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Filmed in a vivid documentary style with live actors, Icarus: No Rescue is told from the perspective of the earliest prospectors to come to planet Icarus after its terraforming failed, looking back twenty years later. Their search for exotic matter pushed them to their limits as they survived off the land in this brutal alien world. Those who missed their dropship’s return to orbit were left behind forever, while others grew rich crafting exotic matter into new technologies.


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2. 04. 2021





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Andrew Murczek
Andrew Murczek Před 2 dny
I JUST WONDER ... FIRST PERSON ... OR THIRD ... if first person them shame ... if third person then im on board .. such games should be always in third person
Isaac Před 3 dny
Awesome story trailer... Like wow, lol.
Negoj Libereco
Negoj Libereco Před 7 dny
I hate when companies use actors to hype people and encourage them to buy the damn game. Just wait until is out and get reviewed it, don't get hyped out by this shit of a video.
Taylor Holder
Taylor Holder Před 10 dny
Eric Ling
Eric Ling Před 10 dny
Mo exotics Mo problem
Standard Cake
Standard Cake Před 10 dny
It’s made by Dean rocket Hall. I’m not gonna get my hopes up
Chainsmoker0 Před 11 dny
Thanks for showing me nothing
KittyBit Games!
KittyBit Games! Před 11 dny
Wow, you guys are killing it with the love action here, amazing acting and blended so well with the pockets of in game shots, very nice world building. I'm getting kidna hype for this now
Smoogle s.
Smoogle s. Před 11 dny
reminds me of how the HALO trailers used to be and I love it
Francisco Vasconcelos
After Dayz anything that has Dean Hall's name on it is a pass for me, specially if it has a hype/speculative trailer with litteraly nothing of the actual game on it. Ye be warned
Though, I'm curious, how did the terraforming not work ? tree's ? water ? animals ? ... looks like it worked to me !
NewZealand actors ?
Tom Newman
Tom Newman Před 11 dny
A+ acting, seriously impressive trailer! I've loved Dean's work since the start of the DayZ mod, I'll be keeping a close eye on this game. I'm getting some Escape from Tarkov vibes with a round-based survival game, if you miss your mission your character dies. If you make it back, you live and reap the rewards! Dean's about to make a whole other genre.. again!
Patrick M.
Patrick M. Před 12 dny
Dean Hall...the Sean Murray before Sean Murray, but zero redemption
TheHolyWond Před 12 dny
oh this, This is beautiful.
Tookie MacSpookie
Tookie MacSpookie Před 13 dny
Wow.. What reveal trailer!!!
Maxx P
Maxx P Před 13 dny
Deal hall should be a film producer not a game developer lmao
okey mmeje
okey mmeje Před 13 dny
God tier acting
Swish856 Před 13 dny
I bet its gonna be just like every other super hyped game, gonna be released unfinished, hella bugs, and just over hyped like a mf
Igor Garcia de Oliveira
No gameplay ? no game ? youre creating a game or a movie ? Deslike
Иван Иванов
Мария Клинских
Выглядит многообещающе!
Neo_Zer0 Před 14 dny
Getting heavy Subnautica vibes from the soundtrack in this trailer and from the way the story is told. Im interested.
Peter Před 14 dny
Good acting? Are you guys serious? It's hamfisted, they're all trying so hard it hurts to watch. Writing also doesn't make a lot of sense.
deaconx Před 14 dny
Go on...
Kaze's Corner
Kaze's Corner Před 15 dny
ive heard of this game. i think mo is the singleplayer campaign. itll be similar to the forest in some ways but advanced.
bob biglog
bob biglog Před 15 dny
Looks awesome! I love dayz so im in for sure!
Onyxiate Před 15 dny
Ok so this is just a short film.
Bruce Reutens
Bruce Reutens Před 15 dny
Theory: During her time on Icarus Mo secretly set aside resources, gear and supplies for herself planetside in hidden stashes. She may have also built pressurised shelters in multiple locations on the off chance she missed the dropship. Or had to disappear.
Gamer F
Gamer F Před 12 dny
How come she was crying at the end? She was left behind for dead because they couldn't find her. She took too long to come back.
deepak verma
deepak verma Před 16 dny
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Frissdas1207 Před 16 dny
lmfao, this company will never see a dime from me or my friends. They totally abandoned and betrayed the DayZ community.
Trent nelson
Trent nelson Před 15 dny
Literally nobody cares
The Overlord Of Procrastination
I’m on my own here but I thought this looked average at best, and the dialogue hinted at a lot of grinding.
nojaktej Před 16 dny
4:20 Interstellarish background music comes up. Masterpiece
CYPHERUS_ Před 16 dny
Bro no cap I think that old guy is markiplier like just look
NONVISI Před 16 dny
Blown away!
Chazz Hill-Hayr
Chazz Hill-Hayr Před 16 dny
Heck yes! ❤️ Icarus!
The Nature Boy
The Nature Boy Před 17 dny
Shout Out @BigFry for putting me on to this! They have done such a great job with this trailer! This is how you get someone to try your game even if they might not normally play the type of game your creating.Cant Wait To See What The Finished Version Will Look/Play Like!!!
Mr. Right
Mr. Right Před 17 dny
Holy shit, Trailer of the decade right there!!!!
ko AMD
ko AMD Před 17 dny
Очень жду. Привет из России (hi from Russia)
Michael Porter
Michael Porter Před 17 dny
Well I was hoping for prospecting co-op and it looks like it will be trying to get Mo to survive. Still cool.
S3xD0ll-Uprising Před 17 dny
So what are you gonna do in the game ?
Michael Porter
Michael Porter Před 17 dny
They decided to strip the planet instead of terraforming it
Michael Porter
Michael Porter Před 17 dny
This is awesome
M Carthy
M Carthy Před 17 dny
Okkkkk you got my attention
Amber D
Amber D Před 17 dny
It’s a shame they haven’t made a story RPG/action game, because this would be great.
Lambicus Před 17 dny
Oh shit MO, she might still be out there! Let me go find her GIMME THE GAAAAAMEEE!
MKUltra Před 17 dny
cant fucking wait
Ray C
Ray C Před 17 dny
The graphics are so outdated they had to hire actors
Matty Matt
Matty Matt Před 17 dny
I'm Hyped!
Matty Matt
Matty Matt Před 17 dny
The actors are so damn good! Very very well put-together trailer! BigFry sent me...
Jude Crawford
Jude Crawford Před 16 dny
Andrey K
Andrey K Před 17 dny
Взади женщины К стоит дата 4 мая. Дата выхода?))
Jared Beilstein
Jared Beilstein Před 17 dny
Damn, consider my intrigue peaked, this looks and sounds absolutely fantastic
al201103 Před 14 dny
I'll probably come across as a Grammar nazi, but my intention is to polish your nice choice of vocabulary. Piqued, not peaked. And to be super pedantic, I think it's only used with "interest" or "curiosity" but I don't see why, necessarily, it can't be used with "intrigue" since they are so close in meaning. Anyway, this is intended as a helping hand, rather than a wagging finger :)
Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows Před 18 dny
I’m so confused this a game or movie
Seems like a crap planet. Only one solution ... EXTERMINATUS !!!
c segura
c segura Před 18 dny
That's a shame those animals are to close to earth ones they should have done something drastically different..
srednam nailimixam
srednam nailimixam Před 18 dny
Kiwi actors are never good
Invertland Productions
Worlds best trailer, prove me wrong
ColtsFan4Life 35
ColtsFan4Life 35 Před 18 dny
I really enjoyed this trailer. It got me hyped for the game. Hopefully it turns out good
G4le Před 18 dny
If this game is successful, we better get some sort of mission where we get to save or recover Mo because we don't know if she died or if she tried to survive as long as she could.
B3rnard Před 18 dny
Oooo this is great
aSHTEBALA Před 18 dny
You’ve been watching too much anime if you think the title meant the rescue of Icarus
Omar Mora
Omar Mora Před 18 dny
Anyone peep the may 4th calendar date in one of the clips
White Eagle
White Eagle Před 18 dny
What's next? A fantasy documentary series about dragons with a Steve Irwin wizard?
MrWolf Před 18 dny
Game looks pretty shit imo
shankems2000 Před 18 dny
When I saw there was live action I thought it was going to be silly, but this was awesome. The acting was great, the storytelling engaging, and the music intense. Good job
Testiqle Q
Testiqle Q Před 18 dny
They’ve honestly gave a lot of information on what you can do in the game with scripted dialogue cool
Ikuto Saufi
Ikuto Saufi Před 18 dny
hope the games comes out as good as they throwing money on making this reveal trailer
Shawn Adams
Shawn Adams Před 18 dny
Well dang this was more interesting than the game could possibly be.
Szeth SV
Szeth SV Před 18 dny
I hope this puts alot of the whining Flogs back in their seats. This makes the game so much more interesting.
RobertA105 Před 18 dny
This drags on wayyyyyyyy too long. This game could be great, or could be crap, but we'll never know it from this trailer.
Rashad Hill
Rashad Hill Před 18 dny
This was really good. Color me impressed and interested.
Michael Matter
Michael Matter Před 18 dny
So damn wonderful.
BEE 123
BEE 123 Před 19 dny
Looks awesome
jollter Před 19 dny
Was Mo abandoned? They told the story like she wanted to stay there of her own will. But in the end, it looked like she was left behind for reasons unknown to us.
Chris LaFace
Chris LaFace Před 14 dny
@Alex V yea I mean the gameplay shows it’s a survival game. So depends when your story takes place. But I feel since it’s a survival type of game, her surviving would show it can be done. I was interested until I saw what type of game it was.
Alex V
Alex V Před 14 dny
@Chris LaFace This game is super similar to the setting of the game called The Cycle. In the Cycle players must escape in time or else they are goners. I think her being the most experienced was more of a reference to their game difficulty. Like "game is challenging even to the most experienced players". But yeah your point is ok too, maybe she will be our comms character to supervise, we'll see
Chris LaFace
Chris LaFace Před 15 dny
@Alex V I think Mo will survive. As they said she knew the planet better then anyone and her video at the end seemed like she was sad to leave.
TEA Explorer
TEA Explorer Před 15 dny
Almost as if they wanted to leave a mysterious internal conflict,weird
Alex V
Alex V Před 16 dny
@Gerhart X old lady said there was storm incoming (no storm shown at the end) + shes not making eye contact suggesting that she is lying. They killed her for money
Captain Guts
Captain Guts Před 19 dny
One of the best live action pieces I've ever seen for a video game. Was put off at first, but the performances are brilliant. All of them were amazing. Made me really excited for this game.
C S Před 19 dny
so how shitty will the game look if you had to do live action "fake reveal" trailer? how many of you work for these guys with all your lame excitement comments on here?
Kxh12 Le Kune
Kxh12 Le Kune Před 19 dny
Chur, looks mean as
AnarchNova Před 19 dny
very nice concept and story seems to be on point! Really looking forward to seeing more of this
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson Před 19 dny
So it’s a survival coop multiplayer shooter on pc free to play
klashnacovak47 Před 19 dny
I don’t know about the game but would look forward to seeing the movie if they ever decide to make a movie about it.
klashnacovak47 Před 18 dny
Thanks for the heads up but I have already seen it and it was a decent film and would recommend it.
adman4t Před 18 dny
Watch Prospect on Netflix, the premise is very similar.
SoldierAmerican Před 19 dny
No gameplay!
Leokeyx Leokeyx
Leokeyx Leokeyx Před 19 dny
wow great trailer for a game not sure the game will live up to it, but hella good actors
Dbdn 182
Dbdn 182 Před 19 dny
So he's not a kid anymore?
Tolarius Před 19 dny
I have so many questions......like where do I sign up?
Ovan61 Před 19 dny
Shawn Anomaly
Shawn Anomaly Před 19 dny
Hmmm....live action trailer but really nothing of the actual game besides the odd original trailer? Can't say I trust it; I'll wait for when they decide to actually show what they're cooking. Can't say I was crazy about the original trailer with the awkward sci-fi mixed with primitive.
walking Blues
walking Blues Před 19 dny
Live action trailer....... that a sign for a bad game....
Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown Před 19 dny
Anyone know who's voicing this Santa looking dude? So familiar but I can't find anything.
Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown Před 19 dny
@Smoking Ninja thanks! I never would have guessed it. I was expecting Clancy Brown. Sounds so much like him. I thought recognized his voice from Detroit: Become Human, I played it a while back. And I even played a clip from it, sounds so similar.
Smoking Ninja
Smoking Ninja Před 19 dny
It's Tom hanks lmao
PLAYER1 Před 19 dny
Good acting, but a film is not a game. I need more info. and to see actual game play because I have a feeling it will be another survival MMO (Ark; DayZ; Rust; etc.) that will only appeal to a select group of hardcore players and infulencers once released.
A B Před 19 dny
is this a video game or what.....you should label games, movies, shows
Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown Před 19 dny
@A B anytime! I just finished watching this trailer, my husband was watching it when I walked into his office. I thought it was a movie I was very confused! Also, I am positive that is Clancy Brown voicing the character w/ a beard. I can't find any information, though.
A B Před 19 dny
@Danielle Brown thx
Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown Před 19 dny
It's a game.
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Před 19 dny
Good acting, I wish the game could keep up with the high standards.
JRitchey Před 19 dny
Reminds me of those Halo veteran documentary ads, they are some of my favorite.
Lambicus Před 17 dny
The Believe campaign? Yeah, me too.
Albert Enzian
Albert Enzian Před 19 dny
looks amazing. but free-to-play?
Albert Enzian
Albert Enzian Před 18 dny
@tyler mckendree there has to be a catch, as always. :/
tyler mckendree
tyler mckendree Před 18 dny
yes supposed to be
Jade Anime Piano
Jade Anime Piano Před 19 dny
So this is the Kid Icarus Uprising sequel we've been waiting for...
Brother Sun
Brother Sun Před 17 dny
I immediately thought of the Nintendo game when I saw the title
WhopyStompy Před 19 dny
This is really phenomenal world building and S tier acting. All for a survival game?! With this type of advertisement, I would hope there is a single player / campaign experience. Seriously, a moving and enthralling trailer.
Pen Island
Pen Island Před 15 dny
It's B+ acting at best tbh
G4le Před 17 dny
@Deliveredmean42 I'm just saying that some paid games like this don't have a large player base or it gets abandoned purely because of the paywall. If there are cosmetic microtransactions and no paywall they would get income with a large player base, like games such as Apex Legends or Warzone I don't want to say this name but also Fortnite
Deliveredmean42 Před 17 dny
@G4le The real question would be what's wrong with the latter? I don't mind paying a ONE time payment for a complete game. If that means it removes anything intrusive to the supposedly narrative-driven game, so be it.
Colton Fox
Colton Fox Před 17 dny
@G4le If its just cosmetics thats fine, but I just hope there's not large frequent DLCs that cost money or something
G4le Před 17 dny
@Colton Fox Would you rather it have cosmetics and a big player base, or a paywall that might be abandoned if enough people don't buy it, I'm guessing the microtransactions will be cosmetic btw
Meat Marionette
Meat Marionette Před 19 dny
Wait is this a game?
Meat Marionette
Meat Marionette Před 18 dny
@tyler mckendree console or only pc?
tyler mckendree
tyler mckendree Před 18 dny
highly anticipated game fro9m the guy who created the dayz mod
Lukasz Patryn
Lukasz Patryn Před 19 dny
What's that? Liked the atmosphere a lot :)
PointBlank200 Před 19 dny
wow the actors are really good
Albastine S.
Albastine S. Před 18 dny
At first I was just skimming for Gameplay but after watching it, fuck it hits hard
Captain Guts
Captain Guts Před 19 dny
That guy crying got me 😭 Amazing talent in all of them
Danielle Brown
Danielle Brown Před 19 dny
Would love to know who they are!
Faulk County
Faulk County Před 19 dny
Reminds me of the halo 3 trailers
EyesOfByes Před 19 dny
*In Nolan We Trust* Slightly inspired by the first minutes of Interstellar ✨
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