Firearms Expert Reacts To Splatoon 2’s Guns 

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Jonathan Ferguson, a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries, breaks down the insane weaponry of Splatoon 2, including the iconic Splattershot, the brutal Splat Roller, and the rapid-fire Hero Shot--a weapon that has a striking resemblance to the FN P90.
Splatoon 2 is Nintendo’s answer to the online multiplayer shooter and offers up a huge arsenal of weapons for players to wrap their tentacles around.
In the latest video in the Firearm Expert Reacts series, Jonathan Ferguson--a weapons expert and Keeper of Firearms & Artillery at the Royal Armouries--breaks down the guns of Splatoon 2, and compares them to their real-life counterparts.
If you're interested in seeing more of Jonathan's work, you can check out more from the Royal Armouries right here. - csshows.info
If you would like to support the Royal Armouries, you can make a charitable donation to the museum here. - royalarmouries.org/support-us/donations/
And if you would like to become a member of the Royal Armouries, you can get a membership here. - royalarmouries.org/support-us/membership/
You can purchase Jonathan’s book here - www.headstamppublishing.com/bullpup-rifle-book


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1. 04. 2021





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Irregular Dave
Irregular Dave Před 20 dny
And to think squid kids have access to such deadly weaponry.... smh We hope you enjoyed this... different... version of Expert Reacts this week. We're actually recording the next episode with Jonathan when this video as this video went live, and I think he's enjoying the comments as much as we are! If there are other weapons/games you want to see, be sure to leave them in the comments and come back on Saturday for the "proper" episode haha
Li Zhi-qiang - META
Li Zhi-qiang - META Před 14 dny
I wanted American firearm
Lard Lover
Lard Lover Před 16 dny
Nabond g
Nabond g Před 16 dny
Why do you call 2 the classic when it is the inferior less balanced sequel?
Sam Turner
Sam Turner Před 16 dny
Could you do Tom Clancy’s Ghost recon Wildlands please?
Finetales Před 19 dny
Would love to see some ArmA!
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez Před 2 hodinami
Now I want water guns on my Call of Duty or Battlefield let me really cool
YpmuJ Před 3 hodinami
him wearing gloves while showcasing a super soaker is one of the funnies things ive ever seen lmao
Fabián Riquelme
Fabián Riquelme Před 8 hodinami
This man is a treasure
john martin
john martin Před 9 hodinami
Love this honestly my favourite so far!
The Super Network // Joseph
The Super Network // Joseph Před 18 hodinami
He is taking this way too seriously and I love it
emile wolfe
emile wolfe Před 19 hodinami
You guys should do dayZ
Smiley P
Smiley P Před dnem
I want to see him react to a cursed reload compilation 😂
__________ Před dnem
I don’t know how he kept from laughing
Serious Sponge
Serious Sponge Před dnem
He should have gotten the Power Drencher, the first firearm in the Super Soaker series, to add the museum. The idea of its design was conceived in 1982 by NASA engineer, Lonnie Johnson in his garage, and it made its debut on store shelves in 1990. It's a design that's almost 40 years old today but it revolutionized all future designs to come after it, forever changing the way battles are fought using Dihydrogen Monoxide.
Chilleroy Před 2 dny
This is exactly why I love Jonathan and this channel
blank TM
blank TM Před 2 dny
Once more I shall request Receiver and Receiver 2. Thank you!
deqnq Před 2 dny
i just love how theres a RPG and a Assault Rifle right behind him while hes holding a super soaker
deqnq Před dnem
@YeetTheHeat what about the green cylinder in the background
YeetTheHeat Před dnem
There is no rpg
Matys Před 2 dny
Why do i have a feeling that Jonathan was the one to come up with this idea
FrostByteUK Před 2 dny
Well played Johnathan...
Tsugu Před 2 dny
This is the most ridiculous one of this series of videos and I LOVE IT
Tainted Myth0s
Tainted Myth0s Před 2 dny
One of my friends showed me the Hero Shot and how it looks like the P90 (coincidentally her favourite gun). It's really funny that all the other weapons are modelled after water guns and other mundane things, and then you just have the Hero Shot which is just an actual gun lol
Hazamufaza Před 2 dny
Jonathan is just amazing
Sicko Před 3 dny
Dammit John just look at Rising Storm 2 already!
Yours Truly
Yours Truly Před 3 dny
Are you guys trolling me right now?
Sivrn Val
Sivrn Val Před 3 dny
I like how when he sees the Hero Shot he's just like 'That is a child with a P90'
Vrg Motor
Vrg Motor Před 3 dny
You should take a look at Generation Zero by Avalanche Studios! It's Packed with swedish cold-war Era weapons!
Admiral fish chips man
I’m just saying those water guns are probably in an assault weapon in Britain
Pat T.Kakes
Pat T.Kakes Před 3 dny
This is actually hilarious
Bear Gillium
Bear Gillium Před 4 dny
Hilarious. I had an original super soaker and I see the newer versions use interrupted threads now! 🧐🔫
Matthew Cardona
Matthew Cardona Před 4 dny
Thank you. Very informative
Aidan O'Hara
Aidan O'Hara Před 4 dny
Have Johnathan react to R6 siege pleassse
Model Central
Model Central Před 5 dny
Bro, when did they add a squirt gun section to the museum?
bake987 Games
bake987 Games Před 5 dny
Someone get him an Oscar
Cristian Altuzarra
Cristian Altuzarra Před 5 dny
Please to halo
It is so weird seeing all those firearms behind him and then there he is, holding a nerf weapon, giving a professional overview of the weapon
THUNDERF430TV Před 5 dny
He was very proud of himself when he finally smiled and said April fools
THUNDERF430TV Před 5 dny
The fact that he kept a straight face through this is fucking terrifying!
Myles Ramey
Myles Ramey Před 5 dny
I want to see that super soaker on display when I eventually make it to the museum lol
not trash
not trash Před 5 dny
Review boblox fps games if were doing this stuff
Nathaniel Doughty
Nathaniel Doughty Před 5 dny
"a relatively modern weapon" i love this so much
The lord Tachanka
The lord Tachanka Před 6 dny
‘I think in this case, they’ve taken the very serious issue of combat with coloured liquids and bring in a sort of more mundane military style to it with a gooo FN P-90’ Jonathan Ferguson - 2021
J.williumfluxferg Před 6 dny
what about the sniper weapons class
positively neagitive
I like how they really just went “you know what... fuck it”
Yosuru Shi
Yosuru Shi Před 6 dny
Why the fuck does the water gun have a proper name tag. That means they have that on display in a museum and that makes me happy.
Zi Jian Legendary
Zi Jian Legendary Před 6 dny
Sweer Huckels
Sweer Huckels Před 7 dny
How did you manage to keep a straight face for this one!? 😄
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Před 7 dny
Just wow. I love how Johnathan pulls the SuperSoaker-presentation off with a straight face
richard garcia
richard garcia Před 7 dny
I know its april fool's, but the game has a few guns that look like paintball markers
Delvik Před 7 dny
"Thank god I'm being paid for this."
WeeDxWackeR Před 7 dny
That dihydrogen monoxide is dangerous stuff
Harald Robinson
Harald Robinson Před 7 dny
please can we get Jonathan to review DayZ fire arms. I know he would enjoy it!
Sonal Attapattu
Sonal Attapattu Před 7 dny
I can’t believe no one has asked for a react to Arma 3
Azula Spencer
Azula Spencer Před 7 dny
how did he do that with a straight face lmaoo
Weston Dejong
Weston Dejong Před 7 dny
“The Great Splatoon War”
iYanami Před 8 dny
React to Apex legends guns please
Strale Gaming
Strale Gaming Před 8 dny
How dare they include a P90 in such a serious choice of weapons P90 is obviously the one wich dosent fit cause it's not nearly as powerful as other ones. Dissapointed.
baz carter
baz carter Před 8 dny
A great 1/4 spoof :)
kevinsmellls Před 8 dny
The gloves and the tag are what do it tbh hahah
Potato cat
Potato cat Před 8 dny
Ooh a titanfall 2 guns video would be cool.
Necate Před 9 dny
thanks so much for this xD also, why did I have to scroll 3 pages down for this?? algorithm, do your job!
Sam Dilks
Sam Dilks Před 9 dny
a professional through and through! i like these videos more for Johnathan's take on how a game takees elements of a real-world firearm than seeing firearms being depicted with extreme realism, and even if this was an april fools' video i really enjoyed it. stellar work as always, johnathan.
The_ Xantheiris
The_ Xantheiris Před 9 dny
It's a fucking video game. Why the fuck would anyone compare the real life mechanics of weapons to weapons that are not real lmfao.
Tom Clayton
Tom Clayton Před 9 dny
I love this series. This one is chefs kiss.
Drtbag39 Před 9 dny
I lost it at "personnel". 🤣 Enemy personnel. Bro, you're funny.😄✌🏼
cool_crazman Před 9 dny
Di hydrogen monoxide lmao. So serious
Eddie Před 9 dny
In all honesty, I'd love to see him tackle the weapons in Team Fortress 2 or Warframe.
Jack Herer
Jack Herer Před 9 dny
Norbert Maes
Norbert Maes Před 10 dny
It like asking a jeweler, to inspect and describe, costume jewelry.
Minh Quan Vo
Minh Quan Vo Před 10 dny
Ahhh... i love this
buisness ink
buisness ink Před 10 dny
Wow this got me a week later these April fools just kind linger around for those they missed
Cuthalin762 i said no
Could you do Ghost Recon Breakpoint weapons? Thank you.
ECxJuJu Před 10 dny
Seeing him taking this in stride makes me want to watch him react to Tarkovs' meme guns
Michael Hall
Michael Hall Před 10 dny
Thomas Garrison
Thomas Garrison Před 10 dny
Hope you guys pay this man well he's the only reason your channel has an inkling of relevance.
CharcoalBridge5 Před 10 dny
I can't ! This man acted like this was a every day thing .he put a tag on it lmao !
Ryan O'Connor
Ryan O'Connor Před 11 dny
Just the look on his face during some of those clips of just "this is not what I get paid for"
Andro Před 11 dny
This guy referred to water as “dihydrogen monoxide” 💀
cain Před 11 dny
The fact he kept his white silk presentation gloves on for the goddamn super soaker really just makes the whole video.
believe it or not not a bot
I love the blending of real impliments of war with the p90
rwdplz1 Před 11 dny
For those of you that didn't use the XP100 in combat in the 90's: The weapon only has about 10 seconds of effective charge before range is significantly reduced, requiring constant, copious pumping to build pressure back up to levels that adequately propel the projectile. Even in ideal conditions, it has an effective range of about 10 feet. It could also be over-pumped, leading to mechanical failure that could not be fixed in the field. Unless the enemy was similarly armed, it was almost utterly useless. It also didn't stand a chance against the formidable spigot-fed 'Wasserwaffen'
Emil Fladstrand
Emil Fladstrand Před 11 dny
I know this is an Aprils fools joke, but I really want to see his take on TitanFall 2/Apex Legends!
Mr.Guigo Gameplays
Mr.Guigo Gameplays Před 11 dny
r6.l3w1scal Před 11 dny
I love this dude lmao
Juben Domli Balandra
Fitting video for April 1st.
kdrizzy2012 Před 11 dny
Can we all appreciate how much of a trooper this guy is to do this video??
Zdie_ 420
Zdie_ 420 Před 11 dny
Fallout 4 or fallout 76 please
rEtUrN tO mOnKe
rEtUrN tO mOnKe Před 11 dny
I would love to see Jonathan break down call of duty ghosts weapons
sgebad Před 11 dny
the title is wrong it should say "Waterarms Expert Reacts To Splatoon 2’s Guns"
SnAp_ 7013
SnAp_ 7013 Před 11 dny
I think it would be cool if he did pavlov guns
That Guy
That Guy Před 11 dny
nice April Fools joke
Aqua Před 11 dny
Its ink not slime.
Chris Emens
Chris Emens Před 11 dny
Don’t forget the famous Super Soaker slap.
Sloryx Před 11 dny
a h y e s
jen deb
jen deb Před 12 dny
June Před 12 dny
where is bloopers? I need it.
Ben RUDOLPH Před 12 dny
Great video, considering the topic. It might take a year to do a series on NERF guns and their real world (deadly) versions.
Shams Ilyas
Shams Ilyas Před 12 dny
Modern warfare 3 🙏
nazanin vafa
nazanin vafa Před 12 dny
This made me laugh so hard lol
Derp Network
Derp Network Před 12 dny
Next April fools day cover Nerf guns. Or just make it a limited time exhibit and allow guests to play.
N.S. Maars (author and entertainer)
Love the silliness and sarcasm 😂😂😂 happy April Fool's
Only Joel
Only Joel Před 12 dny
Tf is this thumbnail lmao
Kevin Costello
Kevin Costello Před 12 dny
The museum tag on the Super Soaker is absolutely KILLING me.
OwnGamesGamer Před 12 dny
How many takes did that take also i like that the super soaker also has a id
Potato Pototo
Potato Pototo Před 12 dny
project reality?
Random Guy
Random Guy Před 12 dny
*Battlefield 4 weapons in the background*
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