Outriders' Coolest Weapons and Abilities 

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(Presented by Square Enix) No looter-shooter is complete without an incredible arsenal of weapons to make slaying your enemies in the most creative ways possible something to strive for, but the awesome abilities at your disposal is just icing on the cake. Here are some of our favorites of both from Outriders!


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30. 03. 2021





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Adam S
Adam S Před 19 dny
Something about it feels so cheap, at least the demo felt cheap. The odd movement was just strange - like your character "runs" even if you just tap the key. Weird.
AD Před 19 dny
The level design and player design is so kitsch.
Daddylong Jon690
Daddylong Jon690 Před 19 dny
Can the legendary weapons be traded are they all generic legendary weapons or do the drop uniquely?
Leo Davidson
Leo Davidson Před 19 dny
Worsted game ever worst then anthem smfh
Saielb Před 20 dny
Miguel Ortega
Miguel Ortega Před 20 dny
looks great the only concern Is the focus on gear. The focus on loot tends to disappoint more often then not but its to early to tell so I have faith this one will be good. As long as its better then anthem lol
Zsavage1 Před 20 dny
KOOL... cross platform hackers... nice... na this is a NO SALE at 60 friggn dollars and NO anti cheat... PASS!!
xq Před 20 dny
Nice "anticheat" bro, no reason for it to be starting up with the kernel.
Dustin Hutchison
Dustin Hutchison Před 20 dny
I got 3 legendaries in the demo.. Grim Marrow, Iceburg and Migraine just by farming one captain on the Reunion quest. Pretty fun game, I just wish u could change between first and third person view tho. A FPS game should at least have an option for FPS :P
Perk DaGod
Perk DaGod Před 20 dny
This the only video that makes me wanna play outriders
Jibbibious Mequibbious
God, I want this game nooooooowwwwww plz i beg you seriously, PCF, i want early access plz
Dan paz
Dan paz Před 21 dnem
Looks good. Don't pull a anthem! PLEASE!!!!
Ninnja ✓
Ninnja ✓ Před 21 dnem
Honestly excited to try it.
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards Před 21 dnem
Trying too hard to sound like Jules Gill from Whatculture Gaming...
Chris Edwards
Chris Edwards Před 21 dnem
Am I the only one who says Square Eenix and not Square Ennix (like the narrator in this video at the very start)??
Colin Ascarte
Colin Ascarte Před 21 dnem
Just found out about this game and literally can’t wait to get it when it comes out, the demo was amazing, people are totally sleeping on it.
ThaPokéstopPapí Před 21 dnem
See you on the battlefield outrider!
fronic Před 21 dnem
Weird art design
Chris Butler
Chris Butler Před 21 dnem
Got a few haters I see
Slayer orc
Slayer orc Před 21 dnem
So this Square Enix redemption from the broken Avengers game...lol
Kriss V
Kriss V Před 21 dnem
Bad game.
Wesler218 Před 21 dnem
Wickerbotter The Wizard
This reminds me of how much I got burned with Destiny..... I hope for the players sake that the devs are more kind than Bungie-Activision
the DARK BANKAI Před 21 dnem
this game is a joke i rather play World War Z than this joke
Chris Butler
Chris Butler Před 21 dnem
Old ass shit
Davey 7192
Davey 7192 Před 21 dnem
Your loss my gain
Derpster Před 21 dnem
New franchise, thank God.
MrHayven Games
MrHayven Games Před 22 dny
My Digital copy is saying I can play tomorrow at 9AM West coast,is this right? I hope so.
akaurfear Před 22 dny
I played the demo and I could only equip 3 abilities at a time. Here he says 4 ... How do I equip the 4th?
eckosama Před 22 dny
some of this stuff look so fun!
eckosama Před 22 dny
@Freeformrulz I got a legendary sniper. But I think the chances will be better in the real game because it will be easier to defeat enemies once I get my stats and skill tree filled out. im probably going to max health on my devastatro
Freeformrulz Před 22 dny
@eckosama keep playing the demo till you hit world tier 5 and they start dropping off Captains and Gauss boss
eckosama Před 22 dny
@the true Star yeah i cant wait. I didnt know this game had so much stuff until now. Hopefully I get some legendary guns!
the true Star
the true Star Před 22 dny
@eckosama gonna have to want for the full game for that sadly
eckosama Před 22 dny
@the true Star Yeah im playing the demo right now! But I want that minigun!!
BDG9Six BayArea
BDG9Six BayArea Před 22 dny
I'm about go up on my liked with his question............."We need a SmashTv remake".
Simon Isenberg
Simon Isenberg Před 22 dny
These FX are next level. Congrats to the artists.
Enig T
Enig T Před 22 dny
3:19. Please make a correction to this. You can only use 3 abilities at a time, not 4.
Razark9, Flattard Tear Drinker
Destiny 3 coming already?
harry jackson
harry jackson Před 22 dny
Is it just me who misses the gamespot gun show?
Braulio Castillo
Braulio Castillo Před 22 dny
Gear of war fusion dance Destiny Outriders I’m not Gear of war or Destiny I’m the one who gonna destroy your wallet
Jon Ericson
Jon Ericson Před 22 dny
3:30. Wait....4 powers? Since WHEN?
the true Star
the true Star Před 22 dny
its a mistake
Jonathan Clifton
Jonathan Clifton Před 22 dny
Left overs from a hog roast 😂😂 legit in tears. This game looks absolutely mint. 💯😁😁👌
Franklin Brogan
Franklin Brogan Před 22 dny
Pyromancer ass blast power sounds OP!
Mick 8092
Mick 8092 Před 21 dnem
@NA NI will bring the chilies. Hot and Spicy! My favourite
NA N Před 22 dny
probably even more OP when you couple it with taco bell mods
Cuchi Frito
Cuchi Frito Před 22 dny
Bye bye Division 2
Garrett Ferrell
Garrett Ferrell Před 22 dny
Looks interesting,like Destiny but better..ill see what kind of response it gets after release and then decide if it’s worth my time/money
๖Marah Před 22 dny
so wait is this a coop game?
the true Star
the true Star Před 21 dnem
@๖Marah yup, finish the prologue first then you can invite people as you please amd you dont have reconnect every area
๖Marah Před 21 dnem
@the true Star no no as in can i play with a bro for the entire game or is this some dark souls type of stuff where i finish one area and we gotta reconnect again
the true Star
the true Star Před 21 dnem
You can play solo too
ThaPokéstopPapí Před 22 dny
Play the demo! Its so much fun
Jon Ericson
Jon Ericson Před 22 dny
Yup. Up to 3 on a team.
John Hayes
John Hayes Před 22 dny
Cannot wait!
Whiskey Sigma
Whiskey Sigma Před 22 dny
Too bad March has 31 days.
David law
David law Před 22 dny
might buy this
hunter sears
hunter sears Před 22 dny
Only 3 can be equipped at a time not 4 🙂
Video Game Glass
Video Game Glass Před 21 dnem
4 would be cool, but possibly op depending on which ones you've got equipped. Loved using trickster, so that'll be my main for the first playthrough.
Freeformrulz Před 22 dny
Not only are the Devs better at communication than dog shit Bungo, but the game is also just so much more fun than destiny 2.
SMOKE-BREAK Před 22 dny
DAY 1 GAME PASS....👁👃👁
Rafael Jandres
Rafael Jandres Před 22 dny
Great game, and it’s on gamepass 💚💚💚
Tyler Loconte
Tyler Loconte Před 22 dny
Four powers can be assigned at any time? Did they change that from the demo or did this guy not ever play?
eckosama Před 22 dny
@usair4ce0ne oh no!
usair4ce0ne Před 22 dny
not 4. he flubbed. you can augment abilities on gear, but 3 assignable.
eckosama Před 22 dny
i hope so 3 is not enough lol
the true Star
the true Star Před 22 dny
three, you can get some class abilities on gear
AC III Před 22 dny
Hoping it's a change they made. That one extra ability will go a long way.
AJBOOMER 1 Před 22 dny
Can't wait 👍🏼👌🏽
Ghost Před 22 dny
Damn so there’s more abilities? This is definitely cool playing this tomorrow when it drops 🔥🔥
Ghost Před 21 dnem
@Mark L for me it’s today
the true Star
the true Star Před 22 dny
@Mark L yup
Mark L
Mark L Před 22 dny
Doesn't the game come out on Thursday?
Jezza Lenko
Jezza Lenko Před 22 dny
Random shit...but I'm sold
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Před 22 dny
I love this mature game!
Roberto Cavicchi
Roberto Cavicchi Před 22 dny
Does it still randomly crash forcing you to begin entire parts of the game from the beginning over and over?
Chris Butler
Chris Butler Před 21 dnem
We can only hope I enjoy replaying the content
ThaPokéstopPapí Před 22 dny
Nah bruh.
the true Star
the true Star Před 22 dny
they have fixed most issues with the demo
shirwac Qasim
shirwac Qasim Před 22 dny
Hold your horse lets see review f..
Joshua D'Silva
Joshua D'Silva Před 22 dny
Definitely gonna check it out on Gamepass
Haz3 Před 22 dny
Devs really know what they are doing with this
ThaPokéstopPapí Před 22 dny
gouki290 Před 22 dny
Can’t wait!!!!
weeaboo jones
weeaboo jones Před 22 dny
Is this on the ps plus free
Ace Anarky
Ace Anarky Před 22 dny
Zxcbbnm Před 22 dny
I wish 😂
SMOKE-BREAK Před 22 dny
Nazzzim Před 22 dny
Quiet Gamer
Quiet Gamer Před 22 dny
I rather play that werewolf game than this
Tomasz Sz
Tomasz Sz Před 22 dny
Lame game
ThaPokéstopPapí Před 22 dny
Lame enough to arrive to this video, and comment on it then huhh 😂
Haz3 Před 22 dny
Best looter shooter we had in a while.
The Commentator
The Commentator Před 22 dny
I wish you all a good day
shieldzy Před 22 dny
Dead game
Mick 8092
Mick 8092 Před 21 dnem
@shieldzy only person that shit here is you mate this game is a lot better than destiny/ anthem /division two combined. You don’t like this game don’t comment on it because all you’re doing is being a troll. And nobody likes trolls
ThaPokéstopPapí Před 22 dny
You mad bro? 😂
SOUŁ BŁAZË Před 22 dny
Definitely not dead 🤣 Demo stats alone show this is false.
Freeformrulz Před 22 dny
@shieldzy it's a hundred times better than any looter shooter out there right now
User Name
User Name Před 22 dny
@shieldzy Not liking it and it being dead aren't really the same thing tbf. 'Got bored of Destiny ages ago but it's still chugging along.
Adam Khater
Adam Khater Před 22 dny
And this will be on gamepass day 1 !!!!
Ghost Havoc
Ghost Havoc Před 19 dny
@Officer Mahal check under coming soon my cousin is on Xbox and playing through gamepass
Johnny Five
Johnny Five Před 19 dny
@Officer Mahal Beefcake 🤣
Officer Mahal
Officer Mahal Před 19 dny
not for me it isnt. I have gamepass, its not there. Only way to play $60. Even now, cant play it anyway, servers havent been up. Same old shit, different game.
Wombat Nipnips
Wombat Nipnips Před 21 dnem
@Johnny Five fax
Johnny Five
Johnny Five Před 21 dnem
Finally a reason to try out game pass lol
Jin Byun
Jin Byun Před 22 dny
Wow Im early
Adam Khater
Adam Khater Před 22 dny
Wait.... Im first
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