Firearms Expert Reacts To Battlefield 4’s Guns 

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Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the insane weaponry of Battlefield 4, including the FN F2000 rifle, the UTS 15 shotgun, and the Chinese QBB Type-95 automatic rifle.
In the latest video in the Firearm Expert Reacts series, Jonathan Ferguson--a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries--breaks down the guns of Battlefield 4, and compares them to their real-life counterparts.
If you're interested in seeing more of Jonathan's work, you can check out more from the Royal Armouries right here. - csshows.info
If you would like to support the Royal Armouries, you can make a charitable donation to the museum here. - royalarmouries.org/support-us/donations/
And if you would like to become a member of the Royal Armouries, you can get a membership here. - royalarmouries.org/support-us/membership/
You can purchase Jonathan’s book here - www.headstamppublishing.com/bullpup-rifle-book


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3. 04. 2021





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Volim Čvarke
Volim Čvarke Před 3 hodinami
I fucking love this game
Soze Keyser
Soze Keyser Před 13 hodinami
Would be nice to see a video about DayZ guns, probably not gonna happen 😔
Cameron Stevens
Cameron Stevens Před dnem
I think that they should do rainbow six siege now
Hunter Hermann
Hunter Hermann Před dnem
That subtle rank flex...🤣
Finalrellik99 Před 2 dny
Battlefield 4 is still a banger and still has full large conquest games
Ardavan47 Před 2 dny
Frostbite6680 Před 2 dny
Can we get a reaction for Rainbow Six Siege? It has a lot of guns
AstraG ProjectMax
AstraG ProjectMax Před 2 dny
I still played this game till today , but the thing is still bothering me is the fact that you see all the bullets flying out of every gun. just like a paint ball . And I agree with what he said about bullet drop it makes no sense
free cleets
free cleets Před 2 dny
I need a medic
Q U A N T U M Před 2 dny
I hope BF6 adds Brandon Herrera's AK50
Gunhaver Před 3 dny
The XM-25 was field tested by the US in the middle east for quite some times (almost a year i think) until it was suddenly recalled. I never found a published reason why it was completely pulled and scrapped, but the implication is that it suffered a catastrophic failure resulting in death
Mr. Cheeze
Mr. Cheeze Před 3 dny
“I’m not sure if the XM-25 has enough power” Oh, trust me, it does
tatar1989 Před 3 dny
I hope BF6 is as good as BF4 or BF3. I really miss battlefield with modern guns.
Omar Khan
Omar Khan Před 3 dny
The Marlin underlever. 44 is the same model I own, it came in the stainless Alaskan style with big lever loop for operating with gloves/mittens, but the rectangular lever is the standard fitted and very hard on the fingers (I've para wrapped mine for speed shooting). Watched a few of these vids with Jonathan and thoroughly enjoying
Caseless Před 4 dny
You were very lucky to find a server that didn't instantly kill/ban you for using the XM25
Florens Friedrich
Florens Friedrich Před 4 dny
the xm25 is one of the most toxic weapons in this game
Goncas Před 4 dny
It would be interesting to see him react to halo's weapons
The Beyonder
The Beyonder Před 4 dny
Bf4 still holds up well
Ian Aberbach
Ian Aberbach Před 4 dny
U should do rust
CAU Noodle
CAU Noodle Před 4 dny
This may seem weird but I want Jonathon to do Phantom Forces from roblox.
MightyTax Před 5 dny
Battlefield 4 is amazing to this day
Retardet Bird
Retardet Bird Před 5 dny
So noone talks about the double kill at 4:20?
KermitThePlane Před 5 dny
do enlisted next!
Amethyst752 Před 5 dny
I would like to see a Deus Ex Mankind Divided react.
ghoohg551 Před 6 dny
Take a look at the Warframe guns?
Steve Před 6 dny
finally someone who gets it. The bullet drop mechanics are terrible in 3 and 4 but check BFBC2 and tell me about the guns in that game if you havent done a video yet on it. :D
TIOLI Před 6 dny
8 years later... about time.
SmartAlec Před 6 dny
I don't think he realises BF4 is a 2013 game...
Hotelsoap6911 Před 6 dny
Fucking bullpups
Dan Sheppard
Dan Sheppard Před 6 dny
Jonathan needs to delve into the world of Arma 3, heaps of weapons to chose from.
Jack Stevenson
Jack Stevenson Před 7 dny
All these classic games being done but where halo? Jonathan has written a book on bullpups and Halo loves bullpups.
Louis B
Louis B Před 7 dny
Battlefield 4 is a lot of people’s favorite?
markus Před 7 dny
Do Fallout guns next
death grips karaoke
Kalashnikov Concern actually did have concepts for DMR varients of the 2013 AK-12. The SVK-12 was a thing and there was also the civilian AK-12/308
death grips karaoke
(Neither were produced though)
Alex Evans
Alex Evans Před 7 dny
The singular mares leg kill in all of bf4 history as no one else has ever got one
Mario maldonado romera
killing floor 2 will be nice
Gateausalaire Před 7 dny
Oh ye the mare's leg is a piece of crap, but that's why its so good now isn't it?
Ghost Před 7 dny
Yet another instance of someone saying "objective infantry combat weapon" for OICW instead of "objective individual", which is just confusing to me. Wasn't the whole idea of "objective individual" a reference to the airburst grenade launcher on the OICW? What is "objective infantry" supposed to mean?
Harald Robinson
Harald Robinson Před 7 dny
please can we get Jonathan to review DayZ fire arms. I know he would enjoy it!
Rutger Colt IV
Rutger Colt IV Před 7 dny
T2Master01 Před 8 dny
Woops I confused this channel with a casino.
Alexander Grushevsky
moRe TarKoVE
Jake Wright
Jake Wright Před 8 dny
My friend in JTF2 has a F2000, great gun, the price only rises on it.
GameExplorer0115 Před 8 dny
This makes me want to fire up BF4.
Connor Cheetham
Connor Cheetham Před 8 dny
I like this guy only cause he must know Ian and that makes me happy
Jack Philips
Jack Philips Před 8 dny
hey i saw that guy on forgotten weapons :O
Kabir Chauhan
Kabir Chauhan Před 8 dny
Make one on ghost recon breakpoint
Be an 1an Too
Be an 1an Too Před 8 dny
Turns out the F2000 had a little brother: the MA5B ICWS of Halo 1
Nemanja Cvijancevic
My man literally has the An-94 one of the most interesting and complex guns ever made in the backround just chilling there and you guys dont talk about it even tho it is in the game smh.
Stefano Turriciano
Stefano Turriciano Před 9 dny
you should do csgos weapons
AXAL Před 9 dny
I’d love to see him talk about the weapons in r6 siege
Nicolai Zimmermann
Nicolai Zimmermann Před 10 dny
Man, battlefield 4 is probably still my favorite shooter, just sad that there isn't a whole lot of people playing anymore.
Dean Jarosh
Dean Jarosh Před 10 dny
What's that game in the beginning with the girl shooting the shotgun??
ANDU Před 10 dny
how is he even a firearm expert if he didnt saw the rex revolver irl ?
Team Maker
Team Maker Před 10 dny
Please can you do sniper elite 4 weapons? Go to training mode and there will be all the weapons you need for free!
Anatoli Před 10 dny
hoping for bf6 to be some good shit
Toby M
Toby M Před 10 dny
The Order 1886
Michael Beer
Michael Beer Před 10 dny
Max Payne 3 do it
Buggs Před 10 dny
7:41 "Neetch"? You're British man, it's pronounced "neesh"!
African American Man
8:45 says Battlefield 4 copy cated MW lol
casey brune
casey brune Před 10 dny
Enlisted plz
Kadin Cochrane
Kadin Cochrane Před 10 dny
Isn’t it great when you recognise a gamertag when the camera guy kills someone? Especially when it’s yours?
Impedance OhM
Impedance OhM Před 11 dny
So much missed potential... Where is the famas? The Aug? The SCAR? The AN94? The bulldog? Common man these first guns sucked.
Captain_Coleslaw Před 11 dny
"Which in the very least might interfere with the direction you're parachuting" Fuck i died when you said that!!! Awesome series!
Elwrayx Před 11 dny
Best guy :)
210corona Před 11 dny
*never shot a gun*
qz_moon Před 11 dny
do r6
biohaZard Official
biohaZard Official Před 11 dny
would be interested to see what he thinks about guns from science fiction games like halo, titanfall 2, etc
VP Brim
VP Brim Před 11 dny
Watching this makes me wanna play Battlefield again.... Will we ever get a Battlefield 5 or Bad Company 3? :(
Jack Anthony
Jack Anthony Před 11 dny
Doesn't know that lever guns can have a big loop lol
Jack Anthony
Jack Anthony Před 11 dny
Gun expert from a country where he can't attain or even test fire 90 percent of the weapons. Great.
A99 Před 11 dny
Subbed to GSpot for MrFerguson only
AcesofAthens Před 11 dny
A VERY horny Mr.Dinosaur
if you load these real guns with nerf darts, they are IDENTICAL to the videogame.
zero squad
zero squad Před 11 dny
Shooting a rocket like that would make ur parachute nonexistent
Hoochman420 Před 11 dny
pretty good to see someone who's playing the game that isn't complete dog water
gamerman Před 11 dny
battlefield 3?
Mocking Bird
Mocking Bird Před 11 dny
Still waitting for Red Orchestra 2 and Rising Storm 2. Visibel adjustabel Iron sights, Iron sights next to scopes, Blind fire mechanics, fire selector, shotgun is used for 100m sniping and so on.
Elite Knight Productions
They should check out delta force series they had some amazing detail for a game series from early 2000s
fluud Před 11 dny
Do Rising Storm 2: Vietnam next.
Jake Před 11 dny
Been waiting for this video for a while
M1- 45
M1- 45 Před 11 dny
Do Squad next
Dennis Debrix
Dennis Debrix Před 11 dny
John Wick's guns
Flanders Danders
Flanders Danders Před 11 dny
He needs to break down DayZ... Greeting from Germany
Not Ishanjit Or am I?
Can you guys react to phantom forces
Andromeda Před 11 dny
I use the Mare's Leg in Hardcore, it's funny killing people with it. Took out a helicopter pilot from accross the map on Shanghai lmao.
dragonslayerlance Před 11 dny
the svd is a real weapon. it's the modern sks
Даниил Степанов
Funny to me as russian - Ha-ha you don't have a AK-12... but seriously - i understand this problem: Sanctions against russian weaponry and Russia as a whole (After 2012 (if i say correctly) for example - in USA you can't buy AK-rifles, especially what was made in Russia (That's why - "SAIGA" (Ak-family shotgun/carbine) is very high cost in USA, then in russia - it's quite less cheaper) ), in "Kalashnikov" Corporation) ), AK-12 - was a early prototype, and the final ak-12 (Now called AK-15) is just - 400-500 series of old AK-74M.
Logan Ingerson
Logan Ingerson Před 11 dny
We need more bf4
SHIFT OFF Před 11 dny
rainbow 6 siege
CC Lewis
CC Lewis Před 11 dny
This guy has access to almost as much firepower as the average inbred Texan
Ophanimon Giang
Ophanimon Giang Před 11 dny
are you Rich Ferguson's brother?
Kyrie Espayos
Kyrie Espayos Před 11 dny
i really unironically want to check out Roblox's Phantom Forces guns
Buy Titanfall605
Buy Titanfall605 Před 11 dny
titanfall 2 possiblyyy?
The 49th Judge
The 49th Judge Před 11 dny
Maybe Rainbow Six Siege weapons
Donte J
Donte J Před 11 dny
Anybody else get the separation movie trailer What u think about it?
NCR Trooper ThanksDoctor
Ah, the wondrous F2000.
LithiumPB Před 11 dny
Rainbow Six Siege's Guns
romando moffett
romando moffett Před 11 dny
That first bull pup is a real gun and used my marines.
imrcuddles Před 11 dny
UK: let's look at these guns in a museum Chad United States: let's look at these gun in your local gun store or civilian home
SirYakari našel CREEPERA....
Jak Vypadal Majnr Poprvé?