Genshin Impact PS5 Announcement Trailer 

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Check out the official announcement trailer for Genshin Impact coming to the Playstation 5!
May the songs of Windblume lift your wings high and free,
May the ancient stone shape your shield sturdy and strong,
May the icy winds of Dragonspine test your bravery,
May the daunting enemies you face... uh... spur your growth along?
Traveler, let's go on an adventure!
The PS5 version of Genshin Impact is coming soon. Stay tuned!
#GenshinImpact #PS5 #NextGenConsole


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31. 03. 2021





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Komentáře 83   
T. M
T. M Před 15 dny
Genshin impact censors "taiwan" in the party chat
TheGradyBaby Před 19 dny
Just some feedback, the tabs for other videos came up on my screen twenty seconds before the end of the video. It really encroached on the trailer.
Gaia Chaos
Gaia Chaos Před 19 dny
Looks good
Zeljko Radocaj
Zeljko Radocaj Před 20 dny
Justin Kreuzer
Justin Kreuzer Před 20 dny
But when can we get it on Xbox
Rowell Ganancial
Rowell Ganancial Před 20 dny
And here I am still hoping for the day when this game comes to Xbox...surely I know it never will xD
Rowell Ganancial
Rowell Ganancial Před 20 dny
@hilichurl for once in a long time now, I feel really bored on xbox...since I uninstalled majority of my games on there, I actually felt so bored lol Now I wanna get a ps4 just becuz of.....JRPGs and dating sims xD
hilichurl Před 20 dny
dam u on Xbox? Welp I hope u get a PS4/5 😎
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg Před 20 dny
Mr. Crabs made this game.
Sirmel11 Před 21 dnem
When is this coming to Nintendo Switch?
Hitora Před 6 dny
Damian W
Damian W Před 20 dny
After botw2 release..perhaps
Marcus Brown
Marcus Brown Před 21 dnem
Zeb Fuse
Zeb Fuse Před 21 dnem
I love this game
flarf o
flarf o Před 21 dnem
CorporateJoker3 Před 21 dnem
What about xbox
Crystal Tiger
Crystal Tiger Před 21 dnem
So are we really not getting genshin on the switch?
Crystal Tiger
Crystal Tiger Před 21 dnem
So are we really not getting genshin on the switch?
ShadowBearer75 Před 21 dnem
Can someone explain what's wrong with the thumbnail
Mclearmountain Před 21 dnem
Glad I waited
okjaye Před 21 dnem
Wake me up when they put frame rate uncap back
Gierisz Před 21 dnem
Where are male characters. I don't want to play as a female.
Yuki Esu
Yuki Esu Před 20 dny
Albedo and Xingqiu is in the trailer.
Chillabelle Před 21 dnem
There are males here
anime4gamers Před 21 dnem
what will the upgrade bring?
mais camelion332
mais camelion332 Před 21 dnem
Pouce bleu 👍
Gen Kapowski
Gen Kapowski Před 21 dnem
Fesho Před 21 dnem
This confuses me a lot.... It's been on ps5 ever since ps5 came out
Romagamo Před 21 dnem
The client you are playing is from ps4 and the ps5 optimize it. This one is the proper ps5 client which will improve graphics and hopefully give us 120hz 👍🏻
Benjamin Chow
Benjamin Chow Před 21 dnem
Just started this a couple weeks ago ftp. Game is amazing. Just got. Qiqi my first five star companion.
geovanny claro
geovanny claro Před 21 dnem
Me cries in xbox ;-;
Flavio PS
Flavio PS Před 21 dnem
2023 😂😂😂😂
Nintendo Fanboy
Nintendo Fanboy Před 21 dnem
Time to spend a lot of money
L.E. G.O.
L.E. G.O. Před 21 dnem
amazing game, lost in a gacha time consuming mobile gaming soul crushing experience. Gaming is NOT supposed to feel like clock punching.
Wayne Před 21 dnem
Coming soon to PS5? What do you think I play it on now?
Ched Cheese
Ched Cheese Před 21 dnem
If you play on PC or Phone now then you would have to make a new game as PS doesn't allow cross platform saves.
Level 9 Drow
Level 9 Drow Před 21 dnem
Why is everyone a little girl?
Camilo Rey
Camilo Rey Před 21 dnem
Nice thumbnail
VeryPG Před 21 dnem
MetallicMikey2160 Před 21 dnem
That Thumbnail tho
C Před 20 dny
What about it
준2 Před 21 dnem
thumbnail .... wow today is april fool
cfb1 Před 21 dnem
Thumbnail needs new video codecs😂
Whitty D
Whitty D Před 21 dnem
The thumbnail threw me off lmao
Whitty D
Whitty D Před 20 dny
@C when it first upload it was not fully developed thumbnail
Whitty D
Whitty D Před 20 dny
@C because it was Pixelated and broken
C Před 20 dny
daniel s.
daniel s. Před 21 dnem
just glad the comments here are more realistic compared to the ones from the official channel. Do they actually have bot comments there?
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Před 21 dnem
I love this mature game!
Kin Před 21 dnem
Please for the love of christ don't be like the PS4 version and actually have a decent framerate.
Kin Před 21 dnem
@Ne'rii I'd fucking assume so considering the PS4 version is like 2 frames per minute lmao
Ne'rii Před 21 dnem
It's already 60 FPS on PS5 rn, I'm assuming this is a more optimized version?
Vahlon- 9 arts dragon
Vahlon- 9 arts dragon Před 21 dnem
But can i move my mobile account onto it
Axel Xirics
Axel Xirics Před 21 dnem
The thumbnail tho
Aeouv Před 21 dnem
It’s on ps5 before switch sheesh
Twilight Prince
Twilight Prince Před 21 dnem
If only we could use our PC/Mobile accounts this time 😂😭
Twilight Prince
Twilight Prince Před 21 dnem
@Flavio PS I mean, the PS4 account is linked to your PSN account, so I don’t see a reason why you’d have to start over
Flavio PS
Flavio PS Před 21 dnem
And PS4? 🤨
Hammer Před 21 dnem
Native 4K 60fps with ray-tracing, 120fps support, industry leading load time, DualSense features and Tempest 3D Audio? 🤗
kitsada 2.0
kitsada 2.0 Před 21 dnem
Gotta love the broken thumbnail
M R Před 21 dnem
New gen got no games living off old games
M R Před 21 dnem
@Chillabelle doesn’t matter its a last gen title. These systems are relying on last gen titles
Chillabelle Před 21 dnem
This is literally a late 2020 game
Ikcatcher Před 21 dnem
The thumbnail clearly wasn’t rendered in PS5
Jamie Tree
Jamie Tree Před 21 dnem
I think the 2020 pandemic has taught a lot of people the importance of multiple streams of income,unfortunately having a job doesn't mean security...no rich man or woman made it through salary,investing now will be wise
Jean Před 21 dnem
Y'all, this is a CSshows comment section to a videogame trailer...
Arif Mark
Arif Mark Před 21 dnem
If I had not experienced this myself I would have said this is all lies but I've made withdrawals few days ago and that's one thing I find difficult and impossible with other brokers but Mr George makes it possible.... It was like magic when I I received my funds
Oliver Patrick
Oliver Patrick Před 21 dnem
Seeing alot of success stories, he must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about him.
Manu Fernandez
Manu Fernandez Před 21 dnem
I'm so happy for taking the bold step in working and investing $2000 with Mr George after a week I received $6468 to my bank
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas Před 21 dnem
@Mike Vestil I met Mr George Wilson last year for the first time at a conference in Manchester, I invested £25,000 and traded in one month making close to £143,670
Khin David
Khin David Před 21 dnem
Got to milk this game and grab a quick buck.
Julio Hernandez
Julio Hernandez Před 21 dnem
The image was glithched already ps5 epic fail
Reverse Card
Reverse Card Před 21 dnem
Best Thumbnail Award Goes To:- *Gamespot*
Reverse Card
Reverse Card Před 21 dnem
@Fesho too much was wrong with it before
Fesho Před 21 dnem
What's wrong with it?
The Brother's Whimm
The Brother's Whimm Před 21 dnem
Will it still be a gacha game?
Random Cat
Random Cat Před 21 dnem
Well the base game is still a gacha game duh
User Anon
User Anon Před 21 dnem
Fix thumbnail :)
fesoJ Před 21 dnem
_Meanwhile on Nintendo Switch_
The Hunter
The Hunter Před 21 dnem
(Cue them Crickets)
Gwen Stacy
Gwen Stacy Před 21 dnem
When will it release for Nintendo. Like why not just give switch what they've been waiting for
Gunturshiiya Před 20 dny
U have the 'original' of Genshin Impact on switch right? So.. hmm
Xander Fulton
Xander Fulton Před 21 dnem
This is beautiful
ClackMan Před 21 dnem
get ur wallet ready!
Gourav Singh Rawat
Gourav Singh Rawat Před 21 dnem
Pov:- You got clickbaited by weird thumbnail. Shet they changed it xD
Gourav Singh Rawat
Gourav Singh Rawat Před 19 dny
@C You're too late to get a glance of future technology...
C Před 20 dny
What's wrong with it?
KashWithDaFlow Před 21 dnem
Thumbnail heat
IAmTheGreatBenjie Před 21 dnem
Still no cross play with mobile? Why would you play a console gacha game...?
Litty Lee
Litty Lee Před 21 dnem
@Random Cat nope m, it’s the reason I don’t play Genshin on my PS5. Since PlayStation has its own ID system, you can’t cross save with it. On the other hand when the switch version eventually drops, it’ll work just like pc and Mobile versions cross save feature. I have 2070 super but my Sony X900H still looks better than my pc monitors. I got like 80+ hrs on pc and I wish I could use that same data on my PS5. Heard they were gonna change it though
Random Cat
Random Cat Před 21 dnem
Pretty sure every platform of the game can cross play with each other.
squalltheonly Před 21 dnem
Shitty trailer
Tstar 2006
Tstar 2006 Před 21 dnem
Nintendo switch users: we've been tricked, we've been backstabbed and we've been quite possibly bamboozled.
T. M
T. M Před 15 dny
genshin impact: "lets censor the word "taiwan" in the party chat
witiwath keatikowitsakun
@The Head Guy Maximum Graphic Setting in PC and Console version is far higher than Mobile version.
Tstar 2006
Tstar 2006 Před 21 dnem
@Barro as an xbox and switch user, I feel this. I just have my s10+ running it on mostly low at an inconsistent 30fps. If only they had it on the other consoles already. The mostly low at an inconsistent 30fps is a joke but you get the point.
Sirmel11 Před 21 dnem
@Flavio PS yikes no
Sirmel11 Před 21 dnem
Right? I can't wait this long.
Stayler17 Před 21 dnem
Is this game any good? The free to play accept makes me nervous
Yuki Esu
Yuki Esu Před 20 dny
@Juvino Pereira Yes but I did also point out that summoning in the gacha isn't even necessary, you will only find it a problem if you are serious or desire to get a character. But As I also said getting those shiny 5-star characters aren't necessary since the game is beatable without spending any money. Even late game when you don't get as much primogems it won't really matter since this games offer more than just gacha, you can pretty much still play it without having to roll for the gacha all the time so in a sense there's no "being forced" to pay money unless you're a gambling addict. I'm F2P and have been playing since launch and I haven't spent any money in the game, even the Battle Pass. in these types of games you need to manage your resources and be patient, you can't have everything and you make the most out of what the game gives you. Paying money only makes it EASIER but you can still manage even without paying anything just like me and millions of other F2P players out there that have been playing since launch. And the game won't even force you to pay or flash the price tags of genesis crystals on your screen by running out of resources.
Juvino Pereira
Juvino Pereira Před 20 dny
@Yuki Esu when I referred to him "forcing" to buy it is in the sense that when you arrive at the lategame, you being F2P, the only sources of primogens that you have are the daily missions, events and abyss. Whereas, when you're new to the game, you find a number of chests exploring that give primogens, in addition to discovering new areas and so on. And the gacha is indeed one of the worst, 0.6% chance for something 5 *. Since for you to really get a character from the banner you have to have 180 wishes, to be sure that you will be able to get the character from the banner. Not even in Pokémon Master was that bad.
Yuki Esu
Yuki Esu Před 20 dny
@Juvino Pereira The gacha isn't even the worst in fact it's rather forgiving and baby levels as compared to what hell you face in other gacha games. This game already has a comprehensive pity system and free currency is rather stingy but it's normal since this game is still in the early phase. Most people who I talk to says the Gacha isn't even the problem in Genshin but the lack of endgame content. Also the game never "forces" you to spend money ever since every story content and patch events are free so there is no paywall. The only thing that's paywalled or hard to obtain without spending money are the 5-star characters which aren't even necessary since you can complete any game content with just the free starter characters or anything you obtain from free rolls. This game is "pay to waifu" or "pay to progress faster" than "pay to win" since you can't really win anything in a single player casual game.
Fate862 Před 21 dnem
The game is huge, fun and super good. Its just that gotcha thing that is hard but you don't have to spend money just time on the game. Most played hundred of hours into this and is one of the most positivity loved games out there people are playing. Its free I'd say give it a try don't skip it so you can see what all the talk is about and judge for yourself. Its a great game.
Random Cat
Random Cat Před 21 dnem
Yeah it's good, spent a few hundred hours on the PC version itself. Even though the gacha rates are just terrible, pulling the gacha is not required. I've seen players never pulling on the gacha but still able to absolutely destroy the late game contents. Or if you want to pull but still very concerned about it, just pull on the beginner gacha and you can get yourself a pretty decent character, and if you're lucky you can get multiple different characters or even a 5* character. The game itself is pretty f2p friendly, the only setbacks is that if you want to get the most amount of damage as possible on your character, wherever you are a f2p player or spent thousands of dollars on the game, the grind to get the perfect items is virtually eternal. That's all I got to say.
Jamie Robert
Jamie Robert Před 21 dnem
Nice thumbnail lol
Golden Sperm
Golden Sperm Před 21 dnem
Now that's a new way to gain views and comments at the same time 😂
Karlo Marinčić
Karlo Marinčić Před 21 dnem
is this worth playing on ps5?
Random Cat
Random Cat Před 21 dnem
I mean probably, I've heard the rendering time on the ps4 is pretty bad. So it's probably worth it. But PC is generally better.
Brandon EV
Brandon EV Před 21 dnem
I’m 100 percent sure nobody will buy this😏
Sype Artz
Sype Artz Před 20 dny
Well it's a free game
Yashou desu
Yashou desu Před 21 dnem
@RadMax Got em
Scott Fuller
Scott Fuller Před 21 dnem
@RadMax woosh
RadMax Před 21 dnem
Actually it's a free game with microtransactions...
The Either Legend
The Either Legend Před 21 dnem
Damn, what's wrong with the thumbnail!?
The Either Legend
The Either Legend Před 21 dnem
@Polruss Tomakriss what! in my screen it's pixelated.
Polruss Tomakriss
Polruss Tomakriss Před 21 dnem
Legolas Před 21 dnem
Seems like only Playstation gets new big games!
MaurzStarz Před 20 dny
@Fate862 Well it will be coming to Switch soon so pretty much every platform except Xbox
Fate862 Před 21 dnem
@MaurzStarz Incorrect its not on switch or xbox...so just mobile, pc and ps4. If it was on every other platform you wouldn't see all these complaints in the comments of people port begging lol
MaurzStarz Před 21 dnem
This game isn't new and has been on every other platform other than Xbox.
Naiko Před 21 dnem
Bruh that thumbnail is nightmare fuel
Series - The Animated Cinema
What was the thumbnail before
C Před 20 dny
The Commentator
The Commentator Před 21 dnem
When will i be able to get the ps5 though?
Norbit Dre
Norbit Dre Před 21 dnem
You’ll get it YES
桐生 一馬Kiryū Kazuma
When you follow wario64 on twitter
TonyWyzenGaming Před 21 dnem
It already runs like butter and looks beautiful on PS5. Can’t wait for this!
y0shii Před 21 dnem
Can’t transfer my account sadly
Ace Pitch
Ace Pitch Před 21 dnem
Sheesh this game actually got really big who would of thought in the beginning 😯 nice cool to see
MrSchnizzle211 Před 13 dny
Played now 1500hours since Release. Thus is insane
joe rock in
joe rock in Před 21 dnem
Waifu waifu
jc9622 Před 21 dnem
@Jonathan Velazquez The term "weeb" is not even an insult anymore because of how much y'all used it over the years lol. It's like how Star Wars fans were called "nerds" back in the days and look at how acceptable and mainstream the franchise is now. I wouldn't say anime is mainstream yet but I've definitely seen a lot more people get into anime in the past year or so. Even some of my friends and co-workers who used to hate anime a few years ago are now fan of it lol.
Arkminus Před 21 dnem
@Jonathan Velazquez and our population is growing. Join us
Ace Pitch
Ace Pitch Před 21 dnem
@Jonathan Velazquez It's def more that just a weeb game if you ask me
Skyzert Před 21 dnem
Playin at 4K now eyy
Comment Highlighted
Comment Highlighted Před 21 dnem
Love the Thumbnail 😂
C Před 20 dny
Noob Abyss
Noob Abyss Před 21 dnem
They gonna suffer lack primo rewards.
Czar17 _
Czar17 _ Před 21 dnem
It’s getting better but it’s also simply not frequent enough. Still super early though.
YarlieYeep Před 21 dnem
You'll never know why this comment got so many likes
NightmareXero Před 21 dnem
You’ll never know why that comment got so many likes
Jonathan Landelle
Jonathan Landelle Před 21 dnem
@Danilo Caires 31 👀
Danilo Caires
Danilo Caires Před 21 dnem
"So many". 26. 😂
gameexpert133 Před 21 dnem
Nice!!! A ps5 upgrade
Joevann Barnuevo
Joevann Barnuevo Před 21 dnem
Now we've got them on all gaming platforms
Dandachi Lima
Dandachi Lima Před 21 dnem
@Mcwalter Sampson Is there more platforms?? 😏🤣
Mcwalter Sampson
Mcwalter Sampson Před 21 dnem
No we don’t lol.
Sushi-san Před 21 dnem
Shitposter Porwn
Shitposter Porwn Před 21 dnem
Karme Před 21 dnem
No Nintendo switch version though :(
Matthew Phu
Matthew Phu Před 21 dnem
@桐生 一馬Kiryū Kazuma or a mid range laptop or even lower at lowest settings
桐生 一馬Kiryū Kazuma
Just play it on your phone then
Naiko Před 21 dnem
Probably this year?
y0shii Před 21 dnem
Joevann Barnuevo
Joevann Barnuevo Před 21 dnem
Crashio SOULS
Crashio SOULS Před 21 dnem
Shitposter Porwn
Shitposter Porwn Před 21 dnem