Outriders: 10+ Guaranteed Legendaries 

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Legendaries in Outriders are somewhat difficult to come by, but they have fun and unique abilities, so they’re absolutely worth trying to get your hands on. And luckily for you, there are ways to easily guarantee a legendary, and we’ll talk about a few of them in this video.
0:00 Intro
0:26 First guaranteed Legendary Comes from beating the game
0:37 World Tiers
0:56 Your Friend Tiago
01:42 Bounty Hunts for Ujio
02:03 Monster Hunters for Noah Dembele
02:25 The Historian Madame Beauvoir
02:50 Big Iron Side quest for Chana
03:16 Forgotten Chapel Side Quest
04:03 Outriders Legacy Side Quest
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6. 04. 2021





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XxQuickShot-_- Před 4 dny
Ahhhh to much work join a friend that beat the game have them pick the last boss under the carnival beat it boom legendary every five mintues just make a new person and repeat 🙃
ANTMK Před 9 dny
The fact that y'all are this far when the game basically just came out is crazy. I'm only at tier 7 a a Technomancer.
Akoni is OG
Akoni is OG Před 9 dny
dog shit ass tutorials bro come on. take more time on each one instead of smashing everything in one video so you can click bait a title.
utsu002 Před 12 dny
I came here because I did the legacy mission and got not one but eight legendaries is this normal
Max Lieb
Max Lieb Před 14 dny
Is that the new destiny.
Tone Aponte
Tone Aponte Před 14 dny
Does anyone know what mod creates a small tremor around your devastator without activating the actual tremor skill? I had it before and I lost it!
Tone Aponte
Tone Aponte Před 14 dny
@rorydog02 thanks bro! Appreciate it
rorydog02 Před 14 dny
Seismic impulse
life is change
life is change Před 14 dny
Ninja theory is cool
Rage King
Rage King Před 14 dny
I mean PCF have stated they aren't doing anything necessarily new they have borrowed and been inspired by a lot. So the UI looking like destiny should be a plus because of familiarity seeing as which a good chunk of the work plays or has played the destiny games.
Hades_M!ST Před 14 dny
... wait so the yellow are legendary... I thought the purple was legendary and the yellow are exotic...
Dopey Heathen
Dopey Heathen Před 12 dny
same here Guardian
yahya musseb
yahya musseb Před 14 dny
Aaah I see what you did there
GML_45 Před 14 dny
Destiny imprinted you too hard
TheLast2Liter Před 14 dny
Destiny does that to you
Roberto Pekrulio
Roberto Pekrulio Před 14 dny
Youve gotta get john to react to roblox phantom forces and arsenal
Carbon Molecules
Carbon Molecules Před 14 dny
Look dude I’m not one to to throw out absolutes but this looks like (and I don’t own the game so I could be wrong) a 3rd person destiny. The inventory screen is what really made me feel that way. All the way down to the art style of the weapons. Idk Man, I’m not interested in either games but this looks cookie cutter as fuck.
iDestroyTheWeak Před 14 dny
This game is a 3rd person shooter action RPG, Diablo with guns and Mass Effect abilities. The devs themselves literally said they drew the most inspiration from these 2 games and took elements and mechanics from both.
Nicholas Barreto
Nicholas Barreto Před 14 dny
I'm enjoying the game so far and the story is good. If you have Game Pass you can play it right now. Give it a try and you might be surprised.
Existent Před 14 dny
it’s very similar, draws heavily from destiny for the loot and a bit for the classes. it’s basically destiny with gears gameplay and some other games mixed in
Terry Před 14 dny
Bkwrds Před 14 dny
I wish this game wasn't as “stiff” with some of the movements if that makes sense
Reginald Před 14 dny
I'm not hating but is this game basically just Destiny ?
DeeJay Gaming
DeeJay Gaming Před 14 dny
@Existent facts. It feels like I’m playing an X360/PS3 era game but that’s not exactly a bad thing. Gameplay-wise, it’s a lot of fun despite the textures and it’s rather impressive that this is their most recent game since Bulletstorm
Existent Před 14 dny
it’s basically gears of war gameplay with destiny style loot. it’s very obvious when you play it that the game is influenced by other well-known titles but it still feels unique.
DeeJay Gaming
DeeJay Gaming Před 14 dny
Not even close
John W
John W Před 14 dny
The bounty and hunt missions aren’t guaranteed I did not receive one from either
christopher ferreira
@John W u need to do them on tier 1 and b4 the last one on all 3 u change to tier 15 , i have done the hunted and wanted multiple times doing this method and got a lego every time , the historian i havent done as i didnt know u can reset it , today imma try and see if it works Hope this helps 👍😁
John W
John W Před 9 dny
@Brandon Burk probably
Brandon Burk
Brandon Burk Před 9 dny
@John W more inclined to think it’s a bug on your side than not guaranteed server side
John W
John W Před 13 dny
@Lymark Wong well aware did all 10 bounties no legendary
Lymark Wong
Lymark Wong Před 14 dny
Bounty, Monster and Historian have a set of 10 quests each. You get a guaranteed legendary reward after completing each set, for a total of 3 legendaries.
K. I.
K. I. Před 14 dny
I was out at "finish the game!"
John Wolverine
John Wolverine Před 14 dny
Looks like Destiny a lot, especially the UI.
Tim Cope
Tim Cope Před 14 dny
The problem with legendary’s are that the mods can be found or equipped on any other gun. Essentially if you get an epic weapon it’s just as good the only difference is the cosmetic look of the weapon. They need to have one fundamental modification on every legendary weapon that is unique to that weapon to make it feel like it’s worth striving for
Joanna Wood
Joanna Wood Před 14 dny
you have to get a legendary to be able to use its specific tier 3 mod
David Hocker
David Hocker Před 14 dny
Each one comes with a tier 3 mod that you can only get on that gun.
Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)
Wait.. why am I watching this? I don't even have the game
LS Před 14 dny
yahya musseb
yahya musseb Před 14 dny
Guess it's the call of the loot beckons to us inside our heads
KingScotto Před 14 dny
OutRiders was abit shitty starting off but the more you play the better it gets it just needs better matchmaking
yahya musseb
yahya musseb Před 14 dny
Or a true solo mode, i hate playing with others, don't hate me for that
FlipNasty Před 14 dny
Why do you get the good weapons at the end of games... so damn stupid
User Name
User Name Před 14 dny
For what it's worth you get good stuff right as you're starting out. Legendaries are far off but you still get enough loot to create coherent and viable builds from pretty much the beginning.
Theshiznitman Před 14 dny
The quests are meant to be replayed at higher difficulty for better loot drops, so there technically isnt an end, as you can keep farming for better items.
萃秋華鈴 Před 14 dny
Destiny 3 looks lit
Have_A_Goose Před 14 dny
69 likes? Nice
Boisegang Před 14 dny
Outriders' Legacy was such a fun side quest. *Spoilers below!* The Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull reference along with the Doctor Strangaluv boss were hilarious and a bit of levity in a rather self-serious game.
Caliiforniia Kiing
Caliiforniia Kiing Před 14 dny
not being rude or mean but usually game spot doesn't make videos this good am I trippin or what
†oR-o Před 14 dny
Sara Wilcker
Sara Wilcker Před 14 dny
The more I play this game I think the worse I'm getting. I don't even know how that's possible.
Introverted Ego
Introverted Ego Před 13 dny
@Isaiah McHenry Gunter O I don’t play with 3 people jesus I didn’t know
Isaiah McHenry Gunter
@Introverted Ego triple* it scales off all three players
Introverted Ego
Introverted Ego Před 13 dny
@luke 1234 who told you that lol its harder in co-op you get twice the enemies
luke 1234
luke 1234 Před 14 dny
Sara,play in coop,its easier :)
Introverted Ego
Introverted Ego Před 14 dny
Facts smh
JDavisOfficial Před 14 dny
Great vid
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Před 14 dny
I love this mature game!
DeeJay Gaming
DeeJay Gaming Před 14 dny
@z1io :D idk why this made me laugh but thank you
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Před 14 dny
@z1io :D me too!
z1io :D
z1io :D Před 14 dny
You smol tho
Jan van de Ven
Jan van de Ven Před 14 dny
Better game then borderlands 3 ?
Brandon Burk
Brandon Burk Před 9 dny
Don’t know what these dudes are talking about, wasn’t a fan of 3, but loved the two main games before it. Pre sequel was alright. I’m loving outriders, I’m a pretty casual player with work full time and school as well, plus social life stuff and I still put 60 hours in already. Def recommend if you’re into looters and can tolerate that third person POV
harry dixson
harry dixson Před 14 dny
Lol. This game isn’t better than any looter shooter I’ve played to date.
Bahama Skama
Bahama Skama Před 14 dny
Nothing competes with Borderlands. I just beat BL3 today too lol I can’t stop playing it
Carbon Molecules
Carbon Molecules Před 14 dny
Al Kohilic
Al Kohilic Před 14 dny
Nathan Bowling
Nathan Bowling Před 14 dny
This ui looks all too similar to destiny 🤨
Silent Storm
Silent Storm Před 14 dny
it has the UI of destiny but the combat of gears of war(same devs)
Moogle Před 14 dny
you need to learn how to say wrecked my friend
Jam Bro
Jam Bro Před 14 dny
I love the game now. First like my Lakers
Jam Bro
Jam Bro Před 14 dny
@That Fletcher Guy indica
That Fletcher Guy
That Fletcher Guy Před 14 dny
Lakers are far from first place?? What you smoking
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