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People Can Fly's Outriders mixes a lot of well-worn shooter and RPG elements to create something that feels fresh, if you can get used to its balance.


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2. 04. 2021





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Cruisehr28 Před 11 dny
Wow I was expecting gamespot to tear this game apart tbh.😆
TheSerpentKing Před 13 dny
gears of remnant is looking good so far. much more fun, gore and profanity than expected.
Astaroth Před 13 dny
oh So Yet another Destiny basicly
Geoffrey McAdams
Geoffrey McAdams Před 13 dny
It seriously looks like a reskinned version of Destiny 2 with Mass Effect/GOW gameplay haha
Vietnow Před 13 dny
Sounds like a good time then lol
BURNT BACON Před 13 dny
Think I’ll just stick to destiny
Billy_Cross Před 13 dny
Dude I’m pretty sure you can’t I think it does not save your progress if you’re in someone else’s mission I think all mission progress has to really be done solo or at least with the knowledge to your friend is not getting credit
Billy_Cross Před 13 dny
Call riders does not have a cover shooter core it’s not a cover shooter it’s meant to be in aggressively spot action RPG shooter you’re supposed to be moving at all times killing stuff if you don’t want to die can you try to just play it as a cover sure you’ll die a lot
Flint Given
Flint Given Před 13 dny
This is such a bland review or is the game just bland?
Callum Wooding
Callum Wooding Před 13 dny
For the first time in a long time your video has more likes then dislikes, wow thats good 😂👏
Sonny Ankau
Sonny Ankau Před 14 dny
buggiest game i've ever played
Tom Cruz
Tom Cruz Před 14 dny
Looks like division and destiny put together.
pelleper Před 14 dny
Sponge shooter 2.0
Damien Reyna
Damien Reyna Před 14 dny
Is it true there is no voice chat?
A G Před 13 dny
Join the official outrider's discord, major experience enhancer. Use the LFG channels to meet up with and talk to other players.
ARRAKIS Před 14 dny
Comercial review... gamespot changed
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch Před 15 dny
3 hours in on gamepass and I’m about over it. Crazy repetitive with hyper ability spamming and dumb hordes that spawn right behind you. The cherry on top is of course .....bullet sponges. Very charming concept but I’d rather play either Division game or Borderlands 1,2,PS for the millionth time instead
360JonesLDN Před 15 dny
This looks very generic and overbearing
Justin Poindexter
Justin Poindexter Před 15 dny
Not sure what's worse, CDPR putting their own select footage in reviews or Square Enix not getting review copies out before release or delaying reviews until after release.
Jittaboog Před 15 dny
Seems more like Division / Borderlands mash up.
DSG Gryan GC
DSG Gryan GC Před 15 dny
So far the story is good enough for me to over look the flaws in the game. They know how to reel you in
Dillyn Před 15 dny
2:56 You say this as if it’s a bad thing. The back and forth is really fun
Mr. Shelby
Mr. Shelby Před 15 dny
I hate the ‘Bullet sponge’ aspect, it seemed like the majority of this video is the person playing getting damaged and a portion of their screen turning red. I do like the abilities though.
A G Před 12 dny
@Mr. Shelby Then what exactly is the point you're making? That the game should punish you for existing more than it already does? You realize this guy played through less than a third of the game right? There are tiers of difficulty (literally togglable at any point) as you progress through the game.
Mr. Shelby
Mr. Shelby Před 13 dny
@A G Well throughout the entire video the player is getting attacked from multiple enemies all at once and still managing to survive long enough to run to cover that’s yards away. Don’t be ridiculous I never implied I want limbs too be taken off nor heavy damage to be visually inflicted.
A G Před 13 dny
what do you want your limbs to be flying off so you can fight off the two story tall monsters with your stumps? Make no mistake, you will get one-shotted.
Gusde Tanaya
Gusde Tanaya Před 15 dny
Gonna look outdated by the end of the year.
Dieter Koch
Dieter Koch Před 16 dny
How can you possibly review this with 12 hours of gameplay?
Keir Před 16 dny
Death to games as a service. This is how loot shooters should be.
M A Před 16 dny
it needs a few months of patching, the controls are so bad it feels really loose on console and ruins the game for me
Iggsy81 Před 12 dny
yeah that was my issue, i feel like im fighting the controller when trying to aim on console
Carter Rogers
Carter Rogers Před 16 dny
Does this have matchmaking for coop?
DSG Gryan GC
DSG Gryan GC Před 15 dny
Sans Sin
Sans Sin Před 16 dny
looks like a borderlands game that requires you to be online to play it, no thanks
Jakey wilberger
Jakey wilberger Před 16 dny
Ehhhh I pass. To much like destiny
Yuuki Před 16 dny
I don't think it's like Destiny at all. More like the Division
Dennis Maestas
Dennis Maestas Před 16 dny
These servers are actual shit, lmao, why are games released in such sad states now. This is pathetic
Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart Před 16 dny
There charging sixty for it is it twice as good as remnant or twice as long
colton luburgh
colton luburgh Před 16 dny
This game looks like shit. Graphics look terrible. Looks like an Xbox 360 game. The gameplay looks terrible as well.
NBMTX Před 16 dny
Not my genre, but it's a good game. I like the protag's demeanor (playing as female), and the premise and the tropes it uses are to my taste. The gameplay is fun. It's like all the games it looks like, but it's twist is that you're basically the monster (or one of the many) in the world. I usually find shooters to be samey, but this one encourages playing differently with it's skills.
Daniel JH
Daniel JH Před 16 dny
Looks like my cup of tea, c'mon payday 💰
Daniel JH
Daniel JH Před 15 dny
@Cory B thanks mate, but I'm on PS4 only, but going to be well worth the wait, nice one anyway👍
Cory B
Cory B Před 15 dny
It’s on Xbox game pass if you’re waiting to get paid
Duke Vera
Duke Vera Před 16 dny
you guys are a joke if you think the story is any good haha
SAGE XX Před 16 dny
From my experience I'd say this review is accurate minus the egregious mistake of omitting how BAD the servers are to the point of not allowing players to play AT ALL.
A G Před 13 dny
This literally happened for one day. Let it go.
the ugly streamer
the ugly streamer Před 16 dny
No no no don't be doing none of that review in progress BS the game is broke and that's the state that it was released and therefore that's what you have to review don't wait 5 months to finally put out a full review the game deserves a 0 out of 10 because they didn't stress test their servers they didn't fix none of the bugs that were in the game when it was first shown off they didn't have anyone test their game and then they slap the $60 price tag on it start holding these developers accountable and start giving their games crappy reviews for not doing these things we are the paying customers and we deserve more stop giving the developers passes for bad behavior expect more from your games not less
Slimmeato Mat
Slimmeato Mat Před 16 dny
Oh a prettier remnant lol
NiceMclovin Tv
NiceMclovin Tv Před 16 dny
This was definitely a good change up from someone that got burned out from playing COD and destiny
Finch Waddledog
Finch Waddledog Před 16 dny
How do you deal with the shitty, shitty controls? Just from the video it looks like you have much more control over your aiming dead zones, smoothing, and sensitivity than console... Fucking waste of time
Nimoot Před 16 dny
Played on PC, but captured footage on PS4? So we get to see terrible aiming because mouse is usually better... Hummmm....
Blaz M
Blaz M Před 16 dny
Gabgar Před 16 dny
Best initial review and description of the game I've watched. Good job.
Stefan Hatcher
Stefan Hatcher Před 16 dny
zero11010 Před 17 dny
I appreciate that you understand 10 hours isn’t enough to give a real review.
Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy Před 17 dny
Dude you're just explaining the "concept " go into to detail about how poorly the graphics are and how outdated the game play feels. It's a solid 6 out 10. (So far )
Jump_Kickasaurus Před 17 dny
so far im kinda enjoying the campaign, kinda lame that i havnt been able to connect on coop since launch....
Muhamed Ahmatović
Muhamed Ahmatović Před 17 dny
I can't stop playing this game lol. I tried destiny and anthem and quit both after an hour, but this game is different The shooting is satisfying, the classes are great (playing devastator) and the crafting is genius. I can put any mod I want in any gun I want. I can upgrade them, their attributes, change their mods and even change the subclass of a weapon.
Emanuel Carmona
Emanuel Carmona Před 14 dny
I agree with you. I’m having a lot of fun. Wish I could play with my friends but server issues. I’m sure that will be fixed soon. And hoping to see the future plans the devs have for the game
Rudra Před 17 dny
Wait what... Played on PC, but footage is all PS5? So this footage isn't from the review version..WTF, shouldn't this be the same?
rewt dawg
rewt dawg Před 17 dny
This just looks like rebranded borderlands 3
Chase Barnett
Chase Barnett Před 17 dny
Servers been running good for me all day in Alabama US. This is a truly magnificent game boys
Rem Natsuki
Rem Natsuki Před 17 dny
Looks like a lame mash up of Destiny, Gears of War and The Division.
Aunt Edna
Aunt Edna Před 17 dny
I purchased a brand new car today, put it in drive, hit the gas and slammed into the wall behind me. It's OK though because a guy from the dealership came out and assured me not to worry and that there was a fix for that coming. Soon. This is buying a game today.
Aunt Edna
Aunt Edna Před 16 dny
@Milky Are you sure they aren't exactly the same? Because that was the point I was trying to get across. That these two examples are literally the same thing.
Milky Před 16 dny
That's a completely different subject being the car could have killed you where as the games servers will not
Muphet Před 17 dny
so thats like, old mass effect mixed with destiny?
JimShore Před 17 dny
Its literally just a reskinned division
JRgunman Před 17 dny
Deathbringerrr Před 17 dny
This game feels cheap. Its a good game and could be fun if the gameplay wasn't so cheap feeling. The input lag is real and the servers need ironed out but aiming on this game feels like its missing so many pixels.
carlisle13 Před 17 dny
Don’t run a high world tier when leveling character run it on 3 or 1 to level fast to end game, accept side quest but don’t do them until end game
Captain Buzzkill
Captain Buzzkill Před 14 dny
🖕 I'll play how i want, thanks.
carlisle13 Před 17 dny
It’s not a cover shooter 🙄
TheLikeButton Před 17 dny
this game looks like Mass Effect and Gears of War had a baby
Wiley Cat
Wiley Cat Před 17 dny
no the technomancers literally a warlock [11:28 AM] no\ [11:28 AM] im not watching anymore of this review [11:28 AM] fuck that game entirely omegalul [11:28 AM] the armor looks the same as the stock warlock armor too [11:28 AM] god fucking [11:28 AM] i cant [11:28 AM] nothing is even remotely original anymore [11:29 AM] just take aspects from the currently most popular titles and shitpost it together
PiCXL Media
PiCXL Media Před 17 dny
Love the game but it's start to become unplayable if their IT team doesn't get the servers in order!!!!
Zytha Před 17 dny
did i just see jeannie?
Mofuggly plays games badly.
Played the game for nearly 2 hours. Returned it.
Killgore _Trout
Killgore _Trout Před 17 dny
Booo erns... co-op doesn't work. more aaa spunk
HyperFlex Gamings
HyperFlex Gamings Před 17 dny
This game is surprisingly fun
Anti Hypocrisy
Anti Hypocrisy Před 17 dny
I was hoping Kallie Plague would review this.
pelleper Před 14 dny
@ShadowOfNexxus She should review what she loves best, pokémon games.
ShadowOfNexxus Před 17 dny
silencers are golden, bullets are silver
game is pretty incredible right now
Luke Morris
Luke Morris Před 17 dny
Games a joke .... cool to play an that but thats if you can get on the fuckin thing . Joke
richardhalo Před 17 dny
Too much of a coridor game.
Kerone Creary
Kerone Creary Před 17 dny
I hate to be that guy but u admitted to not playing the game coop even once in review for a coop focused game... I’m not mad at the review but something like that seems like a no brainer tbh. If ur going to review a coop game play coop 🤷🏾‍♂️
Isidore22 Před 17 dny
My friends and I use cover less than 5% of the time whether playing solo or together. Cover is more for the enemies than the player.
Marco Guerreiro
Marco Guerreiro Před 17 dny
Homage to mass effect and gears of war , not original , but a good game
Remmetje Před 17 dny
I totally agree with this review. I'm lvl 11 now and I experienced exactly the same situations and for me this game hits all the right strings. Loot, fluid and fun combat and possibility to play across platforms. There are some server issues but the transparancy the dev gives on Reddit/Twttr gives me confidence this game will last. Plus they are considering adding expansions, which is great to prolongue the experience.
Eight08Life Před 17 dny
I was so hyped for this game, never had issue with the demo... the full game on a base ps4 is pretty unplayable... Cyberpunk 2077 on my ps4 runs 10x better and thats something. I'm hoping the heavy delay on ps4 get resolved soon or I will be looking into getting a refund...
JUDGE ZEE Před 17 dny
How are the missions? Like does anything happen in them or we just going from arena to arena and shooting guns.
JUDGE ZEE Před 13 dny
That's great and all but does some sort of alien slug burst out of the ground at some point during a mission and all of a sudden a mission goes from kill the baddies to defend the supply trucks while they get away and survive with all your might or am just seeing a cutscene with some dialogue before a mission and then run into a big box disguised as a fleshed out level and kill stuff?
A G Před 13 dny
Don't listen to this guy, there's a fully fleshed out story with different environments and tons of characters with their own stories and personalities.
JUDGE ZEE Před 17 dny
Ah that's a bit disappointing
Jaiden Azazel
Jaiden Azazel Před 17 dny
Exactly how you have just said.
PhenomsServant4 Před 17 dny
I fell for this loot and shooter games before. Im not going to waste my time pouring bullets into the same three enemies types to complete the same 5 enemies for 20 hours.
David Romero
David Romero Před 13 dny
I've already completed most of the game so I don't think it's like the others, you can change the world tear if it's to mucho but once you get to know the weapons and perks you can make 2 shot kill weapons
instaquarium88 Před 17 dny
Gamepass will prevail
DabTin Před 17 dny
Exelent and fun game, there are tough moments but not impossible.
pollutedcrimson Před 17 dny
Can't play for more than 5 minutes without game crashing or my friends disconnecting
C A Před 17 dny
This game is mindless fun
Ivan Melendez
Ivan Melendez Před 17 dny
Cover-shooter game but all enemies rush you at the same time, so you have to exit cover, but at the same time you need cover... confusing and the worst part of the game, imo! Multiplayer is shitty too, lagging like hell, enemies teleporting, etc, etc, a mess right now! Better than Anthem but still really buggy! I don't see myself playing for a long time.
mtfUltra Před 17 dny
destiny 2 better
EndOfTheLine Před 17 dny
Culli _Arcade_
Culli _Arcade_ Před 17 dny
So thankful for Game Pass. I would of never played this gem! This fits perfect in the looter shooter genre. Movement feels amazing & that game runs great on Series X; will be playing on PC as well. Story is good so far to.
Rodrigo Hernandez
Rodrigo Hernandez Před 17 dny
Awesome game ! cant seem to find any players to join though 🥺
x STiCKFiGA x Před 17 dny
Great game. Long time between drinks
Joel Irizarry
Joel Irizarry Před 17 dny
Played it on the series x and the game is a washed-out blurry and mediocre mess. Not acceptable for 2021.
B Bland
B Bland Před 16 dny
@Jaiden Azazel fr
Jaiden Azazel
Jaiden Azazel Před 17 dny
Sounds Ike you have got a problem then because on my series x it’s crystal clear and runs great.
Paul Leavitt
Paul Leavitt Před 18 dny
Nice review. I agree with everything you said. It’s a fun balance of elements, frustrating at times, but overall I like it so far.
Architects XIII
Architects XIII Před 18 dny
I actually really like the story. The start anyways.
MontaltiBROS Před 18 dny
It’s like of gears of war and destiny had a baby
paulerxx Před 18 dny
Save yourself time and play Destiny 2/Warframe instead.
SteveoMagician Před 18 dny
How are you making videos? Thought the company went into liquidation
A G Před 13 dny
@Steven Jam LMAO
Steven Jam
Steven Jam Před 17 dny
Thats gamestop not gamespot
Volkan Çoban
Volkan Çoban Před 18 dny
Can't play online on xbox
JonkoSlunko Před 18 dny
Bioware should take notes from these developers lol.
Matthew Kalinowski
Matthew Kalinowski Před 18 dny
Reminds me a lot of Warframe
Haven .Pottinger
Haven .Pottinger Před 18 dny
Looks fun, wish I could play this shit
Michael Duplessis
Michael Duplessis Před 18 dny
The gameplay and story line is very good, the abilities you get are fantastic but it needs attention on graphics but a awesome game I hope for a sequel.
Jarl Varg
Jarl Varg Před 18 dny
So gears and mass effect? Ill dl on gamepass now then
Osiris_Revenge Před 18 dny
I got headaches just from seeing this gameplay
q C
q C Před 18 dny
its a fail, not because of game elements, but disconnet, servers are down. Ridicuous
Swno Před 18 dny
i love the game but the severs are just not good lol. hopefully they fix that or there game is just gonna die
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