Outriders Early Gameplay Livestream (PS5) 

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We take to the world of Enoch with early access review code as the Technomancer in Outriders on the PlayStation 5. We will be playing through the story and side missions past the Demo so be warn of any spoilers if you're worried. Come hang out and chat about your favorite class, abilities, weapons and more.


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31. 03. 2021





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Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez Před 2 dny
this feel anthem whit out all the super power and the cool gears lol
zak google
zak google Před 8 dny
Ohh a re skinned gears of war with flappy clothes
God Parveen Yt 2
God Parveen Yt 2 Před 11 dny
frosty87 Před 13 dny
Re-skinned Bulletstorm?
fabio Charrua
fabio Charrua Před 14 dny
tom clancy's the division ? it looks like the same mechanic in some parts
Andrew Connatser
Andrew Connatser Před 14 dny
First 4 minutes nothing.
TheRealOtterpop Gaming
this for real just looks like another version of the division
Chris Whited
Chris Whited Před 15 dny
Just another fps that will almost certainly disappoint. Nothing special about this one at all.
Lam Tsang
Lam Tsang Před 15 dny
this game is sick.
Cookie Mohammed
Cookie Mohammed Před 16 dny
games just shit in itself, good job on those who wasted their money on it
MrDave9286 Před 16 dny
It's free on Xbox game pass, but even though I have the fucking pass because I'm on PC apparently I get the shaft. Makes sense. It's free on the service I subscribe to, but they leave PC users out in the cold. Cool.
google must_die
google must_die Před 16 dny
Eew it looks like destiny and anthem had a baby
yuuki luu
yuuki luu Před 16 dny
Almost like destiny with division in hq graphics
DoctorShroom Před 16 dny
It's literally Gears of War in a Destiny world.
Omegaslashbuster1 Před 16 dny
Gears of Destiny.
Civilians 33
Civilians 33 Před 17 dny
Gears of War and The Witcher had a baby and that baby threw up and landed on Destiny's head would be this game
Marko Před 17 dny
What is this gears of war bullshit?
ace c
ace c Před 17 dny
anyone els getting gears of war vibes?
DS007 Před 19 dny
trailer made your character look invincible... looks like just an other shooter to me
Zak Bailey
Zak Bailey Před 19 dny
This was hard to watch
Seksappeal Před 19 dny
i don't get how people like playing games nowadays with the character taking 33% of the screen perma....
Vladimir Chernikov
Vladimir Chernikov Před 16 dny
Not everyone is into first person
clone12TM Před 19 dny
I'm seeing Gears of War, The Division, Mass Effect, and Destiny in this. I'm not opposed to playing it.
User5228 Před 17 dny
yeah this game reminds me of borderlands a bit. I was opposed to getting it until I watched gameplay, thought it was just going to be destiny all over again. The class system is what I'm really interested in.
MoistGoat Před 19 dny
There's also some element of Borderlands in there I feel.
Jakub Nosek
Jakub Nosek Před 19 dny
Gears of War mixed with Mass Effect? ha ha ha
Felix Před 19 dny
I just clicked on a random time to see what the gameplay was like in the game and i see this 37:14 Wtf Gamespot?
McbootyLovin Před 6 dny
I couldn't watch more than a minute they were so bad I'm physically cringing
Felix Před 15 dny
@Phillip Ryan Phipps The worst player in history
Phillip Ryan Phipps
Phillip Ryan Phipps Před 15 dny
What did you see?
Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop Před 19 dny
Stasis grenades are cracked
RLH Gaming
RLH Gaming Před 20 dny
played it. Felt like Gears on a halo ringworld
Loizel Blvck
Loizel Blvck Před 20 dny
Borderland and Gears Of War had a baby ?
Bruce Před 20 dny
bro destiny 3 looks good
andre nascimento
andre nascimento Před 20 dny
Ps5 best version again 💪💪💪
HypaXLink Před 19 dny
@andre nascimento if you think whatever miniscule difference the PS5 has is better than getting a $70 game on launch day for free your brain is smoother than a baby's bottom
ραρεrs101 Před 20 dny
@Dandre Carter I rather own the game lol
andre nascimento
andre nascimento Před 20 dny
@Dandre Carter that is another subject, won't change the fact that ps5 wins again.. 😬😬🤫🤫
Dandre Carter
Dandre Carter Před 20 dny
But is it free on ps5? It's free on xbox 🤣🤣😭🤣
Myles Deep
Myles Deep Před 20 dny
This game has Gears elements and I like that!
Yunsha Před 3 dny
I thought that was from creators of Gears of war, because it has those weird design weapon style, that roll effect, and even the death icon on crosshair when you kill.
pickle micks gaming
pickle micks gaming Před 20 dny
Definitely won't be buying this on ps4 if this is what it looks like on ps5, looks terrible
J Mercado
J Mercado Před 20 dny
L m f a o Definitely The Division - Square Enix edition
sahada Earl
sahada Earl Před 15 dny
Fax n a lil but of gears a war
Crus Russ
Crus Russ Před 20 dny
This guy doesnt use any of his abilities?
Derpster Před 20 dny
Probably doesn't even know they exist.... noob. lol
Paul Mills
Paul Mills Před 20 dny
THE DIVISION... by square enix...
Paul Mills
Paul Mills Před 19 dny
@Amadeus XLO that doesnt detract from the fact its a carbon copy
Amadeus XLO
Amadeus XLO Před 19 dny
Outriders is far worse than the Division.
Paul Mills
Paul Mills Před 20 dny
J Mercado
J Mercado Před 20 dny
Agreed 100%
Derpster Před 20 dny
Jamie G
Jamie G Před 20 dny
You have got to just get to the action sooner bud! I appreciate your effort for this video but you really gotta trim the unnecessary and waiting BS.
UltraVoilentAnomaly Před 20 dny
It was a live stream... No cutting....
Zye Před 20 dny
@pickle micks gaming people prefer the full experience, dont need to be selfish, 453 people seem to not mind
pickle micks gaming
pickle micks gaming Před 20 dny
If it was a decent video you shouldn't have to skip anything
Zye Před 20 dny
u can skip to parts of the video u know
halojovan Před 20 dny
The person playing this should go back to playing board games or checkers lol
Dillon Simms
Dillon Simms Před 21 dnem
Little timmy no thumbs out here also i see shinnnnney rrrrrrroooocccckkkk i need it
Vinícius Negrão
Vinícius Negrão Před 21 dnem
Another one of these? Don't we have many of these already? I'm guessing this one does or will have lootboxes right? As all of them
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda Před 20 dny
@Rough Sleeper Sort of. They're open to/quietly planning for selling heavy DLC (aka expansion pack) or running some form of Season Pass, but even the latter might be more of the MCC variety (not monetized, just promotion for playing and sharing the game). Without getting into details, the end of the game is similar to other lootershoot like Anthem except more competent. There's a world there, its up to the devs to add to it if they want, or sequel. They just dedicated to having a full-feeling product up front.
Vinícius Negrão
Vinícius Negrão Před 20 dny
@Rough Sleeper Well damn! That's how it's done, I might even check out the demo now. Thanks for the info, friend
Rough Sleeper
Rough Sleeper Před 20 dny
No loot boxes. Not Live Service. ALL content day one, including endgame. Free Demo.
Lucas Hixson
Lucas Hixson Před 21 dnem
Jin Takame
Jin Takame Před 21 dnem
U can trust GameSpot always when u need to watch a crap player
Joseph Watson
Joseph Watson Před 11 dny
What are
Boonie Gaming
Boonie Gaming Před 21 dnem
this guy straight up ass lmao
Boom Jax
Boom Jax Před 21 dnem
Ale rozpierdol
2 gun Tim
2 gun Tim Před 21 dnem
Fem Shep??
2 gun Tim
2 gun Tim Před 21 dnem
Where’s Shepherd??
2 gun Tim
2 gun Tim Před 21 dnem
Is this mass effect 3.5?😇😅
Oxyminoan Před 21 dnem
Dude. That firespider worm thing with the raid mechanics was fucking AWESOME. Can't wait.
PerfectSalah Před 20 dny
What minute?
Kung Pow Chicken
Kung Pow Chicken Před 21 dnem
Game is a lot of fun. Great looter shooter.
Anglefan Gaming
Anglefan Gaming Před 21 dnem
I don't think that person has ever played a game before 😆
Vladimir Chernikov
Vladimir Chernikov Před 16 dny
@Marco Decato Nobody should tell anybody how to play a game beyond basic tactics. You play you, they'll play them
Marco Decato
Marco Decato Před 21 dnem
Someone needs to tell them they don't actually have to use the cover in this game to be successful. Oh well.
JuCyjuiCe Před 21 dnem
I´m glad as a Gamepass Customer i don`t have to pay for it ^^
MrSunday Morning
MrSunday Morning Před 20 dny
@Anthony Janvrin Gamepass is only 1 dollar for the first month
Ryan DeBraal
Ryan DeBraal Před 20 dny
@Anthony Janvrin I have 28 triple-A games sitting on my desktop waiting to be played. That's worth $5 a month (grandfathered in price). If half of those expire before I play them, I'll just download the 14 new ones that dropped.
Ian Harding
Ian Harding Před 21 dnem
@JuCyjuiCe I mean we get tons of free games with psplus, plus a super secure, safe, and stable gaming network
JuCyjuiCe Před 21 dnem
@Anthony Janvrin Don't forget your PS + subscription, which you need to play your 60$ game the way it is intended.. A service that is included in the gamepass U Subscription😉
JuCyjuiCe Před 21 dnem
​@Anthony Janvrin Did I mention somewhere the game would be free? I said that I don't have to pay extra for it because I'm already a Gamepass customer! And after everything I've seen here, I'm happy about it. These 2$ are the worst case if I would change my mind. So no matter how it comes ... I only benefit 🤷‍♂️ It also seems as if something is bothering you about the current situation..🤔 I can't explain it to myself any other way why you have to emphasize how awesome your Playstation is without someone attacking your Betastation 5 👌 well, actually I can understand it, after all, there isn't much choice when it comes to multiplayer games
the underground empire
Free on game pass 🤷‍♂️ no complaints here
Dandre Carter
Dandre Carter Před 20 dny
Runs great on my series s 🤷🏾‍♂️
andre nascimento
andre nascimento Před 20 dny
@the underground empire he is lying, I have seen a few test already and it's seems locked 60fps...
Rough Sleeper
Rough Sleeper Před 20 dny
Mate was going to do GP, but he wants to get to endgame and doesnt want to lose his progress when it leaves GP. Could probs 100% it in 3-400 hours some streamers saying, so it can be played both casually to the end of story - 8-20 hours dependant on World Tier level - perfect for Gamepass, and professionally to farm to Min/Max for Excursions and Eye of the Storm final challenge, so maybe better buying. I love the fact that apart from Endgame, you could probably set Outriders to WorldTier 1 and melee everything!
the underground empire
@pvsweetypie it's free on game pass at the end of the day. At least we don't have to pay like £50-£60 like on the PlayStation. This is my first xbox coming from a ps4 and its so much cheaper
pvsweetypie Před 21 dnem
Cant wait to see how bad it runs on my one s lol.
Kyle H
Kyle H Před 21 dnem
Lame to be honest😑
Ian Harding
Ian Harding Před 21 dnem
Its really fun
NIvek Před 21 dnem
Man idk, i dont wanna get burned with the preorder and have another anthem situation happen. Think im gonna hold off till tomorrow and see what people say.
McbootyLovin Před 6 dny
@Kyle Deckman people preorder one day before because it gives access to it on day one if preordered at a store as well gives usually skins or shit that you can only get if you preordered
Kyle Deckman
Kyle Deckman Před 20 dny
Why would you preorder it one day before it comes out? Makes no sense
Slowp0w Před 20 dny
Get xbox gamepass and try it out.
Kung Pow Chicken
Kung Pow Chicken Před 21 dnem
@NIvek It is a complete game at launch, all of the content is there. No season pass, no expansions, no planned DLC at the moment. It is closer to something like Borderlands than Destiny.
NIvek Před 21 dnem
@Kung Pow Chicken is it really not a live service??
calvin lagerweij
calvin lagerweij Před 21 dnem
Game is insane. Playing right now. Lovit
Amadeus XLO
Amadeus XLO Před 19 dny
Buy some taste.
MaGnat Wielki
MaGnat Wielki Před 21 dnem
I know what U mean😁😁😁😁😁
ChiliCheeks Před 21 dnem
They should have made this person play on easy mode, they’re getting clapped
12XENN4 Před 21 dnem
Generic looking game. Idk why people are hyping this.
User5228 Před 17 dny
Cause sometimes after a long day you just want to get in there and kill things.
Layk35 Před 20 dny
Yeah, looks samey and mediocre. Might check it out in a couple of months and see what people are doing with it though
Cody Parker
Cody Parker Před 20 dny
I mean I'm not gonna go on calling anyone who's into this an Xbox fanboy. But I didn't really see anything from this wowed me. Doesn't look great doesn't look terrible. I'm kinnda over this graphics upgrading that's being pushed out right now. I'd rather see some big improvements to AI down the line in some newer games. I'm sure some people will love this but it's just not my cup of tea anymore.
Ian Harding
Ian Harding Před 21 dnem
its a ton of fun and the build mechanics are incredibly deep.
Maveth The Reaper
Maveth The Reaper Před 21 dnem
@Metallica Fan Because certainly calling someone a name really gets your point across, great job.
BigKen 504
BigKen 504 Před 21 dnem
Sorry bout I'm not impressed with this game
Burd Před 20 dny
@MovieAfterReviews it’s a demo. And you probably didn’t get legendary’s
MovieAfterReviews Před 21 dnem
Same the demo felt bleh
Chris Blackburn
Chris Blackburn Před 21 dnem
@Metallica Fan lol
Metallica Fan
Metallica Fan Před 21 dnem
Not impressed with your ability to make a sentence.
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