Outriders Is A Hard To Define Game 

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Outriders is out, and we still aren't entirely sure how to classify it. In this podcast breakout, Jean-Luc tells us what to expect in People Can Fly's latest action game.


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4. 04. 2021





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Aaron Laughter
Aaron Laughter Před 10 dny
Im gonna say it, outriders is mediocre to average at best, everything it has done, other games have done better, so much better.
DRC 85
DRC 85 Před 11 dny
i started playing yesterday... there are a few things i dont like... 1 aiming is very "slow" u cant set up the stick sensitivity like in normal games... (or i didnt saw it) 2 the game is lagging often on the ps4 3 load times are horrible 4 its a little bit too hard for me on normal besides the the points i mentioned the game is actually pretty good
Gizmo Mogwai
Gizmo Mogwai Před 12 dny
I totally understand the versatile opinions. Myself I played the demo and thought it was fine, but the game kinda lacks that little "wow" thing that would make me preorder/buy it full price. I don't agree with Jean-Luc tho... His arguments don't make much sense. He sounds like another "Angry Joe" who just decided from the start that he was not going to like the game.
Daniel D Cruze
Daniel D Cruze Před 13 dny
I have my utmost respect for Gamespot for the last 10 years. But this is it. They don't even know that this is not a live service game, even borderlands is not! They also turned into something that they cant play a game and enjoy It without comparing it with another game and hating it bcz it is a looter shooter like other looter shooter games.
Mike trike
Mike trike Před 14 dny
Love this game on my series x, apart from the network issues
Joshua Před 15 dny
The Dev’s said over 5 months ago on their own CSshows channel that it’s not a live service game but your gonna base an option on it being one? Ok 👌🏻..... this game is awesome and I have no clue what ppl are crying about!
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Před 15 dny
It's gears of war renamed blah
Ashton C
Ashton C Před 15 dny
It's most like games are different in their own sense 90% of the time and should not be compared to everything else 🤔
Shebuka Před 15 dny
You have Raids called Expeditions to play it in coop with friends and randoms.
Kyle S.
Kyle S. Před 15 dny
The devs have literally said it's not a live-service game.
Real Talk
Real Talk Před 15 dny
Alot of brainwashed people, so nobody is gonna put these game devs in check. Let me help you all Pros- ????? Cons- CRASH, CRASH, CRASH!!! Oh let's not forget about bugs that won't allow you to finish the mission, or your gear disappearing out of no where, how about those dumb azz cutscene that play over and over to cross something like jumpin over a fuccin puddle like really a whole fuccin cutscene to jump and then CRASH! Final score is a 3/100
Nabil Před 16 dny
Who cares?
jenova1st Před 16 dny
its not a games for serivce game at all the devs literally said it wasnt once you finish the game its done its an action rpg
SmorgasLord Před 16 dny
too bad the podcast isn't on youtube anymore
Mr Thanos
Mr Thanos Před 16 dny
I had some issues with connection they are good now the game is a pain to play alone idk why u don’t get a revive alone but you do online. But I’ve been fine recently since I got good gear. The dismantling selling should be quicker I think. And I hate the fast travel especially with bounties and hunts
AC III Před 16 dny
Clearly someone didn't do their research. Not a live service game.
Just a guy being a dude
I'm going to be honest, the pure lack of verticality in all aspects and the linear structure of the world is very annoying. As a Destiny 2 fan, I just can't stomach the cover-oriented combat. It feels too much like Division to me in some aspects like combat. However, I still see why people like this game and I genuinely hope it does well. Maybe I just need to get used to it.
Cayde's Girl
Cayde's Girl Před 16 dny
Sounds like you four would be better off with fortnite, leave the real games to the big kids.
Cayde's Girl
Cayde's Girl Před 16 dny
Hey Tamoor, just saw your L'Oréal commercial.
Victor Gil
Victor Gil Před 16 dny
Ok, obviously you guys haven't really been taking notes about this games, PCF has said multiple times that this game is NOT a "Game as a Service" Game and their intention is that you can have all the experience of the game once you finished it. They are planning to "maybe" release more content if the game do well and if there is demand for it. but you can finish the game and that's it, no Raids or something like that.
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda Před 16 dny
'Expeditions' for long term grind option is not 'live service'. Their pitch isn't 'live service', its 'if this does well we know we can support it with content' (this is NOT live service), and potentially pivot long term to a live service model. Diablo wasn't anything like a 'live service' until people knew they could rely on regular, non-automated seasons. PCF making expansions, playing it by ear and transparent about that, isn't live service. Its just service. They can move on to any other project without it feeling like a big loss to the core design.
DarkE Před 16 dny
I love the story - it captured me to the point I wanted to read all the backstory files i found
Devon Velazquez
Devon Velazquez Před 16 dny
Stories generic ass but the gameplays solid.
Jordanmost Před 16 dny
Its not a live servicd game, they even said it themself 30 times. Gamespot great at doing research again lol
Max Před 16 dny
KirkeGaming Před 16 dny
Looks the same as every other loot shooter, bullet sponge enemies.
Just a guy being a dude
That's not true, Destiny and Borderlands might be the only looter shooters with enemies that are not made of f*cking bricks.
taylor c
taylor c Před 16 dny
This Jean-Luc guy is absolutely too cynical to express any opinion about anything. And it sounds like all of these people only played the first hour, skipped all of the collectable logs, and didn't try to make any actual "builds"
Taylor Dane
Taylor Dane Před 16 dny
With the technomancer pick the top subclass that’s where that class shine!! It’s very op im in world tier 8 solo-ing the whole game!!
Eleven Eleven
Eleven Eleven Před 16 dny
World Tier is just Diablo 3 difficulty levels how are you not seeing that lol
Srdjan Stambuk
Srdjan Stambuk Před 16 dny
Gamespot is so non relavant... you need real gamers input.... This game is most fun i had in gazzilion years, all complaint in this video are way off. They havent played the game at all or made a build or cant do a fun build. Bots 🤷‍♂️.... Hint, upgrade your armor and gun every two levels, use new armor and just mod skills you need on it. Its cheap, do not upgrade level....
napalmbom32 Před 16 dny
Nelson Ferreira
Nelson Ferreira Před 16 dny
Everyone comparing Outriders with live service games like Destiny or Avengers but this game is more like Borderlands. Co-op looter shooter with tons of weapons and many builds to explore. The devs never said this is a live service game.
Ryan Rogan
Ryan Rogan Před 16 dny
What’s stopping me is it’s free in xb So I don’t wanna drop £60 on PlayStation...doesn’t seem smart Reckon it’ll be free there too eventually
Dereck Před 16 dny
So the story of the game constantly reminds you that you're basically a god compared to the normal people but the moment you meet a group of people I find myself forced to use cover or run waiting on abilities so that I can heal. I've been playing a devastator which I believe is suppose to be a in your face tanky character. The moment I go in cover there's a grenade. The moment I leave cover there's a rain of bullets and a sniper.
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda Před 16 dny
Compared. Group of people. Heal by dealing damage, so yes get right in there and deal that damage. Cover's only better for Technomancer which relies more on battlefield manipulations.
Mebighobo Před 16 dny
I play this on pc. This is crash to desktop game.
James Boyer
James Boyer Před 16 dny
Seriously a waste of time to listen to these 4 people. Don’t bother and try the game yourself. It’s pretty good and engagement from the developer with the community has been top notch.
Level Checker
Level Checker Před 16 dny
Bro its literally a 3rd person diablo shooter whats not to like
Sol Před 16 dny
The fact that you don't realize the Technomancer is the most powerful class in the game should tell you that you shouldn't be doing commentary on it. It's getting a bit old that all of these people just vomit up their impressions after playing the demo only.
mais camelion332
mais camelion332 Před 16 dny
Le pouce bleu 👍 de soutien
Kiba Moa Chiin
Kiba Moa Chiin Před 16 dny
The gameplay is amazing, the more you play the better it gets. Specially once you get full Epic loot you will start having tons of fun. The humour is straight out of Monthy Python movies and I love it so much. The MC feels like they actually have character traits in dialogue and don't take crap from no one.
Kiba Moa Chiin
Kiba Moa Chiin Před 16 dny
@Dave Lloyd I'm playing this for free in Game Pass so the price argument is invalid for me. The Animations between Areas are awful, there I have to agree. Otherwise I don't find it generic like you said. The gameplay itself is very fun for me and I'm close to hitting level 30. I don't know about the endgame, but since this is on game pass I'll play it until I get bored of it. I couldn't get into games like Destiny and Outlaws etc. This one however I enjoy a lot.
Dave Lloyd
Dave Lloyd Před 16 dny
It's the most generic looter shooter. The levels aren't even rng. They are all fixed. Once you finish the game all you do is repeat the same shit over and over again. Cutscenes between every scene is a joke. Lols. No planned dlc. No seasons. Nothing. Over priced. Over hyped. Game should be 30$. Look at Outlaws. Much more thought out gameplay mechanics beyond point and shoot from either close or far 😂 and only 30$ with next gen patches.
876 PC Gaming
876 PC Gaming Před 16 dny
Only problem I find with it too much cut scenes
AmirB Před 16 dny
It's a looter shooter, a mediocre looter shooter. Your Welcome!
Bert Saenz
Bert Saenz Před 16 dny
This is the game to talk about right now. Will be forgotten quick.
legio sko
legio sko Před 16 dny
dommage outrider as a problem .kernel32 because game need w10 :s
Uptown 2525
Uptown 2525 Před 16 dny
I love this game. I been playing non-stop. It looks like the game is too hard for these guys. It's easy to understand. The enemy A.I are very strategic and aggressive and alot of these reviewers always complain how game have brain dead A.I and now that we have competent enemies I hear these guys crying. Get better at the game or lower your tier. This is unbelievable it's like they don't even wanna give the game a chance. How am I supposed to trust what u guys say when u don't give your 100%
deshlits Před 16 dny
I find it amusing the class technomancer actually gets a mini gun and rocket launcher... yet they say it’s long range... about all of its abilities is close range what drugs are you on?
Rhanel Candia
Rhanel Candia Před 16 dny
I disagree. I already clocked in about 50 hours since launch. Prior to that I clocked in about 50 hours too in the demo. The STORY? It's not amazing, it's just okay. He's got it all wrong. What makes this game shine is the gameplay mechanics. You feel so badass in the frontline, enemies charging at you by tens and you're just so powerful you're unloading so much bullets and skills. And the weapon meds system? It's amazing! So many playstyle you can play with. Again, story, it's just okay. The gameplay mechanics are so fun. I am running a Technomancer playing close range with extremely high crit build.
Saberlena Před 16 dny
The storyline and dialogue come straight out of a 90s action movie. It's surprisingly unashamed about where it takes its influence from and just plays it straight.
SoldierAmerican Před 16 dny
Let me help you out, it’s 83% loading screens, with the rest being game play.
Sean Před 16 dny
on last gen
Gustavo Nascimento
Gustavo Nascimento Před 17 dny
The servers are the only problem. The game is so fun. I just cant stop playing. I disagree about everything that you said. You all: go play the game. It is fun!
gamer480 Před 17 dny
Looter shooter
_"Outriders Is A Hard To Define Game"_ *It's shit.* There is your basic definition of the game.
Jack Schneider
Jack Schneider Před 17 dny
This games fantastic. When it finally worked the gameplay and story I really liked. Game journalists wouldnt known a decent game if it bit em on the ass. They will give call of duty the same game released every year a 9 but something different they cant handle
Osman Cardona
Osman Cardona Před 17 dny
They said multiple times its not live service, its a full package looter like diablo or borderlands
Valtboy101 123
Valtboy101 123 Před 17 dny
I found the mp unplayable the host was fine but the guest or friend who joined hella lagged
beedeeuniko Před 17 dny
How many times can u say like like like like like
redfield Před 17 dny
Average riders
Damien Davies
Damien Davies Před 17 dny
Guys, do you research man, they ve always pitched it as NOT a live service game. Its more diablo than destiny. The grind is in pushing higher difficultys and min maxing a build
joceja23 Před 17 dny
I was going to get this game, kind of dissapointed on the impressions.
Metallica Fan
Metallica Fan Před 17 dny
Replaying missions has nothing to do with live service. Who is this dude?
donnie dunn
donnie dunn Před 17 dny
Why does it seem like these guys have no idea what the game is. Like they've never heard of the end game that's involved here. Get contributors that pay attention. It's been very clear it's not a live service game. Everyone here go watch @openworldgames. Much better commentary.
Smoke Před 17 dny
i tell my friends its the Division but Sci fi with powers and they want to play it lol
Lux Před 17 dny
My only 3 problems with this game: -The always online for the single player feels unnecessary -Needs more polish -The cutscenes are weird, the weird cuts and Transitions just feel unnatural
William Banks
William Banks Před 17 dny
I absolutely adore this game. I’ve never ever been into looter shooters but I’m absolutely hooked on this game. I’ve already played around 28 hours and I can see myself playing a lot more
Born Again Skeptic
Born Again Skeptic Před 17 dny
It's a fun, generic, overpriced coop shooter.
KusganKuno Před 17 dny
The Division and Destiny would be how I would define it.
Metallica Fan
Metallica Fan Před 17 dny
Gears and Diablo
Ryan Alexander
Ryan Alexander Před 17 dny
Love this game... only thing that i hate is when your out in the open trying to find cover or run to next spot the 20 guys with assults shooting at you is soo OP that im nearly dead every time.. playing as a trickster this happens nearly every time.. trickster will be the class for end game as its time based missions and its the fattest class
Jason Green
Jason Green Před 17 dny
Do you have any idea how painful it is to listen to you say you don’t like the story for five and a half minutes, but you can’t even explain WHY? Constructive criticism: if you’re going to spend your time critiquing the story rather than the gameplay, spend some time thinking critically about why you don’t like the story!!! It’s very frustrating listening to you say “I dunno, it just wasn’t working for some reason” That’s not a review. It’s a cop out.
Malcolm Swoboda
Malcolm Swoboda Před 16 dny
Bingo. There's a lot to criticize but they won't even do that.
Nep Gamer
Nep Gamer Před 17 dny
man I haven't had so much fun in a while. game is constantly keeping g me engaged and damn the modding and the crafting system is top notch.
Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas Před 17 dny
This whole video is pointless because you’ve clearly not hit endgame 🤡🤡
Anti Hypocrisy
Anti Hypocrisy Před 17 dny
Ask Kallie Plagge to help you.
Kathryn Doucet
Kathryn Doucet Před 17 dny
Funny cause I rolled Pyro up to lev 12 and I was getting destroyed.. Ive been having much more fun with long range techno. Lev 17 now and really enjoying it! Thing is every class has a different playstyle and if you try to play them all the same then you’re not getting it and it won’t be fun for you. P.S the jokes are great! I’m loving the seriousness vs the dry humour
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Před 17 dny
Yeah pyro seems to be harder than the other classes as you only get healed when you kill stuff hurt by your skills, I’ve got to level 30 world tier 12 now and it’s pretty fun and I’m not getting too destroyed anymore haha
Chaz Gilbert
Chaz Gilbert Před 17 dny
It's a shitty fun ish game
Landon Komaki
Landon Komaki Před 17 dny
Its unique
The Island Savage
The Island Savage Před 17 dny
This the best game out in line a year or 2
Josh Blackwell
Josh Blackwell Před 17 dny
Unstable is a good way to define the game.
Android8701 Před 17 dny
They have always stressed the game is not a live service game, it's actually in their selling pitch. What is this guy taking about ?!
George Foreman
George Foreman Před 17 dny
This is absolutely awful round table. It’s very clear you all didn’t play more than a hour of the game ....
George Foreman
George Foreman Před 16 dny
@Daniel Martinez I’m at hour 26 had 2 server disconnects. They are not having crashing issues just server issues bub and they are fixed now ya complainer
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez Před 16 dny
How can you play more than an hour if its constantly crashing.....
I completely disagree! If you’ve ever seen a 90’s action movie then you’ll agree that the one liners and dialogue are pure gold!! I wish more games were like this!
Jason Caputo
Jason Caputo Před 16 dny
Agreed. I didn’t get the writing tone during the demo, but I did not care too much, I play it for the combat and the loot / progression. But now that I’m played more of it, I actually do get it and like it quite a bit.
M9ne Před 17 dny
More like a gears of war
HBenefit HBM
HBenefit HBM Před 17 dny
Tbh i enjoyed outriders on my series X on gamepass it makes me wanna keep playing i just have a hard time trying to play online it don't connect me to no one
Steve Mcmullan
Steve Mcmullan Před 17 dny
What is it with gamespot and ign journos , they just really get games and just chat shit .... unless its really big game and they been paid to say its the best game ever 😂
Fonzarelli Gamin
Fonzarelli Gamin Před 17 dny
They are not pitching this as a live service game. PCF said this is not live service. Wish you would do a tiny bit of research.
Arthur Miglionni
Arthur Miglionni Před 17 dny
hard to define? is Gears of War + Diablom, or Mass Effect + Borderlands, it's a looter shotter, it's dumb fun yay
Scotty Wingnut
Scotty Wingnut Před 17 dny
You can define it as everything except good
Timothy Alexander
Timothy Alexander Před 17 dny
Smh... This video was cringy as fuck.
Wil Production
Wil Production Před 17 dny
Jean has his opinion but I don't agree.
C A Před 17 dny
It’s dumb fun
Mar Mar
Mar Mar Před 17 dny
For me this is great suprise on me xbox series x. Its free on game pass. This game is a mix of great features and bad feutures. I would like they make here great story as in mass effect :( gameplay is very good but its really hard to say what we will say after 100 hours. First 20 hours i was just sucked by the game but after a little bit time im starting to be a liitle bit bored.
Christopher Mohamed
Christopher Mohamed Před 17 dny
It is fun, maybe I'm just bored with other games
-3kko- Před 17 dny
The marketing team has doubled down multiple times on video saying Outriders isn’t a live service game...
Drivenby Před 17 dny
Are you surprised GameSpot staff is less informed than your avg customer reading 10 min of Twitter daily?
RPGdegree Před 17 dny
Didn't get past demo area? Why are you talking??
PLAYER1 Před 17 dny
It's not that Outriders has an identity crisis. It's that a lot of the moment to moment game play mechanics contradict each other like one guy, said. You're supposed to not use cover, but in certain situations, you're overwhelmed by rushing mobs and have no choice but to hunker down, or die instantly. That's not something changing World Tiers fixes, either. It's a single player game, but with an always online component. The majority of the game is the campaign and then Expeditions for endgame, but they encourage you to replay portions of the campaign. It literally contradicts itself every step of the way and it's something gamers feel on a secondary level, not so much a primary one... But it's there.
Emigdio Green
Emigdio Green Před 17 dny
Yo yaw should play BulletStorm if you haven't already, one of the best FUN shooters. Please let there be a second one.
Grandmastergav86 Před 17 dny
It was OK but doesn't compare to classic shooters.
Paul Griffin
Paul Griffin Před 17 dny
You have to constantly change your skills and reset your skill tree to play this game also crafting comes in handy as well
Paul Griffin
Paul Griffin Před 17 dny
I play as devastator and when I'm against monsters I use my bigger skills that keeps them from ganging up on me and when we it's enemies who use guns I use bullet reflection too attack anyone that fires on me
Can't understand the praise. It feels like yet another looter shooter with a incredibly slow pace. Mass Effect 3's mp was this but better, lol
Lamaldo78 Před 17 dny
A hard game to define... not a hard to define game
Hooman Being
Hooman Being Před 17 dny
I was just playing outriders, about an hour in and honestly it's pretty good. The story is set in a post apocalyptic and the gameplay is fun.
sokka Před 16 dny
Yes, you are correct
Tim Tishman
Tim Tishman Před 17 dny
Love this game. Probably my new favorite game going forward
Darius Noel Williams
So annoying when people review games like this when they're not even at endgame. The game is amazing you play how you want. Use the cover if you want or be a trickster and shotgun people in their face. These complaints seem unwarranted imo
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