoforos Panos Před 19 dny
Regarding the position of MW in the CoD franchise, I disagree that it is not a CoD game. IW versions of CoD (OG COD, COD4, etc) are not as "arcady" as the Blackops series. I would say MW is an evolution of those previous IW titles, rather than a BF relative. In fact, trying new mechanics on top of the classic COD formula is not something new for IW (infinite warfare anyone?), regardless if these new features are successful or not. Furthermore, the differences in aesthetics and playstyle between CoDs from different developers did not start with MW vs CW. Treyarch, IW, etc, each do their own thing since the beginning. On the matter of the yearly cycle, i believe that it used to work fine in the old business model of units sold. However, with the advent of live services, activision may actually be leaving money on the table, since they are stopping support for a title that is still profitable within the first year. And lots of players who are more into one type of CoD over the other are not going to be forced to migrate to the new game (which is what activision is trying to do currently with CW). One way to tackle this issue is to let support for different CoD games overlap. This can be done in a balanced and methodical way so that different versions of CoD continue to be supported and generate profit in parallel, without being competitive (business wise) to each other, mainly by catering to different CoD audiences. We must also keep in mind that supporting a game for more than a year does have an impact on the development cycle of the next CoD for that particular dev studio. But activision has so many different studios (IW, Treyarch, Sledgehammer, Raven) working on CoD that this can be addressed.
Steven-34 Před 19 dny
I think modern warfare was a great game. It’s just not what a lot of us players look for in a cod game. Cold War brings back the arcade feel that a lot of old fans love.
Steven-34 Před 19 dny
@Nineteen1900Hundred I know what you mean I quit playing for a while as well..I admit it gets repetitive but they should give the cod fanbase what it wants. Modern warfare style should become a different game franchise made by activison.
Nineteen1900Hundred Před 19 dny
I respect your view. But to me, Call of Duty became stale over a decade ago. MW 2019 brought me back to the franchise because they FINALLY innovated and really gave the series a decent upgrade for once. I got sick of the arcade-y gameplay way back in 2011 and I expected them to innovate around 2013, but they didn't so I switched to the Battlefield series for a while.
Mutated Antibiosis
Mutated Antibiosis Před 19 dny
I'm gonna abandon warzone/cod the absolute second BF6 or something slightly less dumb drops. If they kept MW running and made it even better - that would have been huge.
WedgyKray94 Před 19 dny
The problem is not the yearly release because they have three different developers on a three year cycle anyway, the problem is warzone because that's all they give a shit about, they don't give a toss about the multilayer anymore, warzone is the worst thing to ever happen to cod, I don't care how many people like it and how successful it is.
Gwentleman Před 19 dny
Forget everything else, CW got rid of fully functional doors!! I was devastated. I loved hearing someone smash open a door and (hopefully) walk into my claymore.
tanxxor Před 19 dny
It feels like people who didn't like Modern Warfare just got a little too comfortable with the 'good old days' instead of enjoying the ride and watching their baby grow. As a Modern Warfare fan this growth landed in a pile of mud with Cold War. I remember something as simple as climbing a box, opening a door and yes even mounting being absent as quite a kick in the nards to the interactivity and proof that a stale franchise can learn and grow. This sort of conflicts with the yearly cycle thing too, on one hand; a great game like MW being given love for an extra year would keep me around for sure, but for a game like CW where I feel like I'm constantly bored and underwhelmed, a whole extra year of not much else would (and has) force me to move on to something else.
Silveraga Před 19 dny
I’m done with CoD. Hoping BF6 will be great.
Paul Mills
Paul Mills Před 19 dny
MW fans are real stupid if they thought that game would take Activisions priority over Cold War
Dissident Descendant
If you still buy Call of Duty....you get what you deserve.
Spider Před 19 dny
When BO2 gets a remaster they better keep the multiplayer mode too Plus I'm still waiting for a tranzit remaster
Brian McCracken
Brian McCracken Před 19 dny
My issue with Activision and Call of Duty currently isn’t one game or the other, it’s the mess they are creating in both every time they attempt any sort of update. The latest update for Modern Warfare deletes the files and forces you to re download in order to save space. Cold War is constantly force enabling new modes they launch in the playlist. I play for one mode Team Deathmatch. Once in a while for a task I will try another mode but that is my choice, not theirs. My only goal from Call of Duty is for it to be ready to use when I hit the couch to run and gun for a bit. I don’t have a need for modes that take longer than 8 minutes to complete or strategic long operations or modes where I have to sit around for several minutes “dead” waiting for a match to end or levels to reload. The biggest reason I’ve been playing Modern Warfare over Cold War as long as I have is Activision can’t launch the new game without it being a mess of bugs for the first 6 months. That is the biggest reason they should consider ending the yearly grind and setup for longer runs, 18 months might work. Unless of course they have to have it running that six months for tuning.
redfield Před 19 dny
Modern warfare changed a lot of stuff up . It was the change COD needed. Better graphics engine, cover system, better animations. All long overdue.
Nineteen1900Hundred Před 19 dny
Yes, and for some reason the Black Ops fans didn't care about those innovations. They are happy to shove the same 12 year old game engine down their throat year after year.
redfield Před 19 dny
I hate how black ops content is is in the modern warfare season pass. Unlocking weapons I can’t use because I don’t own black ops. Can use certain guns in multiplayer but can in warzone. It’s just stupid.
Trevor Coyle
Trevor Coyle Před 19 dny
I’ve been playing CoD since I was four sitting on my dads lap with Call of Duty classic. I’ve played almost every game and have been aware of the yearly cycle forever. And I wanted MW to have a much more extended life than one year. MW has the greatest potential of any CoD game to have an extended life, and dropping it for Cold War, which everyone is going to forget by the end of the summer, is just so disappointing. We finally have something great that the fan base is willing to support and activision is abandoning it for a lesser product and less profit. The fans want more MW, and they don’t care.
Gary Mott
Gary Mott Před 19 dny
... I just want titan fall 3
Deadpool Před 19 dny
The Cold War players don’t shower and have cheeto fingers except zombies
That’s cap
That’s cap Před 19 dny
No shit
Blitz LMSG
Blitz LMSG Před 19 dny
I don't even know if these guys played the multiplayer because they kept saying it diverted from the 3 lane style which is untrue a majority of the maps have the 3 lane style with a few exceptions like piccadilly and talsik backlot which still slightly do
TheBithen00 Před 19 dny
Going to BF6!
Error The Wolf204
Error The Wolf204 Před 19 dny
Tbh I dont mind the gun simith in cold war for the time it is in
Pauly D
Pauly D Před 19 dny
I wouldn’t mind a gap year every now and then for cod games. Plenty of alternatives to play instead. The assassins creed franchise surprisingly took that approach one year and came out with one of their best games the next, AC Origins. Unfortunately tho i think it will always come down to what makes the most money at the end of the day for companies.
Luke Skyraptor
Luke Skyraptor Před 19 dny
They can absolutely afford to, but they won’t. I think it would be wise and even beneficial to split the franchise up into at least a biannual release, with teams headed by IW and Treyarch (the strong studios) and Raven and Sledgehammer there for support and post launch content. I’m a Battlefield player at my core, so MW really hit the nail on the head for me, but the game has a longer development cycle between games and Activision could really capitalize on that. Timing your IW/MW style releases with the end of support for a BF game can draw that crowd in and the classic fans can still have their game as well. Just my thoughts and opinions.
Seer Rees
Seer Rees Před 19 dny
Call of Battlefield 6 was great but it's biggest flaw was that it was made by the wrong development team.
Rishi Kumar
Rishi Kumar Před 19 dny
I liked MW's engine but I like gameplay of CW
Neel Wadhwana
Neel Wadhwana Před 19 dny
I wish Modern Warfare (2019) was supported for another year.
MalarRaptor Před 19 dny
Activision needs to focus on WARZONE. And the thing with warzone is that it plays more like modern warfare than Cold War. The people who are mad about the season passes and lack of support are the people who bought into warzone with modern warfare. No ones buying into warzone with Cold War. Everyone who I’ve talked to who plays Cold War is because of zombies, not multiplayer. Where as modern warfare’s bread and butter is the campaign and multiplayer (for me at least) I don’t remember any of the black ops characters, but I sure as hell remember soap, ghost, price and even roach. 🤷‍♂️
Sean's Midas Touch
Sean's Midas Touch Před 19 dny
What’s a head scratcher to me is i see sooooo many players saying it’s the same old COD every year, then we get MW2019 and then they say “Oh what is this, this ain’t COD if i want to play BF I’ll go play that” so if thats the case what is Activision supposed to do??? MW19 is my fav COD ever and I’ve played EVERY COD and EVERY Battlefield. It struck the perfect balance.
Christian Torres
Christian Torres Před 18 dny
Well as far as I know the community usually don't know what they want, that's what I say cause some started on a futuristic cod and that's what they grew up with and others grew up with the modern warfare franchise and the community just turns into a jumbled mess that's always at each other's throats.
Jintae Jay Joo
Jintae Jay Joo Před 19 dny
I don't think they will break the cycle... WW2 elements would be included into WZ. Because they like money.
Mason Williams
Mason Williams Před 19 dny
They can but they have to be careful about it. The ideal scenario is a separation of the stories and merchandise. I get upset because MW is my favorite cod game to date, but Cold War is a much more social and laid back game. They serve different roles and are different products and they should be treated as such.
UI GokuSaiyan
UI GokuSaiyan Před 19 dny
Yo that skateboarding VanossGaming *NOSTALGIC*
Prodigy Před 19 dny
I know this wont ever happen but I would love to see treyarch, infinity ward, and sledgehammer games to make one great cod
Andrew Henderson
Andrew Henderson Před 19 dny
CW seems more of a campers game somehow. I think it’s the new ‘reveal’ feature. In mw you can see a player name across the map highlighted and that prevented campers and the glint on snipers where so much brighter in MW
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson Před 19 dny
Cold War is for actual call of duty players who like the Arcady feel of cod, and modern borefare is for battlefield players.
Andrew Walters
Andrew Walters Před 19 dny
Which Call of Duty do you like the most Black Ops and Modern Warfare franchise?
SPIDI_GO Před 13 dny
MW because there is no other game like it.
Gadapa King
Gadapa King Před 19 dny
Sean's Midas Touch
Sean's Midas Touch Před 19 dny
Definitely MW2019!
Andrew Walters
Andrew Walters Před 19 dny
They should break there yearly cycle so they can, maneuver a lot more around the games that they are planning to make. It should be broken down into teams that don't work on the same game or they can make the cycle monthly.
Adie Raditz
Adie Raditz Před 19 dny
What? Break yearly circle??? I say break yearly million dollar profit potential.... Player? Nah, they can wait...
SPIDI_GO Před 13 dny
The Truth About my Son
zhlédnutí 15M
The Truth About my Son
zhlédnutí 15M
Jak Vypadal Majnr Poprvé?
Nehraj túto hru ... (ALTF4)