Cyberpunk 1.2 Patch: Is It Playable Yet? 

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Cyberpunk 2077's 1.2 patch just dropped and it is massive! Jake and Jean-Luc take it for a spin to see how CD Projekt Red's RPG runs now.


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30. 03. 2021





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Unreasonable Bastards
The police spawning is completely stupid. Really expected more from CDPR, you could give a classroom full of 12 year olds this problem and they would have thought of a better spawn mechanic.
Terry Chestnut
Terry Chestnut Před 4 dny
Driving (my world) is like roller skating on a sheet of ice. The auto turns like it on a gyro located dead center of the auto. Once the auto starts fish tailing, one must stop using the controller. All turns are bases on 90 degree movement. In my game driving is horrible. No control, unless you are going very slow. Tomb Raider is more exciting.
AHarice Před 5 dny
Ready when its done crap they promoted was bull shit
Geoffrey Allen
Geoffrey Allen Před 8 dny
I’ve played and beat the main campaign on PS5. Can’t say I’ve had much issues with bugs. My issues are just that this game did not live up to the hype of being an immersive open world experience. Just didn’t do it for me
Show Not Tell
Show Not Tell Před 8 dny
the game should be playable in 2077
bloodySunday77 Před 9 dny
6:15?? 6:25??!? 😂
Provaz Před 9 dny
If you think Cyberpunk is unplayable, try Valhalla
Speedie Neighbour
Speedie Neighbour Před 10 dny
You still can't play this game on a normal ps4. There are scenes not loading and the lighting is never working probably.
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee Před 11 dny
I wouldn't mind a new game plus though haven't played in months wishful thinking I suppose meh 😕
2fast4death Před 11 dny
Damn they still got the shock paddles out for this one
Joel Ressell
Joel Ressell Před 12 dny
Who are these nerds?
just finished reading the patch notes its now April ffs
Acrylaco Před 13 dny
When you can't complete a mission so you blame it on the game, typical journalist.
ryuujinxx Před 14 dny
I'm so TIRED of people complaining about the cops in this game. Its NOT GTA! It was never supposed to be. The cops WILL show up and kill you if you harm civilians. That is intentional.
Jamie James
Jamie James Před 15 dny
Game should have only been released on next gen
Merps Před 15 dny
they implemented the dummest system by adding a code that made NCPD spawn on foot now they cant fix it or improve it without breaking the entire game. this game is screwed.
Michael Van Rheede
Michael Van Rheede Před 15 dny
I noticed on pc after patch 1.2 my grenade arm stopped working, and couldnt find a key binding for it
Leszek Jura
Leszek Jura Před 15 dny
I've completed the game on the base PS4 and now doing side quests. As a reply to not recommending the game, I'd say this - the first time I saw Blade Runner was not 4K Blu Ray edition, but a VHS (Probably:). And it didn't prevent me from enjoying it. So if you are in for a great story and vibe, play the game even on base PS4.
Bino Před 15 dny
ITS A NEXT GEN GAME THEY SHOULD HAVE NEVER MADE A PS4 VERSION some people gotta use the brain they have
Nick J
Nick J Před 15 dny
It should be noted that Jean-Luc isn’t playing the actual “PS5 version” as he kept stating. He’s playing the PS4 version through backwards compatibility. The “Next Gen” versions are still not released.
Lynaugh1211 L
Lynaugh1211 L Před 15 dny
Cyberpunk would have benefited from having a character with a set design, background, etc. like the Witcher
Sbc 9696
Sbc 9696 Před 15 dny
Is this automatically downloaded from steam or do I need to download this freaking thing. I don't know how to tell if I have it
QuantumRads Před 15 dny
TechKnowBabble Před 16 dny
Someone please let me know when they get third person like GTA 5!
Ozzy Sanchez
Ozzy Sanchez Před 16 dny
Keep waiting !!!! OMG !!! maybe next year !!!
I T Před 16 dny
After downloading this patch I played the game for a over an hour. This patch made the game worse for me on PS4 Pro on a 4K TV. I immediately deleted CyberPunk after everything except for my saved data. I have a physical copy and won’t play again till December.
Lee Tuan Ling Edison
DUDE ! That right guy just looks like MATUMBAMAN
VSnake GamingFps
VSnake GamingFps Před 16 dny
Crowd disappearing and police is poor spawn points
Zizzla Před 16 dny
How did you find the game ran on Xbox one X?
MUCH_ Před 16 dny
The only good thing Cyberpunk's currently good for is benchmarking.
Hector Camacho
Hector Camacho Před 16 dny
There's no PS5 versión. It's the PS4 version, running on the PS5. Talk properly.
A T Před 17 dny
I gave up on this game months ago.
Robert Watson
Robert Watson Před 17 dny
Allot of new options have shown up in scanner Quick hacks on devices "extract data" I'm uncertain what is rewarded while using this option and I've come across hidden computer with detonate option seen in network tabs in the area regina tells V to get rid of pachinko racketeers. Kiroshi implant also translates billboards adverts when scanned from distance as well as reveal range of multiple targets.
Amy Dentata
Amy Dentata Před 17 dny
This game was released in Surprise Early Access
Jesse Wu
Jesse Wu Před 17 dny
Are you twins Kappa
Vee Raww
Vee Raww Před 17 dny
They should just let the community tell them what they should do and then do it since they fucked up .
Solid Fisher
Solid Fisher Před 17 dny
Been playing since 9pm December 9th on my base ps4. Yes there are quite a few issues but pretending it's not playable at all is a bad take
ツLHEK Před 16 dny
Considering that people got locked on certain missions due to bugs and therefore couldnt progress any further is basically unplayable. Lets not forget that your savegame just broke once it reached over 8mb.
Sarif Kane
Sarif Kane Před 17 dny
Isn't obvious, at this stage, those patches would not help at all. They fixing the only staff that kinda changes color from green to slightly liter green. And all other content that hasn't been added to a game on 27 of December. If I were they I would re-release the game just apologize and set a date to real final realize with all of the content that still in development of the extremely one of the important game. P.S. Finanaly CD Project Red follow others path basically not to include content in the final game and sell later as DLS, but now it is free now because of the situation.
Edy Před 17 dny
it's weird how i finished the whole game, all the quests with no problems back on the version with the first day patch
Chris Helton
Chris Helton Před 17 dny
Is the guy on the right the same guy as the one on the left, just with a wig and hat?
AcquereWill Před 17 dny
0:16 that's...your job
Allan Před 17 dny
Mini map. They need that done no1. The cop thing. Either fix it or totally dump it. As it is it’s total bs.
CaptainMorganThe3rd Před 18 dny
Meanwhile, Disco Elysium Final Cut is already on version 1.2 despite being out for less than a week. It’s also an infinitely better RPG. And it costs less than Cyberpunk. And it’s just an overall better game. And we’re still talking about Cyberpunk like there’s even a chance they can salvage this thing and turn it into what they showed in the hype demos. In short: everyone should just play Disco Elysium instead
LikeWater 5879
LikeWater 5879 Před 18 dny
Bought it for $30 the other day. Playing on the PS4 pro and I've seen some visual glitches and had the game freeze once but other then that I like the game. Fun gameplay and the story is really good.
Kurt Bilinski
Kurt Bilinski Před 18 dny
It's funny hearing and reading these comments. I just finished Fallout 4, and am currently playing the even older Fallout New Vegas, and nothing has changed. These epic world games are apparently just too big and complicated to make bug free in any sort of realistic business time cycle, so they do patches. Figure you'll have about two years of bug fixes before they stop listening, as they'll be on to their next product. It does build a negative reputation though that'll eventually drag them down...
JimiJimo Před 16 dny
Yep, most ARPGs I've played seem to be just either buggy as hell at launch or still buggy as hell to this day, no idea why that's the case.
Igor Beuk
Igor Beuk Před 18 dny
This game is Dead so why bother with patches? We all saw videos of game play and whole Story and every end. We also heard all bad things about Cyberpunk from PC players and as time passes we conclude that we as gamers wont alow something similar to happened again. Big scam with even bigger Hype. Developers talked about all things we can do and not a single thing is possible only basic straight forward gameplay is avarage expirense and for players that already played what is difference or is it only game that have desent graphics for them to play. Cyberpunk could be something amazing but is turn to worst expirense for everyone and now they patching hahahaha no no we are playing other games and waiting for new to come.... Cyberpunk hahahaha my friend spend so much money just to play this game and now he is disappointed, now he is playing Doom eternal and Dead Stranding he sad money wasted.
Gavin C.O.
Gavin C.O. Před 18 dny
yes.....on PC forget consoles
Lightbearer Před 15 dny
Exactly. One of the videos I saw someone explain how they made a mistake putting the game on last gen consoles and how it's to big for them to handle. So no matter how many things they fix it will always be buggy on consoles.
Liberty Prime
Liberty Prime Před 18 dny
Will it ever be playable on old gen consoles
smw1279 Před 18 dny
as much as a hot mess this game is at launch, I still don't regret buying the game. can't wait for the dlc
PC Games Station
PC Games Station Před 8 dny
Mee too, I even got 400 hours and finished all side quets. Stills bugs though, stories and gameplay are okay.
JimiJimo Před 16 dny
Same, game's launch was a shitshow and has so many big flaws even if we ignore the bugs but I enjoyed my 100 hours playing the game and I look forward to the DLC
Stephen Davy
Stephen Davy Před 18 dny
Off subject . Is anyone else getting “ The Good Doctor “ vibes from the guy to the left ? Lol
Lana Gievski
Lana Gievski Před 18 dny
Annnnnd this is why I won’t be buying this game.
K S Před 18 dny
At some point CDPR have to ask themselves - can it really be salvaged?
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson Před 18 dny
PC AMD RX 480 8 GB paired with Intel i5 6600k 1080p on medium and low (neither fixes anything). Before 1.2 it used to crash every five to ten minutes (had to save a lot). Now the crashes happen every thirty to forty five minutes. Some pop in and blurry textures as it tries to load. I've had the 0 health bar bug, finger gun bug, weapon icons not appearing in inventory, and a strange blueish black bar that has appeared twice so far (reloading gets rid of it). Crashes happen more while driving just like before the patch. But at least now I can play the dang thing.
PC Games Station
PC Games Station Před 8 dny
Youre so patient. My 5700xt 3700x run okay but bugs sometimes. I got 400 hours and just only 3 time crashes from the launch till now. I can say this is 7/10, not bad for an open rpg. Story 9.5/10
Joseph Jordell
Joseph Jordell Před 18 dny
Got work to do like play video games and talk about it on youtube?
MrDarber Před 18 dny
I was able to play the game all the way threw the story and even some completionist crap after and never had any problems on my PC. Now I wasn't even able to start the game without out it crashing, so I reinstalled and when i got in the game it was graphicly glitchy as hell. I'm happy I finished the game already and well more then likely never want to go back.
Jonathan Tom
Jonathan Tom Před 18 dny
I miss the funny bug
Charles Valcarce
Charles Valcarce Před 18 dny
Xbox one serious or ps5 ?
Cathal Mac
Cathal Mac Před 19 dny
Ps5 runs good? No chance. Less buggy but made the game worse with terrible pop in. Drive with any speed and everything disappears lol. Hopefully get my refund
Jag Sidhu
Jag Sidhu Před 19 dny
They are both the same person using different disguises
STANNY08 Před 19 dny
Your not playing the ps5 version, the ps5 (and series x) version ain't out yet! Your playing the PS4 version on PS5!
Morgan Reynolds
Morgan Reynolds Před 19 dny
Sad that this botched release has tainted a game with some of the best animations and level design I've ever seen.
Eric Eldred
Eric Eldred Před 19 dny
Is it playable? Didn’t gamespot give it an 8...?
Absolutely not still can’t play
Opalthira Před 19 dny
"ps4 is full of bugs and cant run anything properly" Xbox since launch: The game runs fine its just got some bugs like the pc version
CJW Productions
CJW Productions Před 19 dny
The game feels more stable. It hasn't crashed on me yet which happened before. But the biggest problem I've run into is when travelling at speed on a vehicle the textures don't load in quickly enough. I was driving and I fell through the map because the road didn't load in properly. Now I'm driving around slowly because I'm worried about falling through the map again. Oh well, ill wait for more patches and pray.
Sean SMEGHEAD Před 19 dny
"In my opinion the PS5 version at launch was pretty solid version of the game, it ran well" WHAT!!? Are you HIGH? Did you play for longer than 5 minutes? Games journalism everybody, fuck me. Lazy, clone like people.
Shannon Nash
Shannon Nash Před 19 dny
Y’all talk about PC and Base PS4...Has everyone forgot that PS4 Pro exists? I’d like to see reviews and impressions on the Pro. Additionally the game is still available for purchase as a hard copy for PS. I know, crazy idea buying a physical copy. However PS players still have access to purchase it outside of PSN.
George Před 19 dny
- It feels good... - no, it’s not
Etheral101 Před 19 dny
The more bugs fixed the more you realise how dead, lifeless and mediocre this game is.
Bruno Ramos Dias
Bruno Ramos Dias Před 19 dny
Wow how lazy have these Journalists got I have to work your work is to read the patch notes and analyze the release jeez Louise
carlosgg90116 Před 19 dny
Can't kill kids, need to fix this bug
spurio Před 19 dny
Lots of stuff fixed and lots of stuff still to be fixed but the larger problem with this game is the missing content and truncated game design.
And still. After all the patches and time worked on to ‘fix the game’, gta 1 still has a better police ai system than this game. And that came out in 1997...
Jason weitzel
Jason weitzel Před 19 dny
Literally they could fix all the bugs the game still wouldn’t be good
Chua M T
Chua M T Před 19 dny
fix old ones but introduced new bugs. This will never end with this game. I tried giving it a second chance but after 2 hours in I deleted it again. I won't go back again, sick of CDPR games .
Phillip_IV_Planet King
Cyberpunk runs fine 60 fps on a flip phone.
PC Games Station
PC Games Station Před 8 dny
Alien Yogurt Pot
Alien Yogurt Pot Před 19 dny
GameSpot: I have work to do.. I can't read patch notes. Literally your job.
Leve levi
Leve levi Před 2 dny
Mack .Doggs
Mack .Doggs Před 9 dny
bloodySunday77 Před 9 dny
Exactly... not to mention that the creators have such a level of professionalism that they actually left this in and did not edit it out...
Joel Ressell
Joel Ressell Před 12 dny
Exactly... I was immediately thinking, "So... you didn't play the game then?"
Radócz György
Radócz György Před 19 dny
Series s, running wel 2months ago.
What about racing ? What a missed opportunity right there. Mafia 3 has awesome side mission racing all over the map. So does gt5. How does this not have more racing ?
Fudge Cornelius
Fudge Cornelius Před 20 dny
Ok forgive me on my dumb question but every time they patch this game it’s taking up memory on my storage right?
JimiJimo Před 16 dny
Nope I don't think so at least, I've updated mine and during the download it did take up space but after it installed it went right back to normal (give or take 5 to 8 gb
Tom Ratcliff
Tom Ratcliff Před 20 dny
'if you have a PS4 version of the game get a ps5 or pc' great advice of you already brought a game which was marketed for PS4 and hyped up to fuck by GameSpot.....
lilue Jones
lilue Jones Před 20 dny
The 1.2 patch is a total nerf of all things in Cyberpunk. If you start a new game you will soon see you can no longer be a netrunner, you will have trouble getting components to craft with (no disassembly of drinks (while common components wont be so bad, uncommon will become much harder to come by), no making $ as the painting exploit is gone and you cant sell components from dissembly of drinks you purchase is gone. You cant get the free mantis blades anymore and although the price went down from $100K to $55K they need street cred 40? to buy them. You cant get the mid level cyberdecks which used to have no requirements as they now have street cred lvl 12 to be able to purchase and the legendary Raven mk 4 used to be street cred 14 is now street cred 40, yes thats right from 14 to 40, the Tetronic rippler from 28 to 44, and the Netwatch well who waited to 49 to get one of those? that didn't grind xp by farming enemies to get leveled up. The cyberhacking is screwed now, so they removed the option to be a netrunner, why? they want you to invest in guns/blades, WTF? You dont get 2 perk shards instead of 1 by hitting learn anymore, thanks alot and for a few minor improvements in the environment I am quitting playing this game because for me is FUBAR now because of this nerfing. I cant buy a scope for my Nekomata at the gun stores at the beginning of the game and cant use it without one.
omega Před 20 dny
Cyberpunk won't be ready for years, it doesn't take a genius to see whats wrong in the game.
Vance G
Vance G Před 20 dny
Since Xbox One is worst should have covered it.
Paul Corr
Paul Corr Před 20 dny
we can officaly say that the game turned from alpha to beta im so dissapointed still
A. Yuuki
A. Yuuki Před 20 dny
Everyone is so hung up on shooting NPCs when there's absolutely no reason to even be doing that. This isn't GTA. It's basically a really big Deus Ex. Maybe judge a game more on what it is. Not what you wish it was.
Derek Allgood
Derek Allgood Před 20 dny
disappointing, i really want to buy this game but it’s still in such a bad place.
JimiJimo Před 16 dny
Honestly mate jsut wait for a definitive edition, I enjoyed the game a lot but I just can't recommend it at the moment.
The Manic Boy
The Manic Boy Před 20 dny
So this clearly had no business being released in 2021, let alone 2020. This is why you don't demand release dates from developers; but also why they shouldn't market a date when it's clearly nowhere near able to meet that date.
Mr_SWAT_585 Před 20 dny
Has the character drift been fixed?
SpongeBob GloomyPants
6:45 _fFfFfFfFun_
juan muller
juan muller Před 20 dny
Just did the scanner mission there is a big robot inside of the warehouse at the left back side if you kill him the mission completes.
I hope they don't bother with ps4 performance patches and instead focus on getting new consoles and PC as good as possible and implement all those features they skipped.
Freaky Frank
Freaky Frank Před 20 dny
It's better but still not great
Ultimate Zeno
Ultimate Zeno Před 20 dny
Ima wait a few years to play this game.
21. Muhammad Imam Nawawi
TLDW: It's still bad. Let's move on guys
Chris Arnold1
Chris Arnold1 Před 20 dny
Do you still need a 3080/3090 just to play this without major performance drops?
Pudgyfolds Před 20 dny
PS5 seems worse to me. cars are now loading in right in front of me like 150m away. Also the streets seem way more empty than before and fuckin judy still wont call. maybe its cos i changed the res from 1080p to 2160p hdr 60, maybe the graphics are altered to handle 4k idk. Highly Disappointing update from seedy projekt red
Ragheed Eleyan
Ragheed Eleyan Před 20 dny
It's already dead, move on.
ayushrajrules Před 20 dny
I play on laptop. NVIDIA 1660Ti, i5-9300H. Cyberpunk 2077 never crashed until this new patch. Now it crashes within 2 to 3min of playing.
PC Games Station
PC Games Station Před 6 dny
@ayushrajrules thank you
ayushrajrules Před 6 dny
@PC Games Station yesterday's patch fixed the crashing.
ayushrajrules Před 8 dny
@PC Games Station tried everything. The crashing started after the 30GB patch. But whatever. IDC. Waiting for the game to be patched the refund window closed. And I don't play the game anymore. Got burnt for pre-ordering. Never gonna pre-order anything from CDPR.
PC Games Station
PC Games Station Před 8 dny
Maybe you should update driver and turn down some settings. I crashed 2-3 times before 1.2, now its stable, no more crashes.
Anh Thong
Anh Thong Před 20 dny
A lot of mission have car chasing part. But they have no car AI, so the enemy car just pass by you like normal. This game still in Alpha state after 1.2 update patch.
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