E3 Is Back, But PlayStation Isn't 

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With the official confirmation from The ESA that E3 2021 will be a free online digital event, Lucy, Tamoor, and Jordan discuss the future of the gaming show and what to expect this summer.
It's official: E3 2021 is happening and it's going to be a free online event for everyone to enjoy. The ESA has released a list of the publishers that will be taking part, and it makes for an interesting read.
With so many publishers having their own digital events and showcases, do publishers even need E3? This sounds like a question for the Console Crew! Tamoor, Jordan, and Lucy got together to discuss the news in this week's episode. In particular, they talk about Sony's absence and Xbox's inclusion in the huge summer event. They also discuss the future of E3 and the show's hopes of being an in-person event in 2022.
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6. 04. 2021





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Sony Only
Sony Only Před 6 dny
PlayStation is dead and has no games
NicK HaVoK
NicK HaVoK Před 8 dny
No company really needs e3 is mainly for hyping up their fans.. always something to look forward to and get excited about
steady one
steady one Před 9 dny
lol koch
Jonathan Tyner
Jonathan Tyner Před 10 dny
I'm wish Sony, Square Enix, & EA were announced for E3 2021. Microsoft E3 2021 Press Conference Date: June 12, 2021 Sony E3 2021 Press Conference Date: June 12, 2021 Ubisoft E3 2021 Press Conference Date: June 12, 2021 Square Enix E3 2021 Press Conference Date: June 12, 2021 Bethesda E3 2021 press conference Date: June 12, 2021 Nintendo E3 2021 Press Conference Date: June 13, 2021
Jonathan Tyner
Jonathan Tyner Před 10 dny
E3 2021 should start until June 11-17.
Randal Slayton
Randal Slayton Před 13 dny
Elden Ring?
K Před 13 dny
I'd say there won't be much of a difference between E3 in person and E3 being wholly livestreams-- majority of the publicity imo is from the veiws the clips and the stream itself garners on CSshows and other platforms.
Desmond Před 13 dny
That Taliban is the most unfunny gamespot host ever
Peachy Man
Peachy Man Před 13 dny
Lol who cares about playstation tho I'm sure they will show something like they've been doing
Gamecore Před 13 dny
Sony is just going to announce all their games on game pass
Sam Forte
Sam Forte Před 14 dny
Waiting for a new Just Dance game!!
D F Před 14 dny
Honestly if you’re not on PC or PS5 this Gen stop gaming
Edric Chang
Edric Chang Před 14 dny
lmao who cares about sony anymore
Jonathan Tyner
Jonathan Tyner Před 14 dny
I'm happy, E3 is coming back. But i hope this is lie, because sony e3 2021 press conference will be announced soon..........i hope.
Rikki707 Před 14 dny
I don’t mind, as long as Nintendo is there
Social Gamer
Social Gamer Před 14 dny
I really like / want all digital events. With the added offer of getting demos and game play access via PC and consoles. 🙏
mister dondon
mister dondon Před 14 dny
man kinda bummed sony isnt in it. guess i'll just watch it for nintendo and skip it
Fate862 Před 14 dny
Kinda pointless when sony has their state of play or nintendo having nintendo direct. Usually they just announce trailers whenever they want, no event needed. I feel like xbox is the only one who wants to do it their way anymore. Usually its multiplatform games anyway so what'sthe point?
chadgrov Před 14 dny
Who cares it’s not like you can buy a ps5 anyway, they really fucked up bad I may switch to xbox
moonlighter Před 14 dny
Sony doesn't need E3, they get more viewers than E3 itself.
Shinigami 1313
Shinigami 1313 Před 14 dny
Like how ps home did e3 events. Why not do the same for vr? It would give chance to many who never had the chance to go to e3 in person.
Shinigami 1313
Shinigami 1313 Před 14 dny
How come they dont have a vr e3? Would be pretty sick ngl.
Angel Před 14 dny
People don't understand that this might be xbox's year.
Markus Hansson
Markus Hansson Před 14 dny
Yeah well, look at the last time Sony attended E3 and you can see why, while their games were good their hosts did not care at all.
Ryuan Před 14 dny
Been to E3 back in the better-days 5+ times. You all make some good points, but make no mistake. E3 and the ESA is a business first and foremost. The big tents pay millions for that floor space to showcase their tech and upcoming projects to the world. The E3 venue misses out MUCH more when Sony doesn't build it's circus right in the smack middle of South Hall.
Gizmo Před 14 dny
XtraThankYou Před 14 dny
*Sony* finna pull an *Endgame* coming out last minute through a portal.
Elliott Vaughn
Elliott Vaughn Před 14 dny
I suppose "for tradition" IS a weak solo argument. I think the best E3 is a showcase that functions by setting the big competitors (and little guys?) right next to each other for a purer comparison for gamers.
jonneymendoza Před 14 dny
i disagree with bbc etc not knowing about nintendo direct etc. last year he likes of BBC where advertising and created lots of articles regarding each companies own show
BayCreeper1 Před 14 dny
So in other words....nobody cares since Sony is out
GenieEliteZ Před 14 dny
This Afro Dude is a Xbox hater
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts Před 14 dny
Might be because there's only 3 people in the world with a ps5 so its a waste of time Sony turning up
BoNZo Speechless
BoNZo Speechless Před 14 dny
I hope they will show more of The Callisto Protocol. A gameplay trailer mb?
K Před 13 dny
I'm really excited for the Callisto protocol because it's the closest thing to a another deadspace game we'll get
ZonNoDon Před 14 dny
DAMN, I wanted E3 CANCELLED!!!!!
Kc Link
Kc Link Před 14 dny
Playstation needs to be there to build up there faith with gamers as they are losing so much, and the CEO somehow hates Playstation.
Nero Před 14 dny
E3 isnt the same without Sony
Steven-34 Před 14 dny
Sony skipped 2019. This isn’t a suprise. Hope Nintendo pulls out the big guns at e3.
Corrin Flakes
Corrin Flakes Před 13 dny
And they confirmed unsubtitled Breath of the Wild sequel news this year, so perfect timing.
Corrin Flakes
Corrin Flakes Před 13 dny
Thing is if they just have the unsubtitled Breath of the Wild sequel that'll be still great since it was Breath of the Wild that carried their hype/momentum through E3 2016 on just that single game... oh yeah and I guess Pokémon Sun & Moon were that year too.
Hasham Ali
Hasham Ali Před 14 dny
The way Lucy reacted to Coch joke made me fall even more in love with her.
CosmicMurmur Před 14 dny
Lucy ❤️
Dante S550 10R80'S
Dante S550 10R80'S Před 14 dny
It was good not having the cgi super computer gameplay of games we'll never get, but also a lot of games get announced at E3 so it was def. a pain in the ass last year looking at all the smaller events and trying to research games you don't even know the names of for new games.
C - Valer
C - Valer Před 14 dny
They've been having their own event for years now. But looking back at PS E3 Showcase from previous year, E3 will never be as big without Playstation.
Jonathan Stephen
Jonathan Stephen Před 14 dny
Take two tho 👀👀
SinkingSail Před 14 dny
So it's not back... -__-
delivrex Před 14 dny
Don't care about lamestation next
wolfshot_k Před 14 dny
Trust the xbox expert to try kill hype 🙄
Desasterific Před 14 dny
is E3 still necessary? don't think so
ozzyg82 Před 14 dny
Microsoft turning back up to E3 kinda could end up making Sony’s absence scrutinised n the same way Microsoft’s transparency with their console development made Sony’s silence more profound.
Shawn Adesalu
Shawn Adesalu Před 14 dny
@KK Daze Sony looking bad what you on about they have their own thing just like Nintendo
SavageDragoon420 Před 14 dny
If Phil Spencer comes out with the Rock, im sold 🤣
T Time
T Time Před 13 dny
@K4 WBT 🤣😅
K4 WBT Před 14 dny
If Phil Spencer comes out smoking a rock I'm there
Midnight Před 14 dny
Am I crazy or did they not mention the fact that Sony was not going to be there in this entire video? I thought that was the title that would be what they would discuss lol.
Sawk Chalk
Sawk Chalk Před 14 dny
Muhhfucc'n Menace
Muhhfucc'n Menace Před 14 dny
Well i'm glad E3 is back, but ehh..sony..
Moses Freitzberg
Moses Freitzberg Před 14 dny
E3 has expired now
javgoblin Před 14 dny
Btw, I believe it’s pronounced “coke” media. As in, Koch brothers.
Kaloderma Před 14 dny
Playstation doesn’t need E3 like XBox, Sony has State of Play.
Shawn Adesalu
Shawn Adesalu Před 14 dny
@Kaloderma exactly Xbox hasn’t got any better gamepass is mostly games of last generation as well, they’ll never have aaa exclusives look what they done to rare when they acquired them destroyed banjo kazooie and perfect dark
Kaloderma Před 14 dny
@Connor Spears XBox looses again and worst of all they don’t learn from the past. No AAA-XBox-only exclusives, no VR support, not even support for existing VR head mounted displays. This officially degrading XBox owners to second class gamers and kicks them into their ass. And gamepass doesn‘t change anything.
Shawn Adesalu
Shawn Adesalu Před 14 dny
@Connor Spears hahah what a stupid comment PlayStation is on top of Xbox once again already sold double of Xbox and one exclusive doesn’t mean all exclusives are going from Sony you tool, if anything Xbox is getting worse they have no exclusives at all what’s the point in buying their new console, oh gamepass when you can get it on a Xbox one Xbox need e3, PlayStation sells more software sales than Xbox, not mention Nintendo have smashed sales and sold more than Xbox consoles embarrassing
uhMayzedHD Před 14 dny
E3 still irrelevant There nothing special about that now A random game trailer can drop on the internet and it blows up E3 is no longer needed
ZonNoDon Před 14 dny
jbroti 004
jbroti 004 Před 14 dny
Can I just get some news on FAR CRY 6 please!!
Xtracult 510
Xtracult 510 Před 14 dny
These people forget that playstation has their own version of e3.
C - Valer
C - Valer Před 14 dny
@NoXiousBLD that is what the last Major PS event was called
NoXiousBLD Před 14 dny
@C - Valer Huh?
C - Valer
C - Valer Před 14 dny
@NoXiousBLD Future of Gaming ?
NoXiousBLD Před 14 dny
Called what?
King Před 14 dny
Come on Sony I wanna see my Spider-Man 2
Atharwa Choudhari
Atharwa Choudhari Před 14 dny
E3 is back basically for those huge bethesda announcements this year lol
Justin POL
Justin POL Před 14 dny
Xbox have 0 hype.... 🤷‍♂️ realtalk after the shit Halo Infinite
Lemon Head
Lemon Head Před 14 dny
So what's the name of the planet you live on? Ponygirl? The hype for Xbox hasn't stopped for weeks. I can smell the salt threw the phone 😂🤣👍💚💚💚
Lemon Head
Lemon Head Před 14 dny
Is there a reason why the little hipster Sony fangirl dweeb on the left completely SKIPPED over XBOX when reading over the attendees? Then goes on to smear XBOX saying they need E3? Sony fans are so salty and petty its pathetic Lol. Yea Sony doesn't need E3 as they obviously put zero effort in communicating with their fanbase but Microsoft.. a Trillion dollar company that is ALWAYS hyping up and communicating with their fantasy needs E3 😂. What a hipster moron
Ccalate Před 14 dny
E3 is back let’s gooooo
CPM3 Před 14 dny
In other news, water... wet.
Charlotte A. Cavatica
It's not just Playstation. Sony, EA, Sega, Activision, Blizzard and Square Enix are not making a comeback to E3 this year either. So much for seeing the new Sonic game announced this year. But RE8 is being released next month, and at least we'll see more at E3, like a potential announcement trailer for Injustic3, release date trailers for Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. And another trailer for Hogwarts Legacy. And a whole lot other cool shit.
Fate862 Před 14 dny
They can pull out but remember games always still get announced. Not in a big show but just announced in one trailer before or after an event. They aren't as strict about having to show it at an event and just do it when they want which is why I like companies and even sony just dropping trailers on us when they want.
TheInvisCat Před 14 dny
K I’m happy, we got Nintendo goodbye
Garth Alpha
Garth Alpha Před 14 dny
CrossFireX I hope we get more news or a mini trailer
Matt Morris
Matt Morris Před 14 dny
Sony has been awful this generation. That will probably change, but really unimpressive
J Gooner894
J Gooner894 Před 14 dny
@Matt Morris What momentum they’re losing? They most likely don’t have much to show in June beyond what they’ve shown already with Horizon and God of War so they’re not gonna bother with a whole showcase, they’ll be there next year I think where it’s properly back up and running and not a full online thing.
Matt Morris
Matt Morris Před 14 dny
@J Gooner894 ain’t silly. This momentum they are losing is gonna be pretty evident in the future. It’s a lot like Xbox losing momentum after the 360
J Gooner894
J Gooner894 Před 14 dny
Have they? They’ve had the best games compared to Xbox. Also it’s been like 5 months so it’s silly to judge now.
Lt TripitZ
Lt TripitZ Před 14 dny
Sony taking so many L's imma turn french and start calling em Le'Sony
Ayush Před 14 dny
TAKE TWO interactive?? YAYY
Ayush Před 13 dny
@Intenseowl125 😔 i was expecting a gta vi teaser :(
Intenseowl125 Před 14 dny
Lower your expectations, it could be another NBA and other shitty live service games by 2K showcase.
Suraj Sharma
Suraj Sharma Před 14 dny
StealthBastard Před 14 dny
Couldn't care less about playstation
TigerTony 77
TigerTony 77 Před 14 dny
Still waiting for Metroid Nintendo
TigerTony 77
TigerTony 77 Před 14 dny
Xbox no game rip off
C - Valer
C - Valer Před 14 dny
@Lemon Head wow, what a good life you have. Advertising xbox and calling people ponys like they're your daddy's company. I'd be having an extensial crisis if i were you.
TigerTony 77
TigerTony 77 Před 14 dny
@Lemon Head hahaha
Lemon Head
Lemon Head Před 14 dny
70 bucks a game 🤢🤮👍.. MLB, Outriders, Starfield, Elder Scrolls 6, Halo Infinite, gears 6, Perfect Dark, flight Sim, State of decay 3, Future Skyrims, Doom 3, Fallout 5, All of Ubisofts games, ALL of EAs games, Fable, Crossfire X, Avowed, The Ascend, Scorn, The evil Within 3, Indiana Jones, Starwars, BATTLEFIELD 6!! ALL ON DAY 1 PONY!!! FREE WITH A GAMEPASS SUB! Now.. let that sink into your little brain and realize how moronic you sound 😂
okjaye Před 14 dny
imagine sony going BIG right now at a time when its actual fan base can't even purchase the console.
Tony Nouvxer
Tony Nouvxer Před 9 dny
@DatDerp Derping Spider-Man is also on ps4 lol
DatDerp Derping
DatDerp Derping Před 14 dny
Not like that console has games lmao, only spiderman and demon souls
Langley M Neely
Langley M Neely Před 14 dny
I legit don’t mean to be a perv, & apologies in advance if I come off as one, but Lucy James has THE longest most beautiful neck I have ever seen on a human being! Its like a porcelain swans! 🦢... Was that like really cringey and weird?
Lemon Head
Lemon Head Před 14 dny
TigerTony 77
TigerTony 77 Před 14 dny
I want my PS5 now !!!!!!!
Tokyo Lifestyle
Tokyo Lifestyle Před 14 dny
Sony isn't part of it for years. Not even worth mentioning it in this news. xD Also, I don't think anybody cares. If I watch the Livestream during E3 or when Sony is planning it does not matter to me.
PHXNTXM Před 14 dny
Right, content is king and as long as the content is worth tuning in for, it doesn’t matter where it’s showcased. Especially, nowadays when everything is online anyways.
Noturnacho O
Noturnacho O Před 14 dny
I’m just waiting for battlefield 6 trailer
Noturnacho O
Noturnacho O Před 12 dny
@Jimmy Eres it’s dice is owned by EA of course we know it’s going to be monetized heavily
Julian Jimenez
Julian Jimenez Před 12 dny
Jimmy Eres
Jimmy Eres Před 13 dny
You should also expect cod-style monetization
Noturnacho O
Noturnacho O Před 14 dny
@Steven-34 the fallout would be glorious
Steven-34 Před 14 dny
@Noturnacho O 😂 could you imagine
peasandrice Před 14 dny
I’m here for Tam
Arvin Medina
Arvin Medina Před 14 dny
E3: Hey Sony are you coming to... Sony: No. *Insert Bugs Bunny meme
Davidson Baez
Davidson Baez Před 14 dny
That’s an E2.....
Davidson Baez
Davidson Baez Před 14 dny
That’s an E2
Clitt Eastwood
Clitt Eastwood Před 14 dny
lucy loves koch
smackachicken Před 14 dny
lucy is loosey
Sixx6OD Před 14 dny
E3 been 🗑 though
Charley Před 14 dny
E3 is dead and has been for years
Mastermav11 Před 14 dny
Why do people like Sony again
C - Valer
C - Valer Před 13 dny
@Lemon Head you're talking about a yearly sport game here champ.
Lemon Head
Lemon Head Před 14 dny
@C - Valer You mean a game that is SONY MADE? Lol. I won't even play it. The point is that it shows just how pathetic Sony fans are that a game that was a Sony made exclusive, Xbox fans will get it for free on gamepass lol and your own game you girls are paying full price for 😂. Of COURSE you're gonna downplay the game 😂. Ill LOVE watching all your heads explode when you see your big games come to Microsoft PCs 😂😂😂 You'll try and spin ANY L into a W. You just look foolish 😂.
Lemon Head
Lemon Head Před 14 dny
@Shawn Adesalu OH LOOK! Another salty Pony 😂😂😂. Rare? One game? One game that was in production before Microsoft bought it? 😂. And what a typical statement from a Sony fan judging a game based on one teaser trailer 😂. Didnt stop you from wetting your undies over a 10 second title for a new God of war game lol.. Do you have any idea who's working on perfect dark kiddie? Heads from God of war and Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Modern Warfare, Spiderman/ Insomniac, Allumni from Bioware and Respawn lol.. One of the heads from the new GOW game LEFT to work on Perfect Dark 😂. Whats that tell you huh?? Its the FIRST ever AAAA game!😂 Microsoft also bought Minecraft and its now one of the biggest games ever! And now Bethesda will have even MORE money and support to make massive games like Elder Scrolls and Starfield and Dooms and Wolfenstiens even better! And yes.. I know its extremely difficult for your brain to handle but these games will NOT be on your little duststation 5 😂. Just admit it you salt mine.. youre salty as hell 😂🤣👍💚😘
Shawn Adesalu
Shawn Adesalu Před 14 dny
@Lemon Head you don’t even know all the info on gamepass of what games are coming so pipe down they all aren’t coming day 1 either ,also have you forgotten what they done to rare look at the state of banjo kazooie and perfect dark destroyed them, I wouldn’t be getting to excited how Microsoft acquire studios and how their exclusives turn out halo is a perfect example of this.
C - Valer
C - Valer Před 14 dny
@Lemon Head Enjoy that in 2027, and funny how you're so proud on getting a shitty Yearly sport game.
Emmanuel Motelin
Emmanuel Motelin Před 14 dny
Who even needs PlayStation lol?
Emmanuel Motelin
Emmanuel Motelin Před 14 dny
@Shawn Adesalu Where in my comment did I mention Xbox? I will wait.
Shawn Adesalu
Shawn Adesalu Před 14 dny
@Emmanuel Motelin what exclusives Xbox got again remind me?
Emmanuel Motelin
Emmanuel Motelin Před 14 dny
@Febrian Yuversal What exclusive? Last time I checked most made it to PC!
Febrian Yuversal
Febrian Yuversal Před 14 dny
all of their exclusive
Avelino Ramos
Avelino Ramos Před 14 dny
OMG!! Lucy is sooo hot!! Wooooooww!!!
Idk Před 14 dny
nintendo and xbox probably have things that would only make sense to present at e3
Idk Před 14 dny
and xbox probably has games a big amount of the audience (even some who dont directly follow xbox would be interested in) though i personally haven't followed xbox much, so im not sure what EXACTLY would make sense at e3 for them
Idk Před 14 dny
@ZonNoDon nintendo has smash character reveals
ZonNoDon Před 14 dny
Like what?
PHXNTXM Před 14 dny
I don’t even know what that could be, considering that Microsoft surprise revealed the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards and randomly announced their Bethesda acquisition in September. Whereas, Nintendo revealed the Switch through a CSshows video announcement. I don’t think anything NEEDS to be announced at E3 anymore.
muhammad akbar amin
muhammad akbar amin Před 14 dny
Hope everyone is healthy. And doing great
William McLelland
William McLelland Před 14 dny
I'm glad E3 is back because last year was just terrible all the events just didn't work with no buzz but now I'm buzzing for the E3 week just hyped
ZonNoDon Před 14 dny
It will always be terrible, fool
The Batosai
The Batosai Před 14 dny
You sir are lame if you are telling me Playstation showcase was not hype. Go into a different hobbie.
Ramsey Schroeder
Ramsey Schroeder Před 14 dny
For real? Sony hasn’t been there for the past couple years, how is this a big deal?
ZonNoDon Před 14 dny
@KK Daze What silly logic
PHXNTXM Před 14 dny
It’s not. People, gamers in particular, have selectively short term memory loss.
Dtoxz324 Před 14 dny
So then E3 isn't really back....
Otiv 81
Otiv 81 Před 14 dny
I really want to see mario on other platforms Let's see e3 Can't wait
BlueFeral Před 14 dny
TheCrealogist Před 14 dny
Not gonna happen lmao
CAX117 Před 14 dny
Lol good luck
Dream Wisley
Dream Wisley Před 14 dny
Sony is a Pimp named :
Immortal Black
Immortal Black Před 14 dny
Lmaooooo, they only reply when it's convenient. Gamespot be better.
Immortal Black
Immortal Black Před 14 dny
@Hunter Parrish I understand that ! Maybe they might come back, who knows! From the looks of it I doubt it.
Hunter Parrish
Hunter Parrish Před 14 dny
@Immortal Black every major news outlet is reporting that they’re sitting out
Immortal Black
Immortal Black Před 14 dny
@Hunter Parrish exactly,my point. They haven't change their stance last year. Until Sony themselves announce we're coming back, there not. No need to keep harping on it.
Hunter Parrish
Hunter Parrish Před 14 dny
@Immortal Black I mean, they didn’t. They said they wouldn’t be at E3
Immortal Black
Immortal Black Před 14 dny
@Hunter Parrish these entities love stirring up controverse ,especially these type of game outlets. Sony playstation specifically said last year ,they was doing their own event. No need lie about or mislead the public .
Albace Před 14 dny
Synner Před 14 dny
Sony has been just competely fucking the year away so far. And great PS5 release... Look forward to 2022 to a console...
Sebastian Vipond
Sebastian Vipond Před 14 dny
Man E3 will do fine without Sony. Can Sony fan boys stop crapping on it cause Sony isn't there. They will obviously have a showcase themselves that mighty even be better so stop. Some people actually still play on Xbox, PC, and even Nintendo believe it or not...
Fate862 Před 14 dny
I mean even Nintendo dropped out of E3 before, I dunno why nintendo is bothering to be there when we have nintendo direct and the sony thing where they have their own show every couple of months. Literally only xbox needs it because they never have good showcases and what they do show is multiplatform so not much of a point in anyone doing E3.
Hey it's avoidingthepuddle... HI ARIS 🙋.
Deon Spates
Deon Spates Před 14 dny
Cool E3 is back, but the HYPE Train is too early bruhhh....
David Kartwright
David Kartwright Před 14 dny
The you get an xbox, you get an xbox... is spot on because the pattern is sooooo vague and i dont even follow any influence-deluge-people
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