Season Two Reloaded | Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Update 

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Check out the official Season Two update video for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Season Two Reloaded! The Call of Duty devs break down what updates are coming in the mid-season update for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War!
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29. 03. 2021





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Daily Evolution
Daily Evolution Před 16 dny
Call of Duty: Mobile takes the familiar competitive spirit of classic Activision titles into this mobile title. As such, some players of this title tend to be just as skilled and brutal with their kills as their PC and console counterparts.
Brett Hadfield
Brett Hadfield Před 18 dny
Why does this update take a year
Jake Marko
Jake Marko Před 18 dny
Wait containment is only on Playstation. Booooo
Jonathan Myhan
Jonathan Myhan Před 21 dnem
remember when dead ops arcade was a hidden mode in black ops obtained through a hidden way that made the mode really fun. Now it's just a way to level up the stupid battle pass.
Kidyugi1 Před 21 dnem
Why do modern warfare players who to download this update?
XL Před 21 dnem
One 6v6 Map wtf🤬🤬🤬
TheJackalPhantom Před 22 dny
Outbreak is fun but i like the survival maps if you want to have a speedy survival game. When Berlin Zombies map please
Gabriel Mitchel Boyle
Oh Hell yes plz!
teddy Před 22 dny
Making sure your fix the legs on the Asian guy they Backwards lol 😂
reece p
reece p Před 22 dny
Lol at anyone playing this game
Eternal.¿ Před 22 dny
shark water splash
shark water splash Před 22 dny
Boof product
TNT-FILMS1 Před 22 dny
A 20mm sniper rifle. In Warzone. Well, there’s two ways this can go. It’s either going to be stupid overpowered, or it’s going to be near useless to fast paced players. Realistically speaking, this rifle is based on the NTW-20. A rifle so large and heavy it has to be separated into three parts for transport. Then put together, and mounted when the shooter needs to fire it. Honestly, I’d say that would be the perfect balance to it’s overwhelming power but I’m sure that’d be too much for a game like COD. Another way to balance it is to give it extremely heavy bullet drop due to the size of the round it fires (20mm is way bigger and heavier than .50 cal). Honestly I’m just hoping the gun doesn’t break Warzone’s balance even more than it is now. Cause even now the balance is still out the window.
Kenese Su'e
Kenese Su'e Před 22 dny
Cold War is a joke. No NEW MAPS, no HOT FIX UPDATES, and ASS CONTENT. Best move on to Battlefield 6 guys.
A Spartan
A Spartan Před 22 dny
Your comparing one game to another game that's completely different and if you hate the black ops cold war then don't play and it and stop being a ass because to be fair you wouldn't be able to make a good game
Merky Beam
Merky Beam Před 22 dny
Bore of duty
SKRILLA Před 22 dny
Ok but what was the point of deleting my classes ? 🥴
SparklyDaCrow Před 22 dny
Oh my god that shit was so annoying.
808 Villain
808 Villain Před 22 dny
Brandon Ho
Brandon Ho Před 22 dny
What in the FATHERFUCKING HELL happened to my loadouts Treyarch?!?!
B-Tier Před 22 dny
Wait so some stuff is PlayStation exclusive?
ISH_BADBOY Před 22 dny
I'm done with call of duty 😆
Analog Nostalgia
Analog Nostalgia Před 22 dny
smaller miami map is literally an OLD map and the only thing theyre adding to 6v6 is this a fuckin joke???? I literally would smash my game copy if it were a physical disc im not kidding
Captain Coffee Cake
Captain Coffee Cake Před 22 dny
People still play this ? forgot about this game after last tarkov wipe
rjimmy1989 Před 22 dny
does anyone actually play dead ops lol
Tariq James
Tariq James Před 22 dny
This is how you give your gamers enough information in such a short video. All that we need to know and nothing extra. Thank you.
a Před 22 dny
Treyarch rocks
brayden childress
brayden childress Před 22 dny
Dead game
oten Před 22 dny
Cold war e uma piada mal feito pra caralho q jogo buceta
monk 1
monk 1 Před 22 dny
Edwin Santiago
Edwin Santiago Před 22 dny
Sniper is next week... Pain.
George's N
George's N Před 22 dny
Trying to not be hateful * BREATHHHHHH AGHHHHHHHHH CODDDDD BO setting is cool but...........................................................
DungeonLord Před 22 dny
Man when are we going to get the RAAL EVO and the pistol
Nost Před 22 dny
Nerf the fucking pistols, the streetsweeper and the LC 10 and we’re set
Neilbread The First
Neilbread The First Před 22 dny
The game is great but too bad they don't know dead ops 1st person doesn't work for everyone I thought it was in the menu to tease me
Aslatabista Alphonso
"Fight the undead...to be amongst the living"
Jaye C
Jaye C Před 22 dny
When dose this get realese
duy pham
duy pham Před 22 dny
let me guess activision going to fire more people right ?
Sean Myers
Sean Myers Před 22 dny
Just bring on cod 2021
_ Mr onk
_ Mr onk Před 22 dny
@Sean Myers I do agree Cold War is pretty dogshit
Sean Myers
Sean Myers Před 22 dny
@_ Mr onk nothing can blow more than cold war
_ Mr onk
_ Mr onk Před 22 dny
That game will blow
SomeUnoriginalMaker Před 22 dny
Add a new zombies dlc map
jack the lad
jack the lad Před 22 dny
What time is the update in uk
The magicbeard
The magicbeard Před 22 dny
Infinite warfare was 100x better than this crap
doctor che3ze
doctor che3ze Před 22 dny
Don't bother making new maps, bring back some old maps from BO2 and BO1, give us chronicals 2, tranzit, die rise, buried, call of the dead, mob of the dead
Apolly_the_dog Před 22 dny
Infinity ward bring out a good game and Treyarch cripple it, seems to be a repeating pattern
Apolly_the_dog Před 22 dny
@FilmNation Studios I don't recall saying they did? It is showing call of duty cold war which treyarch made???
FilmNation Studios
FilmNation Studios Před 22 dny
Treyarch didn’t make MW 🤦🏻‍♂️
RK8 GAMING Před 22 dny
Fix the fps on xbox one
The Onewinged Lion
The Onewinged Lion Před 23 dny
Cod loves reusing all Thier old assets they never make anything new the game is dead and zombies is souless it's a husk of what it used to be this is the last time I buy a call of duty game
José Luis Fernández
I want a new version of Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I mean, a real one.
RiceWithRamen Před 23 dny
ONE 6v6 mp map and its not even completely new. fucking bullshit. every mp map should be available for 6v6. I miss when they used to care.
savage slayer king
savage slayer king Před 23 dny
I hope we get a white tracer bullet that be cool
Michael Danchez
Michael Danchez Před 23 dny
Bruh . Probably one of the best selling games ever. Y’all make an Ass ton of money and you hardly add anything cool. Maybe fix the games core mechanics first because the game is still broken and the guns are ass
Sweet leaf Reznov
Sweet leaf Reznov Před 23 dny
Combine blue prints huh not bad not bad
Michael Danchez
Michael Danchez Před 23 dny
Nic Grift
Nic Grift Před 23 dny
So.... attachments from the same gun? Or any submachine gun attachment on any submacchine gun?
Clipbang30 Před 23 dny
Bro these random ass updates what’s going on with them
tobey Lurp
tobey Lurp Před 23 dny
Was never loaded to begin with lol
Jarrett Edwards
Jarrett Edwards Před 23 dny
My xbox only has so many inputs for external storage COD.
NIA Před 23 dny
What about modern warfare ? We want new content to MW
TheGeekno72 Před 23 dny
Gotta love that work-at-home mic quality bro (even Snapchat's vocal messaging has better quality) I wish they made a real trailer instead of this... showcase ? Cuz this is just not epic than the usual trailers Also, what the hell is your website on to stutter like that when scrolling down ?
Father Gabriel Stokes
New content, huh?? Absolutely pathetic
Cerrome CEO
Cerrome CEO Před 23 dny
Remove quick scoping
doctor che3ze
doctor che3ze Před 22 dny
Cerrome CEO
Cerrome CEO Před 23 dny
I'm glad prop hunt is back. Now bring back Dropkick
Justin Ellis
Justin Ellis Před 23 dny
I hope the update got rid of maxis green dot bug
George Ramirez
George Ramirez Před 23 dny
Recycled shit aka new shit to this crap....
Mark Harrison
Mark Harrison Před 23 dny
This whole game is broken!! It’s so glitchy, they never seem bothered about fixing any problems. Oooo let’s bring out a “new” map that will make them happy!... LIKE FUCK IT WILL!! It’s run by a bunch of Karen’s! have a nice day everyone!! Byyeeeee
Berke Ali Şenel
Berke Ali Şenel Před 23 dny
That website footage :))
FlipNasty Před 23 dny
WasIschLos Před 23 dny
Drop SBMM or gtfo
Martin Silva
Martin Silva Před 23 dny
bro this is another disappointment
Nolan Lucas
Nolan Lucas Před 23 dny
bruh the sniper...thats not right...the bolt and the mag are both on the wrong side of the gun wtf...how do you fuck up a gun that bad
cc409 Před 23 dny
@Nolan Lucas I know right
Nolan Lucas
Nolan Lucas Před 23 dny
@cc409 this is based off a real gun however the bolt would be on the right side and the mag on the left, I think this is just to show the action of the weapon (kinda like fallout 4 or farcy) by mirroring the gun and it's stupid
cc409 Před 23 dny
I know that some WW2 rifles, SMGs and LMGs have the mags on the side but as for the bolt the only sniper rifle that i know that haves the rotating bolt on the left side is that of the Bushmaster BA.50cal and its a modern rifle.
Nolan Lucas
Nolan Lucas Před 23 dny
@NyQuil soup oh dont get me wrong im gonna use it (or unlock it) just it better have its damage and not be nerfed considering its a 20mm, just stupid they mirrored the gun like its farcry or fallout 4
NyQuil soup
NyQuil soup Před 23 dny
Bruh...its cod...just use the gun...or...dont...
Cosmo Před 23 dny
Stop dropping updates and fix the game... Cause it is broken.
Crossbolt27 _
Crossbolt27 _ Před 21 dnem
But you need updates to fix the game...... I’m kidding I know what you mean
My name Is Aurange
My name Is Aurange Před 23 dny
Glad they re did Miami map
Dimitrios Seferlis
Dimitrios Seferlis Před 23 dny
New map.. No. New cheater. yeah ! .
David F
David F Před 23 dny
Have fun, game-addict sweats.
Bing Bong
Bing Bong Před 22 dny
Thanks, I will. :)
Brandon P
Brandon P Před 23 dny
Please add more 6v6 maps. Where them remake maps at? Season 1 had 3 6v6 maps. Season 2 has 1, with a redo of Miami.
Shane Schoeman
Shane Schoeman Před 23 dny
Guy working at TreyArch says weapon tuning pass instead of patch... Who the fuck even hires these guys?
NovemberDev Před 23 dny
1:17 web development be like
wat noob gaming
wat noob gaming Před 22 dny
GameSpot laggin
Dr. ArkhamPlays
Dr. ArkhamPlays Před 22 dny
Yep somebody's getting fired.
Akard 88
Akard 88 Před 23 dny
The game is pure shit the only good thing about it is the zombies and warzone
doctor che3ze
doctor che3ze Před 22 dny
@CheeseCakeAwakesFTW yea
CheeseCakeAwakesFTW Před 22 dny
@doctor che3ze easily the worst
doctor che3ze
doctor che3ze Před 22 dny
Warzone is the worst part of the game
Akard 88
Akard 88 Před 23 dny
Great fucking game
NyQuil soup
NyQuil soup Před 23 dny
And and we musnt forget that cod one of the biggest game franchises on the planet dosent have anti cheat wonderful
rdznarez Před 23 dny
Bruh when did 3arch become so lazy? wtf
Joey Miller
Joey Miller Před 23 dny
How about you just make a new fucking map for warzone like every one has asked for the past 6 months. YOU GUYS DONT KNOW BEST. 🤡
TheSupremeHokage Před 23 dny
Bro can they stop relighting maps and calling them “new”
HalloweenWolf Před 21 dnem
@TheSupremeHokage The maps itself is not new but the map in Cold War is new, not the map itself. People literally can’t just enjoy the games that are made, people are just never satisfied
TheSupremeHokage Před 22 dny
@HalloweenWolf the game killed itself
TheSupremeHokage Před 22 dny
@Olive House that’s true, but they could just be like rainbow and say they “reworked” the map instead of just calling a flat out NEW map yk?
Olive House
Olive House Před 22 dny
ok but miami needs this. and they're changing the size
ISH_BADBOY Před 22 dny
I agree I'm done with there shit games there all shit.... They don't make them like they used to
TheSupremeHokage Před 23 dny
And hopefully NERFS
J C Před 23 dny
They need to fix the map layout so you can see your friends icon on the map Modern warfare map easier to see friends icon Black ops 100% needs help
Steven Cronk
Steven Cronk Před 21 dnem
@Jordan Williams bahahahhaaaa
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams Před 23 dny
I sware marked a ray gun and no body seemed to even notice it
Freelancepear87 kakkoka
cool, i guess i'm gonna reinstall the game once again.
HalloweenWolf Před 22 dny
And time
FlipNasty Před 23 dny
Waste of space
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson Před 23 dny
can’t wait to play with the new operators ! especially Rivas luv the way they are adding more iconic female operators ! also want to see amazing skins for the new operators
Gitzenberg X
Gitzenberg X Před 22 dny
Damn, the cap levels are through the roof right now.
David F
David F Před 23 dny
Iconic is a word you don't understand.
Raven Nieto
Raven Nieto Před 23 dny
Uneventful additions, give the people what they want. Zombies standalone and warzone content.
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson Před 23 dny
can’t wait to play with the new operators !
MrUltimategamer44 Před 23 dny
For god sake when is dark aether in warzone
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro Před 23 dny
Yeah I need it asap! It's been in the game files since early March so I better hope they release it soon
Faulk Smash
Faulk Smash Před 23 dny
The two new prop hunt maps are the only thing I care about lmao...
TheCrazyTay Před 22 dny
hey Faulk smash do you have a cod reccomendation because I can download one off steam or something
Hidden Ace
Hidden Ace Před 23 dny
@Faulk Smash What other games are you playing at the moment (out of curiosity)
TheCrazyTay Před 23 dny
I definetly understand your point
Cerrome CEO
Cerrome CEO Před 23 dny
Christmas prop hunt on Nuke Town was a blast. I couldn't stop at people chasing a snowman throughout the house 😅🤣😂
Faulk Smash
Faulk Smash Před 23 dny
@TheCrazyTay It's the only thing I find fun in Cold War. I can play regular pubs and stomp on people like a lot of other players (2.5 give or take KD) but it's not enjoyable. The maps (yes, all of them) are dogshit. Prop Hunt gives a break from that and is a limited-time mode. They took it away, people complained and they brought it back. I personally only play CW now when it gets an update... This game is in serious need of more fun things to do. Yes, there are zombies & Outbreak but those get old quick if you're not a dedicated zombies player.
Zusse Před 23 dny
Crossbolt27 _
Crossbolt27 _ Před 21 dnem
@HalloweenWolf no
HalloweenWolf Před 21 dnem
Calm down ;-; it’s just a game
Derek Henry
Derek Henry Před 23 dny
Super wack shit right here. Glad I skipped on this game. What a waste of money. I need BF6
doctor che3ze
doctor che3ze Před 22 dny
I only got it for the campaign and zombies
Raven Nieto
Raven Nieto Před 23 dny
Nate The Great
Nate The Great Před 23 dny
Deleted this ass of a game
Christian Löfqvist
Christian Löfqvist Před 23 dny
They should change their name to Lazyarch!
Christian Löfqvist
Christian Löfqvist Před 22 dny
@Adam Nelson Joe Cecot: "We don't call it camping, we refer to it as playing strategically and tactically!"
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider Před 22 dny
Damn that was a zinger. You sure got them!
Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson Před 22 dny
@Vengeancetaken Gaming whats wrong with camping?
Christian Löfqvist
Christian Löfqvist Před 22 dny
@Septic Logan I never said that the campaign is unnecessary since I actually believe that it often helps to create a cohesiveness that can felt even when playing multiplayer, something that was apparently lacking when playing BO4. I would however argue that MP for the past 10+ years, has been the primary gamemode in terms of time played. I think that annual releases worked fine when the game released in a complete state, focused on a campaign and 6v6 MP (and sometimes Zombies), but this model has become progressively more unsustainable with Activision's desire to turn COD into a Live Service game with a myriad of different MP gamemodes, while simultaneously continue with annual releases (thereby missing the entire point of what a Live Service game is). This is why so many in the COD community, myself included, have been begging them for years, to switch to Two-Year cycle, so far to no avail... Regarding them being "Lazyarch" - How many times have they released Nuketown, Firing Range, Jungle and Summit? How come they 10 years ago seemed to be able to somehow create games full of maps that became instant classics, which they've subsequently had to recycle in each of their new release?!?
Septic Logan
Septic Logan Před 22 dny
@Christian Löfqvist you know. I was cool with disagreeing with you and moving on. But then you had the audacity to call the campaign unnecessary. 3 things. A: call of duty started as a single player shooter. With the MP tacked on. It always has been like that. Although recently MP has started to become the main focus and advertising format. The campaign still holds strong as one of the best parts of any trey arch game. Even BO3 which although could have had a better campaign. Still proved to be fun with its game play mechanics and custom class system. And also. A: they did not just add lighting and call it a day. Regardless of the fact that changing a map from day to night isn't easy. Lighting is very hard to make it look good. And takes a good deal of time. And B: on miami strike specifically they clearly changed the layout drastically. Moving prop locations and thinking of new ways of making the map smaller while feeling like miami still. If you don't think it's enough will that's a shame you'll have to share alone. It boils me that people act like trey arch is lazy because they have to work in a new environment (at home) which they aren't used to. In a year and a half. And still manage to release the game with all three modes with a decent number of content for the time spent. So maybe. Instead of calling them "lazy arch" because you think they're lazy for not adding 3 years worth of content in half that amount at launch. Maybe just maybe. You can respect the fact of the smaller time and move on. You can give criticism without cussing out the person you are criticising
Parth Rajput
Parth Rajput Před 23 dny
They are ading vice city 😱
peri peri
peri peri Před 23 dny
Battlefield 6
Quran Torian
Quran Torian Před 23 dny
soooo its a bunch of bullshit? cool gotcha no point in coming back lmao
General_crab Před 23 dny
Yeah dude, I feel that modern warfare was an infinitely better game and they screwed us over by having an update done for a month and not releasing it.
polo 92
polo 92 Před 23 dny
theguyinthere Před 23 dny
4 minutes ago
Parallel Před 23 dny
Greetings Gamespot. I'm producing a rpg game called Parallel. I put it on Steam, but I want to bring it to the consoles in the future.
Trami Nguyen
Trami Nguyen Před 23 dny
I love this mature game!
EpicGamerJake Před 23 dny
Why is mature relevant 😂
neo Před 23 dny
mature is my favorite category
beepboop beep II
beepboop beep II Před 23 dny
Idk why but this made me laugh 😂
シ SikoMantis
シ SikoMantis Před 23 dny
Alright vegan teacher
Radamez Trinidad
Radamez Trinidad Před 23 dny
Ulysses Před 23 dny
Looks like 💩
Make 1
Make 1 Před 23 dny
40 player hardpoint? Whoa!
Make 1
Make 1 Před 22 dny
@GOager Oh I know. Modern Warfare had 50v50 Ground War if I remember correctly. This comment is more about this particular game mode :)
xEliteHalox Před 22 dny
@GOagerthat’s not what we’re on about
GOager Před 22 dny
battlefield 4 can hold up to 60 players in a match
xEliteHalox Před 22 dny
@Puhrple Stuhff well obviously
Puhrple Stuhff
Puhrple Stuhff Před 22 dny
People gonna end up getting 500 kills
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