Fortnite Raptors Hatching - Official Trailer 

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In Fortnite Season 6, Raptors are hatching across the Island. Check out this official trailer showing off the announcement of Raptors entering Fortnite in Fortnite Season 6 Primal!
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30. 03. 2021





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Komentáře 26   
PcVgLife Před 21 dnem
I watched a short ad to watch a short ad. :/
Nehemiah Molina
Nehemiah Molina Před 22 dny
I wanna see then add a t-rex next
Coolcat 5409
Coolcat 5409 Před 22 dny
Wow a another update to cringenight I wondered how the little kids will think about it
Tyler W
Tyler W Před 21 dnem
Ok redditor
Brekner Catalin
Brekner Catalin Před 22 dny
Hmm i think Ubisoft has a strong case this time, calling it Primal seems to infringe on their copyright a bit, doesn't it?
AD Tillion
AD Tillion Před 21 dnem
Ubisoft’s primal didn’t include dinosaurs anyway. If anything, 2012 Primal Carnage by Lukewarm Media is who you should be considering, since that game was an online multiplayer too. There’s also the 2003 game Primal by Sony. Ubisoft has no claim even if it wasn’t a generic title.
Justin Renauldo
Justin Renauldo Před 22 dny
Primal is a generic word
Lyon Family Gaming
Lyon Family Gaming Před 22 dny
Skin drop 1 Alan Grant... Skin drop 2 John Hammond...Skin drop 3 🦖 oh yes we have a T-Rex 🦖
Tristan Mireles
Tristan Mireles Před 22 dny
This is literally ark survival evolved
Lyon Family Gaming
Lyon Family Gaming Před 22 dny
Stay out of the long Grass.....
RamenFox Před 22 dny
I honestly would only play Fortnite because of this reason. I just always love Dinosaurs.
MrC The Gamer
MrC The Gamer Před 22 dny
Fornite has just gotten weird
Flynt Před 22 dny
I really thought this was gonna be Jurassic Park/World and they would add Alan grant or Owen Grady. Not saying I want that but that would be kinda cool I guess.
Demar DeLowry
Demar DeLowry Před 22 dny
Kill this game already fucking hell
Elliot Minto
Elliot Minto Před 22 dny
i cant believe fortnite added feathered dinosaurs before jurassic park
MrToy Před 21 dnem
Because feathered dinos are more scientific meaning fortnite actually put thought into it
Žach Před 22 dny
Jurassic park fortnite?
Chaotic Clown
Chaotic Clown Před 22 dny
Can’t wait to see Batman running around with dinosaurs. Lmao
Chinchice Před 22 dny
SCREW EPICGAMES THEY JUST RUINED ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHANNELS BY PUTTING GODAMN FORTNITE ON IT also what kind of trailer is this 1 small 10 second scene and then having a picture wow they are so lazy they can’t even be bothered to animate
Pufferfishman420 Před 22 dny
First meowscicles and peely, now fishsticks.... good that’s one less loose end
Killa2464 Před 22 dny
This game went to shit
Master Chief
Master Chief Před 21 dnem
No it never hasn't
Chinchice Před 22 dny
Already was
ZT K11
ZT K11 Před 22 dny
Clever girl.
L0U13 __
L0U13 __ Před 22 dny
Me after killing a raptor Raptor: tell my tale The evil deeds.... alone with the good.. 🦖🗡
brandon kempster
brandon kempster Před 22 dny
Calling the next crossover as jurassic Park
JonMacFhearghuis Před 20 dny
Doubtful. Those are not JP/JW raptors.
Darkcut 205
Darkcut 205 Před 22 dny
I hope not
HassanGigant Před 22 dny
DerpyPotatos Před 22 dny
Can they open doors though?
Tyler W
Tyler W Před 21 dnem
Actually they can
Sardonic Sky
Sardonic Sky Před 22 dny
*Finishes a build fight and comes down to die to a raptor* "sigh, clever girl"
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez Před 22 dny
That reference though
HalcyonEinar Před 22 dny
ultraverse studios
ultraverse studios Před 22 dny
Wait.... Where's the T-rex???
Rodolfo Perez Ramirez
I don’t even play this anymore but every time I see a trailer it’s something completely out of left field, but kudos to them for keeping the game alive
Weebs are cringe
Weebs are cringe Před 22 dny
@Super you didnt get the point lmao
Rodolfo Perez Ramirez
@Super sure; but even when I was playing 1) the story wasn’t always super coherent because it’s not a story based game and 2) who would have thought a year ago that Fortnite would include dinosaurs, I’m just saying their marketing is good, I’m not hating on the game
Super Před 22 dny
Of course its gonna seem out of left field if you dont play the game...
P4NC4K327 Před 22 dny
Mike UK
Mike UK Před 22 dny
actually raptors
I tamed DINOSAURS in Fortnite!