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Monster Hunter Rise's renewed focus on fully-fledged action represents the series at the peak of its powers.
Richard has spent over 40 hours with Rise thus far, with many more to come over the coming months. He will be playing multiplayer on live servers once the game has launched in order to finalize this review. Review code was provided by the publisher.


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29. 03. 2021





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Sword of the Spirit
Stay away from idols.
Riski Muda Farsyah
Riski Muda Farsyah Před 11 dny
Why not give the game a 10 then?
Jose Torres
Jose Torres Před 12 dny
This game has grown in popularity a lot since world. Just jumped into the series and all I can say is, it’s going to keep growing. This game is good.
Pedro Esteves
Pedro Esteves Před 17 dny
"Support oriented weapons" There is no such thing man
David Před 17 dny
Hunting Horn?
Darris Pope
Darris Pope Před 18 dny
Well the review and the comments I think have convinced me to get this, and the demo. It'll be my first Monster Hunter
The Whole Rabbit
The Whole Rabbit Před 18 dny
Look up "The Night Parade of 100 Demons" and other yokai lore to get the historical background for the story. I learned about this after the last title and wow, it makes the Monster Hunter world make quite a bit more sense. Mario too.
GhostMan407 Před 18 dny
better or worse than world? gotta say i dont love the look of it
Giancarlo Thomaz Senoni
1:00 what, the game tell you what you need to do to proceed next.
James Barnes
James Barnes Před 19 dny
Cant wait for the PC variant but its not till next year! Q.Q
SennySauce Před 19 dny
guess it's a good thing i just bought a new switch eh lmao
XtremeN00b Před 19 dny
My friends and I all agreed to get the game. I myself had never played an MH game before, however one of my friends played MH Stories on the 3DS and said it was an amazing game. About a week in and this game has not disappointed, especially with the fun gameplay that can be achieved with friends. Makes me excited to play some older MH games like world and newer ones in the further.
Robsos2010 Před 19 dny
Anyone else noticing the frame rate looks better in hand held mode? Docked mode the frame rate seems horrid.
lukas eckmann
lukas eckmann Před 20 dny
The game is pretty good so far but i think world was still a bit better, or at least world with iceborn, i just really hope that they release a big dlc like iceborn
John Williams
John Williams Před 19 dny
I agree this game kind of feels like some older games that were great in their time but feels like rise takes a step back from what world and iceborne were.
TheWes Man1BITHC
TheWes Man1BITHC Před 20 dny
this looks fucking good
Juan José Noguera Casas
This game is an absolute masterpiece. 999% recomended.
DONKEYTRASH Před 21 dnem
i want to like it, but it looks so bad. Graphics 3/10
EliotCaber Před 21 dnem
My brother loves this game so much that he bought me a copy. We’ve been playing monster hunter since freedom unite on psp so it’s really cool to jump back in and play together again like 15 years later
Jonathon Shirley
Jonathon Shirley Před 21 dnem
Seeing this longsword gameplay makes me sad, come on guy, so many combos and counter plays, yet every time you sheathe your blade.
Sabrewulf metalhead gaming
Finally SOMEONE who has reviewed this game as the successor to MHGU and TRI etc. This is not from world at all , i love this series and in no way does this game feel like world. It’s locations has even got areas from tri and before (Flooded Forest). If anything its a dumb down version of those games with less painful gathering. I miss the grind, I’m old school, but can see what they done and happy with it. For me its MHGU ‘quality of life edition’. I think a lot of reviewers have only started with world themselves and therefore are automatically comparing it to that. The only question i have is ‘where is underwater hunts ? Bring it back NOW ? ;-)
DaddyGamer Před 21 dnem
addicting game.. I want more..
ENGR Před 22 dny
The combat is SUPERIOR to World in every way!! Rise is a smash hit and I can't imagine not having my wirebug and doggo anymore
Albert Vu
Albert Vu Před 22 dny
Pal + Malamute = Palamute
G4tes1 A
G4tes1 A Před 22 dny
The only thing that put me off is that he said this game takes place in the Old World when it takes place in the New Orld
Alan Vasquez
Alan Vasquez Před 21 dnem
Well the game has old world maps
G T Před 22 dny
I still prefer MHW but loving Rise none the less
Wolverine101 Před 22 dny
1:00 um, the game literally gives you icons for your key quests so you can progress quickly. Hell they even track the key quests
Acidcatfish Před 18 dny
Bottom text
Acidcatfish Před 18 dny
Game journalists
Wallace Navarro
Wallace Navarro Před 22 dny
Dude, there's a indicator for the key quests. Perhaps you missed it.
Wallace Navarro
Wallace Navarro Před 22 dny
Oh my Lord! I'm totally addicted to this game. I simply can put it down. I'm surprised by how GOOD the game looks on Portable mode too. This game is fun, gorgeous and has so much variety. What I love the most in MH franchise
DarkSoulSama Před 22 dny
"Local wildlife, known as endemic life" Are they actually "endemic", though, or do they re-use the same critters in different areas?
Mikko Översti
Mikko Översti Před 22 dny
Most of the endemic life is common in all regions. Some only found in specific ones.
Sarah M
Sarah M Před 22 dny
I've seen bug-like endemic life in the Shrine (first) region and special colorful fish endemic life in the Frost (second) region. There may have been some overlap, I can't recall if I encountered the bugs in the Frost area.
Marluxia Před 22 dny
This game is literally heroine, cannot for the life of me put it down.
Raditya Arga Putra
Raditya Arga Putra Před 4 dny
The Player Guy by some folks you mean game journalists? lol. there is no way that someone who likes monhun would stop playing.
Marluxia Před 15 dny
@The Player Guy I'm still playing it now
The Player Guy
The Player Guy Před 18 dny
Some folks say 4 days later it’s collecting dust
mr 42000
mr 42000 Před 20 dny
Tiel Master
Tiel Master Před 22 dny
Tip for newcomers. Village quests are much easier now. If you get far enough into the village quests, they give you special missions to skip lower missions in the hub for multiplayer. Doesn't work the other way around though.
Usaf Raja
Usaf Raja Před 22 dny
Sick review
bigfoot12118 Před 22 dny
it might be just me being petty but I can't support it on the switches crappy hardware ill just wait for the pc version
Poison Před 22 dny
Great story bro...
The Real Balto
The Real Balto Před 22 dny
Mackin Cheez
Mackin Cheez Před 22 dny
😂 👌
Markun Syndrome
Markun Syndrome Před 22 dny
The game is amazing, but I've finished the main story in 17 hours
Biggles Před 19 dny
@Markun Syndrome It's a bit of an elitist joke and shouldn't be taken seriously. People tend to consider low rank is when you are introduced to most of the monsters, and high rank is where the difficulty spikes and some of the harder monsters get introduced. Magnamalo is a flagship monster, but he's not the big bad boss which is typical of the series. Also you gotta start doing the gathering hub quests to continue the story. But let's be honest, no one plays monster hunter for the story.
Markun Syndrome
Markun Syndrome Před 20 dny
Sorry, its not even 7, its 6
Markun Syndrome
Markun Syndrome Před 20 dny
@Jakap so killing magnamalo is the tutorial? Isnt Magnamalo at 5 stars and there 7 star missions in total? How is that the tutorial?
TheKamoteus Před 20 dny
Congrats! You’ve finished the tutorial!
Jakap Před 22 dny
You mean tutorial
Mac Schaff
Mac Schaff Před 22 dny
Spoiler Alert!
sony10e Před 22 dny
Why do you read other reviewer's reviews? Why don't you leave this for them to present or find a common and better presenter for all. Your reading is too fast, wrong intonation and accent and hard to follow. And I am not a native speaker. No offence.
xxxavvv Před 22 dny
Man sounds like he's learning to read...
Itsjustgachaalex Před 22 dny
This game is addictive I bought a switch cuz I couldn’t get a ps5. I love this system. Not as powerful as ps5 but the games are great.
EliotCaber Před 21 dnem
Same! I’ve been so happy with my switch, it has a little of everything and I can just jump in whenever
brian collens
brian collens Před 21 dnem
@Broski Whyyy very true the only game thats really exclusive is demon souls rest is all what you also can play on ps 4, and with the covid i think thats gonne take a while before things really starts
EmpireZz Před 22 dny
@Broski Whyyy lol have a good day
Broski Whyyy
Broski Whyyy Před 22 dny
@EmpireZz nahh just having fun lol
EmpireZz Před 22 dny
@Broski Whyyy u mad 😂😂😂
Jonny Před 22 dny
lol hunter horn XD
Eveline Caroline Lienhua MingMei FenFang Huang
Yummy, so Many Monsters inside this Game, Look so Crispy & Delicious!!! 🤤🤤🤤
Jenno Toetenel
Jenno Toetenel Před 22 dny
Jenno Toetenel
Jenno Toetenel Před 22 dny
A yeah
sandip Mandal
sandip Mandal Před 22 dny
ManiacArtist Před 22 dny
There are big red symbols that show the "key quests"' so I'm sure they'll know.
Alex Radice
Alex Radice Před 12 dny
>quest catagory called Urgent quests >can complete whenever you like
Biggles Před 19 dny
Exactly, and there's a counter that says how many more you need to complete. Rise have implemented so many nice QoL stuff atop what Worlds introduced.
garudafalcon Před 22 dny
3 star quest monsters and the weapon designs are already better than what World had in endgame.
The Real Balto
The Real Balto Před 8 dny
@garudafalcon ahh that was unfortunate. Just to be clear I still think world is an amazing game, not trying to hate on it or anything.
garudafalcon Před 9 dny
@The Real Balto it's because their main weapon designer was transferred for another Capcom project during the development of World.
Nova Bushido
Nova Bushido Před 21 dnem
@LOVE ONE PIECE fatalis isn't world that's iceborne.
LOVE ONE PIECE Před 22 dny
@The Real Balto yeah bro true
The Real Balto
The Real Balto Před 22 dny
Well he isn't wrong the armour n weapons designs are much better in Rise aswell as many other aspects. No need to be mad that's what a sequel is meant to do and improve on the series and Rise has definitly achieved that.
hioxd Před 22 dny
I really want to get it, but i want to wait for the PC verison.
@Bran J What can I say... it's in our blood.
Bran J
Bran J Před 22 dny
@INTERNET POLICE I see corruption is not limited to real world police...
EmpireZz Před 22 dny
Play it on Ryujinx (Switch emulator). I get 60 fps with no slow down.
TonyKanameKuran Před 22 dny
See ya next year, softy!
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez Před 22 dny
This is my first MH and I’m trying to get my wife to join me on a hunt lol she’s never played either
Mohamed Dahcheh
Mohamed Dahcheh Před 22 dny
@Itsjustgachaalex you need two different switches and go to local play lol
Itsjustgachaalex Před 22 dny
How do you play without being online with two ppl
Jaxon Holden
Jaxon Holden Před 22 dny
This game is so good. It's quickly overtaken MH World as my new fave game of all time.
TonyKanameKuran Před 22 dny
That was one *EXCELLENT* review! In fact, the RE Engine powered Monster Hunter Rise has shipped 4 million units worldwide! Not bad for a console exclusive (FIRST) on Nintendo Switch.
@The Witcher I'm sorry bro, but it's been confirmed that physical sales have already reached over 4 million in just 3 days (Not accounting for digital sales). And like I mentioned, this game is portable which WILL bring in the Japanese audience for sure (That was a weak point of MHW). Also yes nothing is guaranteed, but again like I said, don't be hopeful whatsoever that somehow Rise will be ported to other platforms because this is the portable team we are talking about; they do not dabble with the "bigger" consoles because thats the main MH team for lol.
The Witcher
The Witcher Před 22 dny
@GottaLoveDepecheMode I guarantee you it will not surpass or reach MHW sales, MHW is a bigger game and its a available on almost all other platforms so obviously even the game being on the switch it won't outsell it. And the exclusivity can change in the future, you missed the point that I made that nothing is guaranteed and it's only confirmed to be exclusive for switch with not plans to bring it or not to bring it to other platforms.
@The Witcher Yeah for now MHW is the best selling MH game because of its large appeal to the western audience. However, it did incredibly poor with its Japanese audience and with MH rise being portable, I'm sure over time, it will either surpass MHWI sales or compete with it. On the other hand, while I agree that along the road that switch exclusivity for MH rise may change, it's still confirmed to stay an exclusive for Switch and a port to PC. This is the portable MH team we are talking about, and its incredibly doubtful that they will port this game to other platforms besides the aforementioned.
The Witcher
The Witcher Před 22 dny
@GottaLoveDepecheMode Not confirmed that MH rise will be exclusive to switch forever, things can change down the line. Haven't found a single article we're the developers state that it will never come to another console, although there's no confirmation whether it will release on any other platform.
The Witcher
The Witcher Před 22 dny
@FirPstl Yeah and that's why MHW will be thr better selling and review monster hunter game ever. Get out of here you fool.
Yin Yangtze
Yin Yangtze Před 22 dny
Can’t put it down. Had to take a day off of work to feel like I had enough time with it. Now just thinking about it at work...
SubZero Před 18 dny
lol I took Thursday and Friday off 2 times in a row. I have one more Thursday and Friday off.
Lordschön Před 22 dny
Best game 2021
Good Charles
Good Charles Před 22 dny
Monster Hun-uh Mul-ippul monsters Sa-isfying for Ba-ul hardened ve-erans
Good Charles
Good Charles Před 22 dny
@Mackin Cheez innit 😂
Mackin Cheez
Mackin Cheez Před 22 dny
Smh my head
Smh my head Před 22 dny
Ok so what games actually get a 10/10??
@Ralph Taylor MHW was a great game, but in no way does it deserve a 10 lol.
Ralph Taylor
Ralph Taylor Před 22 dny
Monster Hunter world
Titan Scar
Titan Scar Před 22 dny
Typically games that showcase either a massive leap forward for their genre/series in every aspecr
SlizenDize Před 22 dny
This looks so bad compared to world. I'm upset they quit developing that for this.
Clarence Rajaratnam
Clarence Rajaratnam Před 21 dnem
Bad, lmao you havent played it so dont judge it
Poison Před 22 dny
What's with the amount of morons in this comment section?
SlizenDize Před 22 dny
@Colin Boxall I see, that makes sens. I hope the next real MH will be amazing then.
Elk Před 22 dny
They didn't stop development of World for Rise, they finished World and moved on to making Monster Hunter 6. This game is more of a continuation of Generations as it was made by that team.
James S
James S Před 22 dny
@TonyKanameKuran can you use common sense?
Phoenix Zappa
Phoenix Zappa Před 22 dny
Graphics from 1990.
Tea and Games
Tea and Games Před 21 dnem
@Phoenix Zappa yeh you are a troll
Tea and Games
Tea and Games Před 21 dnem
@Phoenix Zappa yeh you are defo a troll
Phoenix Zappa
Phoenix Zappa Před 21 dnem
I've seen better graphics on a Nintendo DS
Phoenix Zappa
Phoenix Zappa Před 21 dnem
@Tea and Games 2010????!?!!!! Maybe a 2010 mobile game.
Tea and Games
Tea and Games Před 21 dnem
@Phoenix Zappa No there more from like 2010. WHICH IS DAMN GOOD FOR A PORTABLE DEVICE.
Penguin Guru
Penguin Guru Před 22 dny
Monster Hunter Rise Video Review? You guys are reviewing a video of Monster Hunter Rise?
gLitch X Gaming
gLitch X Gaming Před 22 dny
Nintendo Fanboy
Nintendo Fanboy Před 22 dny
Sad to see it go to pc next year :(
nenecitosart Před 17 dny
I may be in the minority but I rather each console get their own exclusive take on a franchise. So being a lil bias I don't want rise to go to ps5 or series x. And I don't want world to come to switch. I may be shelfess but I don't need the same game on multiple platforms. Maybe because I grew up in the snes vs genesis era. Each system got their version of a game. Aladdin snes vs Aladdin genesis. Xmen snes vs Xmen genesis. It gives you a reason to own more then one console and varity is the spice of life. Give me a doom and resident evil tailored made for the switch.Same goes for ps5 and series x.
Nintendo Fanboy
Nintendo Fanboy Před 22 dny
@TonyKanameKuran no I won’t !!! Nintendo is god
Nintendo Fanboy
Nintendo Fanboy Před 22 dny
@APPLE ELPPA I hate to see Nintendo do bad makes me so upset
TonyKanameKuran Před 22 dny
Who gives a fuck about console wars? Shut the fuck up! At least MHR is a console exclusive for Nintendo Switch (first).
Chase Murphy
Chase Murphy Před 22 dny
I tried to get into it but controls are just wonky and there aren't many good QoL features in the game
Bran J
Bran J Před 21 dnem
I started on 3ds and that was absolute hell. My hand is still cramped to this day and the thought of turning that camera with that little nub gives me ptsd and makes me shit and throw up at the same time
The Real Balto
The Real Balto Před 22 dny
I'd say it's on par with base world's difficulty which is fine cause it's only high rank g rank is where it's at. And the combat is alot more fun and some fun new mons.
Cristóbal Duchén
Cristóbal Duchén Před 22 dny
@Mackin Cheez Nah, the whole game is overall just easier. Not that that's a bad thing tho
Mackin Cheez
Mackin Cheez Před 22 dny
@Cristóbal Duchén maybe village wise. But hub is where it’s at
Mackin Cheez
Mackin Cheez Před 22 dny
@TonyKanameKuran exactly
桐生 一馬Kiryū Kazuma
Been playing monster hunter since PS2 I'll never get tired of this games. I love monster hunter rise been playing non stop lol.
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Před 22 dny
I love this Monster Hunter game!
Rigo Romero
Rigo Romero Před 22 dny
Doesn't literally tell you what the key quest are now.
Tafp Před 14 dny
Key quests have an icon on the left of them.
Null_96 Před 18 dny
It does, key quest are marked and you only need to do the required number of key quest and not all of them
marvdatboi Před 22 dny
*9 it’s divine.*
Br br
Br br Před 22 dny
These reviews are good. Better than the crap on IGN.
TonyKanameKuran Před 22 dny
Drop that mic!
Tristan Marroquin
Tristan Marroquin Před 22 dny
I loved this game so much!
Cash ordeals
Cash ordeals Před 22 dny
If your new to the franchise gonna give you a heads up if you see rajang just know that's the black force of the franchise
Cash ordeals
Cash ordeals Před 19 dny
@Toastok look up video's about him and his turf wars you will see what i mean 🤣
Toast Před 19 dny
I'm new, just killed my first monster. I have no idea what you mean, but it sounds important. I'll be back if I do indeed see a rajang.
Mouton M.
Mouton M. Před 22 dny
Veteran hunter here, best MH game to date imo.
Meliodas Dragon Sin of Wrath
Jonathan France
Jonathan France Před 22 dny
I'm so proud of what this series has become. Loved it since the PSP days.
jaeglesbagels Před 20 dny
@Cactus Shaq or ad hoc party through the ps3, good days.
magirexx Před 21 dnem
@Mr. Moose this
sorakume21 Před 21 dnem
SAME! MH freedom unite is what drew me in and I've loved it ever since
EmpireZz Před 22 dny
@Mr. Moose gamefreak are too dumb 😔😕
Verma Před 22 dny
@Cactus Shaq used to play xlink Kai monster Hunter freedom lol I made some good friends on that
Spare Slipstreamz
Spare Slipstreamz Před 22 dny
Any Monster Hunter game is bound to be a 9/10
rett Try
rett Try Před 22 dny
Let's go
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